Chapter 52 Destroy them all

  Yu Mo, holding the video in his hand, replied. Sangyu Qin hanged up the corner of her mouth and went home, with a slap mark on her face, thinking how she would fight back.

  She was grabbed by Liangcheng Lu, while she’s typing on the computer. Then, her chin was lifted up by him.

  ‘What’s wrong with your face?’

  With his eyebrows knitted tightly, Liangcheng Lu called the doctor to apply medicine on her face.

  ‘Come on, it’s fine. It’s just one slap. When I was in Qin Family...’

  Without finishing the sentence, she shook her head sentimentally. Then, she tried to continue working on the computer, but she was pressed by Liangcheng Lu fiercely on the waist.

  ‘The past is the past, this is now. Sangyu Qin, if other people know that Mrs. Lu was slapped by someone, Lu Family would be so humiliated!’

  He was concerned about her wound, but he had to use other things to cover that.

  The doctor started to apply the medicine on Sangyu Qin’s face. Her fingers still typed on the keyboard until the whole document came out. Then, she gave it to the reporters. She knew how to pretend to be poor. Hum.

  The reporters got excited once they got this sensational news. In no time, they uploaded the video exaggeratedly.

  - What a surprise! The people of Qin Family are so vicious. A dad could beat and abuse his daughter like that. He even said that the step mother had every obligation to beat and curse his daughter. There must be something hidden in what happened last time. Miao Du is trying to hound the daughter of the ex-wife to death.

  Apart from this, Sangyu Qin sent the video of Momo Qin’s voluntarilyslipping under the wheel of her car to the media. She wanted to grab the chance and destroy all the people in Qin Family.

  Sure enough, after the two videos had been made public, the tide of public opinion changed instantly. People criticized Sangyu Qin for being mean, but now it was shown clearly that she had been set up. Those network users didn’t know that the fight among the powerful families was that heartless. They started to moan one after another.

  ‘Sangyu Qin was tough to endure all these years. Her dad is so vicious. He really doesn’t treat her as his own daughter.’

  ‘Baiqiang Qin also admitted that Momo Qin’s not his daughter. So with whom has Miao Du give birth to her?’

  ‘Those two women were drama queens. They set up Sangyu Qin deliberately. Now, Sangyu Qin ’s not in Qin Family anymore, but they refuse to let her off. Even the word - scumbag is gentle to describe them! No one wants to see them in City G anymore.’

  Soon, rage spread out on the Internet. Thinking what they had cursed about Sangyu Qin, the network users felt that it’s just like a slap on the face. As a result, they wanted to apologize.

  After that, the picture of Sangyu Qin being taken to the hospital showed up. It’s said that she had cut her wrist because she couldn’t bear the reproaches.

  The network users freaked out instantly. That’s a life.

  ‘Sangyu Qin! You have to be strong! We felt sorry for what we did!’

  ‘That bitch Miao Du is so good at acting. She has taken advantage of all of us!’

  ‘Kick Miao Du and her daughter out of City G!!’

  The rage was horrible. In no time, Miao Du’s location was exposed and a group of people brought the rotten eggs and vegetables over there. As long as they ran into the car Qin Family, they threw them onto it.

  ‘Shameless! Get out of City G!’

  ‘Do not show up in front of us forever!!’

  The window of Momo Qin’s car was brimming over with disgusting egg white. She would like to get out of the car and argue with the network users. But they looked so exasperated, and she would definitely be tore apart. She could do nothing but hold her grudge and drive the car home.

  ‘Purr, mom. What are we gonna do? How daring that bitch Sangyu Qin is to defame us like that!

  Miao Du’s face was full of melancholy. She didn’t dare to go outside these days. Because once she was recognized, she would be besieged.

  She’s pregnant now. She couldn’t allow any accident happening to the child. Otherwise, Baiqiang Qin would kick her out and even worse, she would be thrown into jail immediately.

  ‘Mom, our reputation has been ruined. All the connections we have set up for these years are destroyed...’

  Momo Qin, afraid to death, cried, with the injuries on her leg.

  Baiqiang Qin who was next to them also frowned. The stock of his company was falling rapidly due to this event. The shareholders started to complain. If the situation could not be controlled, they would certainly withdraw their capitals. And the company of Qin Family would be doomed.

  He clenched his teeth and called Sangyu Qin promptly. She’s the only one who could save Qin Family. As long as she stood out and said that it’s all a misunderstanding, the situation would be controlled.

  However, Sangyu Qin refused to answer the phone. So, he threw the phone on the wall angrily.

  That bitch! It’s true that Qin Family would be destroyed by her!

  Things continued. Some people in the hospital declared that Sangyu Qin’s not stable now - she was suffering a mental breakdown. Those people who had abused her all felt guilty. They bought fruits and had them delivered as an apology.

  The police station also declared that Sangyu Qin’s mom had been poisoned to death by Miao Du. Miao Du would be arrested after she gave birth to the baby.

  People were shocked by the news coming one after another. Miao Du was so cruel to lay her hands on Sangyu Qin after she had killed Sangyu Qin’s mother.

  ‘Miao Du is so disgusting!’

  ‘No one has realized that there’s a drama queen like Miao Du in this world. She’s the evil one and tries to let Sangyu Qin take all the blame.’

  ‘What a slut!’

  People abused Miao Du and Momo Qin along with Baiqiang Qin over and over again. The stock of Baiqiang Qin’s company almost plummeted. No one would invest in such a company. All the shareholders pulled out their capitols immediately, and as a result the company almost came to a dead end.

  Baiqiang Qin began to fill the vacancy using his own savings. But that was not enough at all. It merely took him a few days to use up his money. The employees created a disturbance to ask for their salaries. When they saw that they couldn’t get money from Baiqiang Qin, they sued Baiqiang Qin to the court with the reason of wage arrears.

  The court judged quickly. Baiqiang Qin’s company was declared bankruptcy.

  Baiqiang Qin saw the judgment and knew that everything’s over now. His face was deadly pale. How much he regretted that he hadn’t killed Sangyu Qin in the first place.

  What he had toiled to achieve for so many years was destroyed in one day.

  ‘Dad, what are we gonna do...’

  Momo Qin’s eyes were swollen due to her unstoppable crying these days. Baiqiang Qin’s company crashed. And the fact that she’s not the daughter of Baiqiang Qin was made public. Everyone knew her origin - the daughter of a murderer.

  The atmosphere in Qin Family was grim. The three people looked at each other and didn’t know what to say.

  ‘Baiqiang, our child will be born to suffer at this time.’

  Miao Du started crying. She had gone to the doctor many times during these days.

  The doctor had said that if she kept so emotional, the child would die. She could not tell this to Baiqiang Qin right now. Otherwise, she would sleep out on the street.

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