Chapter 46 You are so lucky

  ‘Purr, mom, what am I gonna do? I was driven out of the upper-class circle by Lin Li. No one in the circle would accept me anymore.’

  Miao Du felt embarrassed too. Qin Family had no power to provoke Lin Li. Then, she sighed.

  ‘You know for yourself that Mr. Lu values Sangyu Qin. Why did you have to make troubles for her? Momo, you are so muddle-headed.’

  Momo Qin goggled her eyes. Even her mom thought she’s wrong. Then her eye sockets became red instantly.

  ‘Sangyu Qin insulted me first!! I couldn’t bear it in front of so many people. Now that she has Liangcheng Lu on her back, she’s becoming more and more arrogant!’

  Momo Qin ground her teeth, with her face twisted completely, which destroyed her pretty face.

  A trace of maliciousness flashed in Miao Du’s eyes. Since she had been able to kill that bitch Rong Su, she could also kill this bitch Sangyu Qin. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth.

  ‘We will find a way. But you have to promise me not to be so impulsive.’

  Momo Qin rubbed the tears on her face and nodded hardly.

  However, what Miao Du didn’t know was that Sangyu Qin was proactive to send Baiqiang Qin another anonymous message.

  - Mr. Qin. Momo Qin’s the daughter of the director in City Hospital. You knew that Miao Du was dating with a doctor when you fell in love with you. She told you that the man had been beating him. Actually, she merely covets your properties and has dumped that man right away. The only thing she ever wants is the properties of Qin Family. Then, the three of them will run away with the money.

  Baiqiang Qin shrank his pupils as seeing this message. The person who had sent the message even knew the identity of Miao Du’s ex-lover. It seemed that he had to go to the hospital.

  He went to Momo Qin’s room and found a hair on the bed, which was assumed to be Momo Qin’s according to the color.

  He grabbed the hair and went to the hospital. The result would come out at once, because he had paid so much more.

  He waited outside anxiously. Seeing the doctor come out with the report, he walked over in no time and grabbed the paper in the doctor’s hand. Then, he ran through it quickly.

  No paternity relationship...

  It’s true that Momo Qin’s not his daughter! That bitch Miao Du had cheated him!

  Baiqiang Qin spitted blood straightly. He rushed to Qin’s house furiously, with the report held in his hands.

  Miao Du and Momo Qin didn’t realize what had happened. They were watching TV with ease at home, when Baiqiang Qin came back.

  Baiqiang Qin almost kicked the door open. He saw Miao Du’s face and threw the report onto her face.

  ‘Bitch! How daring you are to cheat me for so long!! Momo Qin’s not my daughter at all!! With which guy did you give birth to her?!’

  With her hair being pulled, Miao Du was not able to open her mouth right now. She felt that her scalp was about to be pulled down.

  ‘Baiqiang, there must be some misunderstanding! Did someone say anything to you?! Momo is your daughter for sure!!’

  Baiqiang Qin felt that a beast was striking his heart crazily and showed no mercy to Miao Du. He dragged her hair and pulled her to the ground.

  ‘Misunderstanding?! Miao Du, it’s written on the report clearly and you tell me it’s a misunderstanding?! I’m gonna kill you today!!’

  He pulled her into the kitchen as saying this.

  ‘Dad! Dad! What are you doing?!!’

  Momo Qin ran over immediately, screaming, and tried to stop this.

  Baiqiang Qin watched her, with his red eyes brimming over with detester.

  ‘You bitch! Do not call me dad! I’m not your dad!!’

  Momo Qin was frozen by the hatred in his eyes. Her eyes socket watered instantly.

  ‘Dad, I am your daughter!!’

  She knew that she’s not the daughter of this man, but she had to continue pretending. Or else, she and Miao Du would be definitely kicked out.

  Baiqiang Qin even laughed out of anger and felt that those two women were the most shameless persons. Then, he let go of Miao Du and kicked Momo Qin’s belly fiercely.

  ‘You both treat me like a idiot right?! I have raised another man’s daughter for that long!! Bodyguards! Why are you guys standing there and doing nothing?! Pull these two women out!!’

  Baiqiang Qin roared, and the bodyguards came to drag them at once.

  Miao Du, realizing that this man had made up his mind, had to admit the fact. Then, she clasped Baiqiang Qin’s leg and started crying.

  ‘Baiqiang, I’ve been with you for so many years and taken great pains to handle the family affairs.I have contributed so much. You cannot just kick me out!’

  Baiqiang Qin looked down at her and thought that he must had been blind to fall in love with such a woman.

  ‘You merely covet the money of Qin Family. Let me tell you, Miao Du, you will not get anything from Qin Family! Not even a penny! Rip off the clothes on them and throw out. I paid for the clothes too!!’

  Hearing this, the bodyguards began to rip the clothes on Miao Du and Momo Qin off right away.

  Momo Qin freaked out and cried loudly.

  ‘Dad, you have raised me for so many years. You are the only father to me. I don’t even know who my biological father is!! Dad, do not kick me out! Purr, I don’t want to live a life out at the elbows.’

  Perhaps because Momo Qin cried so grieved, Baiqiang Qin frowned. Right now, Sangyu Qin hated his guts and Qin Family must have an inheritor. He did have raised Momo Qin since her childhood. Thinking of this, the looks on his face became eased a bit.

  ‘Momo, you really don’t know who your biological father is?’

  Momo Qin saw a turn for the better and shook her head madly. Then, she nodded.

  ‘Dad, you are my only dad deep in my heart. Purr, don’t kick me out. We have spend all these years together. Purr...’

  Momo Qin cried sadly. She was in a panic when thinking that she was about to be kicked out. She couldn’t be like those rabbles. She would never live worse than Sangyu Qin!

  Baiqiang Qin took a look at Miao Du whose forehead was full of blood. It seemed that he had hurt her accidentally just now. He could not keep this woman anymore. She was always up to something.

  When he planned to let people drag Miao Du out, he saw her shouting with her hands covering her belly.

  ‘My stomach hurts, Baiqiang. It hurts so much!’

  Baiqiang Qin saw Miao Du’s pale face and thought that he couldn’t let her die here. Then, he asked the family doctor to do a check on her. However, it turned out that Miao Du’s pregnant.

  ‘Mr. Qin, Mrs. Du is pregnant. Congratulations. It seems to be a boy!’

  Baiqiang Qin got stunned. Qin Family needed an inheritor desperately. Boy is better! Hearing that Miao Du’s pregnant, he, pleasantlysurprised as he was, asked.

  ‘Are you sure that it’s a boy?!’

  ‘One hundred percent.’

  The doctor said excitedly. The rage of Baiqiang Qin disappeared right away. Miao Du was still useful at this point.

  He hanged up the corner of his mouth and let the doctor prescribe some medicines to prevent miscarriage. Then, he looked at Miao Du coldly.

  ‘You are so lucky!’

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