Chapter 48 Truth from a dozen years ago

  They left each other unhappily.

  Sangyu Qin still felt upset after she had returned to her room. She felt better after cursing Liangcheng Lu again.

  The second day, she got up, without saying anything to him and went to the company herself. However, she ran into an unexpected woman downstairs.

  Yan Bai, the lady of Lu Family.

  She didn’t know why she would feel scared when seeing this woman. After all, the relationship between Yan Bai and Liangcheng Lu was quite awkward.

  ‘Do you have time? I have something to tell you.’

  Sangyu Qin had no guts to refuse and followed Yan Bai silently.

  They sat down in a cafe soon. Sangyu Qin stared at the coffee in front of her, without knowing this woman’s intension. So, she had to keep silent.

  ‘I knew the things between you and the bastard. Do you really love him?’

  Yan Bai stirred the coffee in the cup, with detached looks on her face, as if she was talking something unimportant at all.

  Sangyu Qin clenched her fists. Due to the relationship between Liangcheng Lu and Yan Bai, she couldn’t tell anything to this woman. So, she answered perfunctorily.


  The moment she uttered this word, she heard Yan Bai’s sneer.

  ‘No one in this world would love him.’

  Yan Bai seemed to be judging Liangcheng Lu’s fate with this simple sentence. Sangyu Qin was not pleased with her attitude.

  Sangyu Qin was about to open her mouth, when Yan Bai continued talking.

  ‘Even his own mother hated him. He is a shameful bastard and also an insult to his mother. You probably don’t know who his mother is.’

  Speaking of this, Yan Bai hanged up the corner of her mouth sarcastically.

  ‘He’s an outcome from Song Lu’s drunkenness. He’s a sin.’

  Sangyu Qin frowned. No matter what origin Liangcheng Lu had, at least he’s successful now and everyone respects him.

  ‘Since I already married to him, I won’t judge him because of other people’s remarks. I have got along with him long enough to know what kind of a person he is.’

  Hearing what Sangyu Qin had said, Yan Bai curled the corner of her mouth ironically.

  ‘He’s a bastard who could even hurt his families. You tell me what kind of a person he is.’

  Sangyu Qin’s body was frozen. The fact that Liangcheng Lu could get to a position like this as a bastard means that there must have been scapegoats along the path he had walked. She tightened her fists, with a gleam of strong will in her eyes.

  ‘So what? He’s my husband. I will follow him anywhere. I don’t care what kind of a person he is.’

  Hearing these words, Yan Bai looked up at Sangyu Qin . The steam coming from the coffee enshrouded her eyes, which gave off an aura of mystery.

  ‘You won’t say like this after you knew those things.’

  On these words, Yan Bai stood up and looked at Sangyu Qin deeply. Then, she left.

  Sangyu Qin was still paralyzed. She got relieved after Yan Bai’s figure had disappeared completely. Everyone in Lu Family possessed a strong aura.

  She went to Tiancheng Corporation after leaving there. Yu Mo turned a blind eye on her being late.

  She was still thinking about what Yan Bai had said, while sitting at her seat. What did Yan Bai mean? Why did she speak of Liangcheng Lu like that?

  She was thinking of this over and over again, when she felt her stomach uncomfortable. She’s afraid that it might be her period again. So, she had to ask for leave in advance and left for the hospital alone.

  She’s not in a good health since childhood. Her menstrual cycle had never been regular. And every time she was on her period, she felt like being dead because of the pain was so intolerable. All these years, she had been managed to get through it by painkiller.


  She parked the car in front of the hospital. When she was about to get out of the car, she saw a woman pass in front of the car. That’s exactly Miao Du. Wei Lin had already been dealt with by Miao Du. So what’s Miao Du doing here?

  With traces of gloom in his eyes, Sangyu Qin followed Miao Du stealthily. She looked around on purpose, in order to prevent the same thing of last time from happening again.

  Seeing that Miao Du had left with her medicine, Sangyu Qin went to the dispensary right away.

  ‘Nurse, the woman who was just here is my aunt. Could you tell me what kind of disease she had?’

  Hearing Sangyu Qin’s words, the nurse showed a gleam of smile on her face.

  ‘She’s not ill at all. She’s pregnant.’

  Sangyu Qin’s face darkened. She finally understood why Baiqiang Qin hadn’t kicked Momo Qin and Miao Du out. It turned out that Miao Du’s pregnant.

  Sangyu Qin bought some medicine randomly. After she had got on the car, she realized that it’s off hours now. Then, she called Yu Mo.

  ‘Have you finished?’

  Yu Mo watched the man beside him, with evilness in his eyes.

  ‘I already brought him back, Miss Qin. You can come here and take a look.’

  Sangyu Qin drove over there immediately. When she arrived there, she saw Wei Lin being tied up and in a huge mess.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, what do you want?!’

  Seeing that it’s Sangyu Qin who came over, Wei Lin got scared at once. He heard that she got some venomous methods, after she had become Mrs. Lu.

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows and squatted in front of him.

  ‘What do I want? Wei Lin, shouldn’t you thank me for saving your life from Miao Du?’

  Wei Lin clenched his teeth. It’s undeniable that Sangyu Qin was telling the truth.

  That bitch Miao Du even dared to lay hands on him. If it were not for the guys hired by Sangyu Qin, he would be dead already.

  ‘I want to know the truth a dozen years ago.’

  Sangyu Qin spitted out the sentence slightly, with darkness on her face. She sat down on the chair by her side and watched Wei Lin, with her eyes squinted.

  Wei Lin knew exactly what she’s talking about. The truth at that time equaled to her mother’s death. Then, he compressed his lips.

  ‘I don’t know.’

  Sangyu Qin leaned her head on the back of the chair, with her eyes completely squinted.

  ‘If you do not say it now, it will be too late later. Yu Mo, torture him.’

  Yu Mo nodded and let someone bring a pot of boiling water instantly. Nearby, there’s an iron comb with blood on it, which let out the strong reek of blood.

  ‘Do you know there’s a punishment in ancient times - people poured the boiling water on the sinner and used the iron comb to comb down the sinner’s flesh. He wouldn’t be dead quickly, but would wish to die immediately at that moment.’

  She finished the last few words, with a glimmer of smile in her eyes. She chuckled, when seeing Wei Lin’s pale face.

  ‘However, I found you not afraid of that. Do it now.’

  Yu Mo heard her order and planned to pour the boiling water onto Wei Lin’s leg. Then, Wei Lin’s scream came through.

  ‘I’ll tell you!! I’ll tell you! A dozen years ago, Miao Du took the cyanide from me and poisoned Rong Su. Then, she set a fire to Rong Su’s house. She had an affair with Baiqiang Qin at that time and wanted to be Mrs. Qin. The only thing she could do is to kill Rong Su...’

  Sangyu Qin closed her eyes slowly. Though he said a few sentences, she already pictured how thrilling it could be at that time.

  ‘Explain all of this to the police. I’ll make you regret, if you miss any word.’

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