Chapter 47 Can you be gentler

  Miao Du curled the corner of her lips. She felt a bit nauseated a few days ago, and it never occurred to her that she’s pregnant. This child came at a proper time. At least, she wouldn’t be kicked out by Baiqiang Qin, since Qin Family was in lack of an inheritor.

  Momo Qin grabbed this chance to held Baiqiang Qin.

  ‘Dad, mom’s pregnant with a boy now. We both depend on you now. How can we have other thoughts? Even if mom did something wrong, it was a dozen years ago. What’s more, in my heart, you are my dad. Dad, please pardon mom.”

  Those words made Baiqiang Qin so comfortable.

  He glanced at Miao Du and thought that she did have made so many efforts for Qin Family. Then, he sighed.

  ‘Honey, do not blame me for being cruel today. Not a single man would restrain his anger about this.’

  Miao Du, seeing that he had an intention to make a concession, grabbed the chance immediately.

  ‘Honey, I did something wrong. When I found out that Momo’s not your child, I was in a panic for a long time. Moreover, I have never told Momo about this. It’s so hurtful that you treated her like this. After all, we have spent these years together...’

  ‘All right. We’ll live a better life after you give birth to the child successfully.’

  Baiqiang Qin went upstairs after saying this.

  Miao Du coughed after he had left, with blood spitted from her mouth.

  ‘Mom! Are you all right?!’

  Momo Qin was startled. Over the years, Miao Du was her backbone. She didn’t want to live if anything happened to Miao Du.

  Miao Du coughed and sighed.

  ‘Momo, you can never rely on men. The only person you can depend on is yourself. You see, I have been with Baiqiang Qin for so many years, and he still wanted to kill me because of this thing. The same thing will also happen to Sangyu Qin. She, being around with someone like Liangcheng Lu, will be abandoned sooner or later. Momo, you have to be strong yourself.’

  A glimmer of fierceness flashed in Miao Du’s eyes. She had an instinct that this thing must have something to do with Sangyu Qin. That bitch Sangyu Qin became shrewder, after marrying in Lu Family. She really had underestimated Sangyu Qin.

  With a serious look on her face, Momo Qin opened her mouth after a long time.

  ‘Mom, I got it.’

  Miao Du nodded and felt a strong headache. Then, she leaned her head against the sofa slightly.

  ‘I’m tired now. Let me have a rest.’

  Momo Qin, staying by Miao Du’s side, didn’t dare to go to other places.

  Meanwhile, Sangyu Qin thought that Baiqiang Qin would surely kick those two women out after this. She never realized that Baiqiang Qins’s so tolerable and could put up with it, even if he had been cheated for so long.

  ‘Tut. You got to respect man’s endurance.’

  She threw a piece of fruit into her mouth and said it slowly. She, seeing Liangcheng Lu come in from outside, walked toward him.

  ‘Dear, how did you come home so late tonight?’

  Liangcheng Lu looked at her lightly and seemed to be detecting how much she meant of those words.

  Sangyu Qin felt his stare and didn’t know why she felt a bit cold inside. Then, she curled the corner of her mouth and went back to sit on the couch disappointedly.

  Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows and thought that’s more like the normal self of Sangyu Qin.

  He hanged up the corner of his mouth and put his coat on the hanger. Seeing Sangyu Qin eating the fruits sulkily, he said slightly.

  ‘Did you have a good meal tonight?’

  Sangyu Qin nodded, with lukewarm looks on her face. Every time she tried to play up with Liangcheng Lu, he was always standoffish. Once she started to lose her temper, he would come close to her. It’s true that all men are naughty.

  She crunched a piece of apple hardly, as if she was biting Liangcheng Lu. Then, she felt better inside.

  She began to hang out outside after eating the fruit. Only until then did she find that Liangchegn Lu’s villa’s really big.

  In City G where every inch of the ground valued a lot, Lu’s family house possessed such a huge plot of land. And Liangcheng Lu had purchased another land by himself. It’s true that she could never imagine the world of affluent people.

  The moment she turned at the corner, she saw Liangcheng Lu go for a walk with Da Xiong. If Da Xiong was a dog, so many girls would pounce on them. However, this pervert Liangcheng Lu loved to walk with a lion.

  Though she was cursing in her heart, she had to admit that Liangcheng Lu’s so charming. He’s just like a graceful prince, who always stayed calm no matter what happened, or a flower on the mountain, which was so hard to touch.

  At least, she had never thought that she would marry to Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Honey, if you could be gentler, you would be favored by many woman.’

  She approached him and said that, with her bare teeth. The tooth canine was so cute on the corner of her mouth.

  Liangcheng Lu looked down at her and found his face getting hot. Actually, he had seldom dealt with woman and didn’t even know how to get along with them.

  He felt his chest moving up and down a little fast - just like a fist punched on the drum.

  ‘Dear, I’m serious. You are actually very good-looking, even better than those stars. Moreover, with huge amounts of money, you are exactly a golden bachelor.’

  Sangyu Qin continued talking and felt herself so lucky. However, thinking that their marriage was just a business deal, she became disappointed.

  ‘It doesn’t matter. They don’t love me for who I am.’

  Sangyu Qin brightened her eyes, seeing that he was willing to reply her.

  ‘No way. You will finally meet a person who loves you only because you are Liangcheng Lu, not anything else.’

  Sangyu Qin became serious suddenly. She saw the lukewarm looks on Liangcheng Lu’s face, knowing that this man might know nothing about love. Then, she sighed.

  ‘Anyway, I believe in love.’

  She muttered. Then, she saw Liangcheng Lu reach his hand and touch her hair behind her ears all of a sudden, with a glimmer of light flashing in his eyes. He said in a low voice.

  ‘You shouldn’t believe in love. You should believe me.’

  Sangyu Qin’s heart shook fiercely and her face flushed till her neck all of a sudden. She felt a bit panicky. What did Liangcheng Lu mean by that?

  She’d like to ask him, but was afraid that she misunderstood him again. So, she could only press down the boiling doubts in her heart.

  She didn’t realize that this cool person was a master of hitting on girls.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips, thinking that he must have said these words to other women frequently. Then, she felt bitter in her heart again. Last time, that blonde beauty sat on Liangcheng Lu’s leg, and he must have said something sweeter to her.

  Hum. Man.

  She was a bit angry all of a sudden and rolled her eyes to Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Jerk, bah!’

  Liangcheng Lu got stunned. She just managed to destroy the perfect aura. How unreasonable and silly the woman was!

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