Chapter 51 Don't like her


  Liangcheng Lu spitted the word. Seeing Sangyu Qin’s face turn paler, he hanged up the corner of his mouth.

  ‘Don’t worry.’

  ‘I’m here.’He thought.

  Finally, he failed to utter those words. A glimmer of tenderness flashed in his eyes. However, Sangyu Qin didn’tnotice it.

  Every moment passing by meant “suffering”for Sangyu Qin. Almost all the hair of her body prickled, when she heard the door bell rang. She put her hands stiffly on her knees, with sweats in her palms.

  Yu Mo opened the door and a man in Tang suit walked in, with the looks on his face exactly same as those on the face of Liangcheng Lu. No wonder why they were all the Lu’s.


  Liangcheng Lu called him. And Sangyu Qin just lost her tongue by the old man’s strong aura.

  The old man was staring at her since the moment he entered the house, with his eyes filled with darkness, just like the deep ocean.


  Tian Lu answered and sat on the couch beside himself, with his eyesight moving away from Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin felt that there’s a mountain in front of her. Then, she curled her lips.

  ‘Nice to me you, Grandpa.’

  Tian Lu made no response, as if he couldn’t see her. Sangyu Qin didn’t feel embarrassed either. The people in Lu Family were all like this.

  ‘Cheng, you haven’t held the wedding yet, right?’

  Tiao Lu’s voice was calm and lukewarm. He asked regardless of Sangyu Qin’s existence.

  Liangcheng Lu nodded. He detected from the old man’s facial expression that he’s not satisfied with Sangyu Qin. Liangcheng Lu frowned.

  ‘I’ll make it up for her.’

  This simple sentence killed all the suggestions that were going to be brought up by Tian Lu. Then, he looked at Sangyu Qin, with his lips compressed unhappily.

  ‘I’m not satisfied with her. You know for yourself who I wished you could marry with.’

  Tian Lu said straightly, with his eyes brimming with more darkness.

  Sangyu Qin felt cold all over and found that this old man was so much harder to be dealt with than Liangcheng Lu. He, opinionated as he was, didn’t bother to attend to others’advice.

  ‘Grandpa, I have told you before. I will not marry that woman.’

  With rages gathering in his eyes, Tian Lu looked at Sangyu Qin up and down coldly.

  He was sizing Sangyu Qin up, with indifferent and disdainful looks on his face.

  ‘Not this notorious woman either!’

  After saying this, Tian Lu stood up, with his imposing manner pouncing on Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin’s face got rigid. But she managed to hold still under the heavy burden of his scary aura.

  She couldn’t retort at this moment. Tian Lu was a dictatorial man, who wouldn’t like to be retorted. She could feel that merely by a short acquaintance.

  ‘Grandpa, you have always taught me that we should not know about somebody through others’remarks. You’ll see whether she’s so unbearable. At least for now, you cannot totally repudiate her.’

  A gleam of fierceness flashedin Tian Lu’s eyes. It’s not Sangyu Qin that he disliked now. Instead, it’s his grandson’s attitude. The fact that Liangcheng Lu contradicted him because of the woman meant that woman must have taken a place in his heart.

  He didn’t want his grandson to get involved with any kind of relationship. The inheritor of Lu Family should never be emotional.

  ‘Cheng, I have my own plan.’

  After saying this, he took a look at Sangyu Qin coldly and walked toward the hallway with the assistance of the housekeeper.

  Liangcheng Lu stood up to see him off, and Sangyu Qin followed.

  However, Tian Lu never looked at her again.

  Sangyu Qin was totally relieved until that humvee jeep left far away. She put her hand on Liangcheng Lu’s neck.

  ‘He doesn’t like me.’

  Liangcheng Lu took a look at her and patted her hand away.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips. Fine. This guy didn’t like her either.

  She sighed and returned to the couch. She took over the computer by her side and saw the abuse to her from network users. Then, her eyes were filled with darkness. She’s not in a good mood now. Since those two women had come for it, they’d better know the price!!

  She invited Liangcheng Lu’s styling designer to come over, who’s really skillful and of the international class.

  ‘Miss Qin, what are you talking about?! You want me to draw scars on you?!’

  The styling designer almost jumped up right away. Last time, when he did make-up on her face, Boss Liangcheng Lu nailed his eyes on him. If he peeled off her clothes, he would definitely lose his hands.

  Sangyu Qin gave a thought about it and admitted that it’s probably inappropriate to let a man look at her back. Then, she reached her leg out.

  ‘Make it horrible. Some aged scars will be the best - give the people a pitiful feeling.’

  The styling designer nodded and started to draw immediately.

  After two hours, Sangyu Qin’s legs were covered with scars. Someone who didn’t know what had happened must assume that she had been abused.

  Sangyu Qin was content with the styling designer’s masterpiece and took a few photos. She also knew how to exploit public opinion and would pay back in kind.

  In no time, she sent out the photos, without describing how miserable her life had been. Instead, a few words were displayed:

  - That’s how I’ve been treated these years.

  The network users stopped their reproaches instantly and began to picture a drama in their heads about how Sangyu Qin had been maltreated these years and couldn’t bear for anytime. Then, she decided to revenge Miao Du.

  The situation was reversed. All the people didn’t dare to curse anymore. After all, Sangyu Qin seemed pathetic indeed for having so many scars on her legs as a girl.

  However, Baiqiang Qin felt that this thing’s not big enough and came to Sangyu Qin furiously. He gave her a slap on the face straightly the moment he saw her. Sangyu Qin didn’t dodge that slap for her following plans. She lay on the ground at once and looked at him plaintively.

  ‘Dad, you married your mistress merely after half of the month mom had left. All these years, you have let her abuse me. I was trapped in the cave for seven days, while the three of you watched the television at home happily. Do you really regard me as your daughter? Mrs. Du cheated on you for so long and you can still live with her. You have even raised the daughter of someone else so long. I’m so disappointed in you...’

  With her face covered with blood-red marks, she cried ceaselessly.

  Baiqiang Qin snorted. He never liked this daughter and didn’t even know why. Maybe, it’s their fate that they couldn’t get long well with each other.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, shut up! Miao Du is your step mother! And she has every obligation to beat or curse you! She’s pregnant now and it’s totally your fault to push her! Let me tell you, if anything happens to the unborn child, I’ll kill you!!’

  Seeing the pitiable looks on Sangyu Qin’s face, Baiqiang Qin didn’t show a single trace of guilty. Instead, he detested her even more.

  Sangyu Qin kept sitting on the ground and crying. Only until Baiqiang Qin got far away did she raise her head, with no tears on her face. She could handle this so well.

  ‘Have you filmed all of this?’

  There was a note of coldness in her voice. This time, she would not let off anyone of Qin Family!

  ‘They are all here.’

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