Chapter 53 I’m well aware

  ‘What the hell can I do! You are the ones who provoked Sangyu Qin again and again! You knew exactly that she’s not what she used to be, and you keep making troubles for yourselves!’

  Baiqiang Qin was full of anger. If Sangyu Qin stood in front of him right now, he would surely tear her down piece by piece.

  He always hated Sangyu Qin since her childhood. He didn’t give much care to this daughter. In fact, he treated her as the virus of Qin Family.

  All these years, Sangyu Qin had no complaint at all. It never occurred to him that she would show her true colors, the moment she got rid of Qin Family.

  ‘The old man of Lu Family came back. I believe that he’s not fond of his granddaughter-in-law. And Xiao Lu, she must hold a grudge because Sangyu Qin’s the wife of Lu Family’s bastard. Momo, if you can get in touch with Xiao Lu, just give her some advice...’

  Miao Du, thinking of those two persons, suddenly spoke of that.

  It’s said that the old man of Lu Family favored his granddaughter - Xiao Lu a lot. If Xiao Lu was shabbily treated by Sangyu Qin, he would dislike Sangyu Qin even more. Even if Liangcheng Lu protected Sangyu Qin, he could not make all decisions, since he must pay respect to the old man and the lady.

  A glimmer of light flashed in Momo Qin’s eyes. Xiao Lu’s a perfect breach. She looked at her injured leg and decided to ignore it. Then, she tapped for Xiao Lu’s favorite place to go and waited there.

  It’s such a bad decision for the people of Qin Family to plot a conspiracy on Xiao Lu. No matter how much Xiao Lu hated Liangcheng Lu or Sangyu Qin, she would never help an outsider mess up with Lu Family.

  Xiao Lu domineering and capricious as she was, had her bottom line.

  When Xiao Lu saw Momo Qin who stood in front of her, she raised her eyebrows and continued looking at the lipsticks on the shelf.

  Momo Qin felt a bit embarrassed. She’s no one in front of the lady of a distinguished family like Xiao Lu.

  ‘So? Miss Qin, your leg hasn’t recovered yet. I heard that you had slipped under the car wheel of Sangyu Qin. How can you be so careless?’

  Xiao Lu sneered at Momo Qin straightly, the moment she opened her mouth.

  Momo Qin clenched her fists. She had to put up with that. She knew clearly that she must exploit Xiao Lu to deal with Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Miss Lu, I bet you have been mad at Sangyu Qin for a long time. Now, she has Mr. Lu on her back and has become peremptory. I also know that you didn’t get along with Mr. Lu. After all, he’s not the biological...’

  Xiao Lu’s hand which was holding the lipstick got stiff. Everyone thought that she’s on bad terms with Liangcheng Lu and tried to take advantage of her to cope with Liangcheng Lu.

  But that’s not the fact. Actually, Xiao Lu adored Liangcheng Lu very much. She wanted to draw his attention. That’s why she uttered those irritating words again and again - let him notice her.

  However, Liangcheng Lu had been ignored her existence all the time and never gave her any gifts on holidays or festivals. After all, he’s her brother. But he never treated her like his sister. Then, there’s no need for her to be sentimental.

  ‘Momo Qin, do you think that Lu Family is same as Qin Family? No matter how hard we fight with each other, we will never help an outsider destroy our own family. Lu Family is an influential family and has nothing in common with those lousy families.’

  Xiao Lu didn’t give Momo Qin a second glance. Her words made Momo Qin’s face turn purple.

  Momo Qin’s eye sockets turned blood-red. How she wished to slap this bitch. But Xiao Lu’s position’s undeniable. If the old man knew that his dear granddaughter was bullied, he would definitely destroyed Qin Family.

  ‘Miss Lu, Sangyu Qin’s not as simple as you know...’

  She said with her anger contained in her heart. But Xiao Lu cast a lukewarm glance at her.

  ‘If she’s simple, she will not be able to fool the Qin Family like that. My brother doesn’t have a bad taste. If I were you, I would bring the money I have left and leave City G in no time. Or, you might even lose the place to live.’

  ‘You! Xiao Lu! Don’t cross the line!’

  Momo Qin exposed her teeth immediately. She raised her hand, but didn’t have the guts to put it down.

  Xiao Lu looked at her coldly.

  ‘You are nothing compared to Sangyu Qin. If it were Sangyu Qin, I might be slapped right now. At least, that woman’s braver than you.’

  After saying this, Xiao Lu,with the high heels on her feet, left. She looked so prideful.

  As the beloved daughter of Lu Family, Xiao Lu always sailed with the wind and deserved to be prideful.

  Momo Qin stared at Xiao Lu’s back and almost clenched her teeth until they bled. She felt sore on her nose. When could she live like that?

  All of this was owing to that bitch Sangyu Qin!! She wanted that bitch to die painfully.

  Meanwhile, Xiao Lu came back to Lu Family. When she saw her grandpa sitting on the couch, she rushed to him.

  ‘Grandpa, guess what have I bought for you today?’

  Tian Lu took off the eyeglasses on his nose instantly and put aside the newspaper.

  ‘Xiaoxiao, you have grown up. Next time, you bump me into this, my bones will fall apart.’

  Xiao Lu stood up right away and checked his body. She put the tea she just bought on the tea table and then rubbed his shoulders.

  ‘Grandpa, I saw your favorite tea just now and bought one bag on the way home.’

  Tian Lu smiled more broadly and patted her hands.

  ‘You have always been filial, much better than Cheng.’

  He’s full of rage when speaking of his grandson. How could he fall in love with a woman like Sangyu Qin?! Everyone in City G knew what Sangyu Qin had done. It’s such a humiliation for Lu Family.

  ‘Grandpa, since you have already met Liangcheng Lu, you must have seen Sangyu Qin. What do you think of that woman?’

  Xiao Lu would never call Liangcheng Lu brother. That poker-face man never treated her like his sister.

  ‘Do not call him Liangcheng Lu all the time, Xiaoxiao. He’s your brother. He cannot choose the person to give him birth. That’s not his fault.’

  Xiao Lu curled her lips and sat down beside him.

  ‘All right, grandpa. Just tell me your opinions of Sangyu Qin.’

  Tian Lu’s face darkened instantly. His view of Sangyu Qin was imprinted on his face.

  ‘Any woman from prestigious families is better than her. You know, the lady of Su Family is a hundred times better than Sangyu Qin.’

  Xiao Lu raised her eyebrows. She knew that her grandpa always wanted Liangcheng Lu to marry the lady of Su Family. However, her grandma wished that Liangcheng Lu could make his own decision of his marriage. Though grandma had let out the words that a few women were sent to Liangcheng Lu’s villa, it depended on Liangcheng Lu whether they could get the marriage certificate.

  Apparently, Sangyu Qin had stood out from those women and won Liangcheng Lu’s favor.

  ‘Grandpa, Liangcheng Lu’s old enough to make his own decisions. If I were you, I would just wait for my great-grandson to come peacefully. Sangyu Qin does have a mean tongue and malicious methods. But it’s necessary to be malicious to be the wife of Liangcheng Lu.’

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