Chapter 49 It’s none of your business

  Wei Lin’s so afraid of what Sangyu Qin looked like now. He felt that she’s just like a demon. So, he, not daring to say anything, nodded right away.

  ‘I’ll do whatever you told me.’

  Sangyu Qin curled the corner of her mouth and left.

  She’s glad that she had sent someone to follow Wei Lin. Or, no one would tell the police these things right now.

  Wei Lin told everything that happened a dozen years ago to the police. Miao Du, who was involved in this, was arrested at once. However, because she’s pregnant, she would be sentenced after the child’s born.

  It never occurred to Miao Du that Wei Lin’s not dead. She felt so depressed when she saw his triumphant look.

  ‘You bitch! Have you ever thought that I could be alive?’

  Knowing that he could keep his life for now, Wei Lin became rude to Miao Du immediately. After all these years’ entanglements, this woman was so cruel to kill him. She’s just damned.

  The policeman, with serious looks on his face, refused to care about the grudge between them.

  ‘Mrs. Du, you have to explain to us what had happened at that time, after the child was born.’

  Miao Du held her fists tightly and didn’t utter a single word. After the police had left, she lowered her head and touched her belly. She felt that this child come at a proper time.

  Momo Qin was in a panic the moment she heard that her mom was going to jail after the child was born. Then, she grabbed her mother.

  ‘Mom, what am I gonna do if you leave...’

  ‘We still have more than six months. Do not be scared. Mom will fix everything for you during this period, especially that Sangyu Qin.’

  Momo Qin was sad at the beginning. However, hearing what her mother had said, she hanged up the corner of her mouth, with a gleam of light flashing in her eyes.

  ‘Mom, that’s so nice of you.’

  For Momo Qin, Sangyu Qin, just like a thorn in her heart, kept stabbing her from time to time, if she couldn’t pull it out, which was so annoying.

  What’s more, what had happened this time must have something to do with Sangyu Qin. Although she didn’t have any proof, she believed that all these things were owing to Sangyu Qin. She would never let Sangyu Qin off!

  Momo Qin thought of this, with her eyes brimming over with more darkness. She got on the car to held up Sangyu Qin straightly.

  Little did Sangyu Qin know that Momo Qin would be so brainless. Seeing Momo Qin rush to her, she grabbed Momo Qin’s rising wrist.

  ‘Sangyu Qin! You bitch! You, ignoring the fact that my mom’s pregnant, lodged a sue against her to the police station! You are so vicious!’

  Hearing the word ‘vicious’, Sangyu Qin felt so unreasonable of Momo Qin and looked at her with disdain.

  ‘Speaking of vicious, no one could compare to your mother and you. Since you know your mom’s going to jail, you should know what kind of crime she committed.

  Sangyu Qin pushed Momo Qin away. It was beneath her notice to talk with such a brutal person.

  Momo Qin looked at Sangyu Qin lightly, with arrogant looks on her face.

  ‘Of course, I knew that your mother’s death was related to my mother. But that bitch must die. She was getting in the way of my mom. Don’t you think she deserved to die?’

  Sangyu Qin got stunned. Only Miao Du could raise a child like Momo Qin who’s so shameless and brazen.

  ‘Then, let me tell you, your mother is getting in the way of me. I want her to die. Not only will I kill her, but also I will kill you if I’m not happy. So you’d better behave yourself during this period!’

  Momo Qin was out of anger, with her face turning red. She wanted to retort, but didn’t know what to say. When she came to her sense, Sangyu Qin already disappeared.

  Momo Qin kicked the car angrily, getting her leg ache so much.

  She needed to find an alliance, like Ya Li last time. Ya Li, humiliated in public because of Sangyu Qin, must also hate Sangyu Qin to death.

  She hanged up the corner of her mouth and asked Ya Li out instantly.

  Though Ya Li had been warned severely by her families that she’s not allowed to get along with Momo Qin, she felt that Momo Qin’s the most innocent person. What’s more, she hated Sangyu Qin a lot, with the result that her good impression on Momo Qin grew a bit.

  ‘Momo, why do you come to me today?’

  Ya Li sat down in the store. She was criticized by all her families recently. And all of this was Sangyu Qin’s fault.

  ‘Ya, I felt so sorry for you last time after I returned home. But I couldn’t do anything, because of Sangyu Qin’s position.’

  Hearing Momo Qin’s words, Ya Li felt touched and sighed.

  ‘I was being watched closely by my families. Sangyu Qin’s so repulsive to take the precious jade away.’

  Momo Qin frowned when hearing Ya Li talk about the jade. She felt strange last time why a piece of jade could be adored by so many people.

  ‘Momo, someone had offered a billion to buy it. But my dad refused it. Little did we know that he’ll present it to Sangyu Qin.’

  A billion?!

  Momo Qin gasped. Though she wore all brand names from head to toe and her handbag was worth several hundreds of thousands, she hadn’t seen a piece of jade that was worth a billion.

  That bitch Sangyu Qin was just so lucky!

  She almost crunched her teeth out of hatred, with plain envy in her heart.

  ‘Ya, we cannot let Sangyu Qin live at ease. She’s just so aggressive and will come to fight against you later. I have been bullied by her so hard all these years in Qin Family. I know what kind of person she is, sinister and ruthless.’

  Ya Li showed more detester in her eyes. She wouldn’t let Sangyu Qin live at ease indeed. However, she, watched closely by her families, could do nothing but think of another way.

  They discussed for a while and left.

  When Ya Li was getting on the car, she ran into Xiao Lu who’s shopping in the mall.

  Ya Li happened to have met Xiao Lu - the princess of Lu Family for a few times, and they had talked with each other. So, Ya Li closed the car door and went straight to Xiao Lu.

  ‘Miss Lu, you knew that Sangyu Qin had married in Lu Family, right? What do you think of your sister-in-law?’

  Ya Li knew that Xiao Lu would definitely dislike Sangyu Qin.

  Xiao Lu’s hands which were just touching the dress got stiff and a glimmer of gloom flashed in her eyes. She hated to be tapped by other people for the information on Lu Family.

  ‘What do you want?’

  Hearing Xiao Lu’s words, Ya Li brightened her eyes and thought that Xiao Lu wanted to join hands with her. Then, Ya Li hanged up the corner of her mouth.

  ‘Last time, Sangyu Qin got me insulted. I will never let her live at ease. If you can join me, she would definitely be an underdog.’

  Xiao Lu raised her brows and looked at this woman. Then, she snorted.

  ‘I am a member of Lu Family. Do you think I’ll help you fight against my families? Ya Li, the one who got you insulted was yourself. If you didn’t have those wicked ideas, how would Sangy Qin fight back to you?’

  She finished the sentence, with grimness in her eyes.

  ‘If something happens to my sister-in-law in the future, it will be related to Li Family. My brother has a bad temper. If he knows about it, Li’s company will be doomed.’

  Ya Li, frightened as she was, took a step back and felt goose bumps all over her arms. The scare was just like a chain strangling her neck and tightening slowly, which made her lose her breath.

  Xiao Lu checked out and planned to leave.

  Ya Li, unwilling to give up, followed Xiao Lu immediately.

  ‘How could you allow someone with such a low-grade educational qualification like Sangyu Qin to enter Lu Family? Everyone knows that all the people in Lu Family have graduated from prestigious universities in the world. Sangyu Qin will reduce your family to a low standard.’

  ‘That’s the internal affairs of Lu Family. It’s none of your business!’

  Xiao Lu’s words, slight as they were, had a force to be reckoned, which made Ya Li frightened in her heart. Ya Li’s face turned pale.

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