Chapter 45 Play up to her husband

  A piece of white jade was in the box. It looked very precious, and light seemed to be glowing on the surface. It’s truly a treasure. No wonder why even Xiao Lu wanted to have a look at it.

  ‘Let’s go. Come back home.’

  Liangcheng Lu returned to his silent status and walked in the front.

  Sangyu Qin followed instantly, holding the box carefully in her hands, as if it was her ancestor.

  After they had got on the car, she couldn’t hide the smile and kept hanging up the corner of her mouth.

  ‘Honey, it’s all because of you that I got a chance to blackmail. No, earn this jade. I really should thank you.’

  Saying this, she realized that there’s nothing valuable on her. Then, her eyes lighted up.

  ‘How about I giving you this jade to pay for the debt I owned you?!’

  She said pleasantly, with such eager expectations in her eyes ‘say yes, say yes.’

  ‘No way!’

  Liangcheng Lu uttered those two words coldly. Then, he was loath to respond to her anymore. Apparently, he got a bad temper again.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and sat down quietly. Since Liangcheng Lu was not lacking that money, why would he force her to use marriage to pay for it?

  Does he have a thing for her?!

  She looked down at her body for a while. Though she had a good figure, there are many girls who are sexier than her. She was pretty for sure, but a person like Liangcheng Lu may be pursued by thousands of beautiful women.’

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, do you fall in love with me?’

  She asked confidently, with hesitating looks on her face. What if he did fall in love with her? Her dream of travelling the world would be ruined.

  Also, how would they name their children? Where would their children go to school? The more she thought, the more confounded she became.

  However, Liangcheng Lu’s cold voice came through.

  ‘You have a serious delusional disorder, Sangyu Qin. I suggest you go to check your brain.’

  With the corner of her lips curled, Sangyu Qin felt that Liangcheng Lu was even meaner to her and snorted.

  ‘It’s OK that you don’t like me. There will definitely be a handsome guy favoring me in the future.’

  ‘Then, I’ll take him to check the eyes.’

  Liangcheng Lu uttered these words calmly. He saw Yu Mo turn his head and watch him wonderingly. With his face darkening with anger, Liangcheng Lu didn’t deny that he’s blind.

  Sangyu Qin shut her mouth and stopped talking anymore. Or, she might have to go to the hospital then.

  The car arrived at the door. She opened the car door and got out of the car. She was not in the mood to care about Liangcheng Lu who’s after her. Seeing Da Xiong waiting at the door, she ran over to it at once.

  She thought that Da Xiong did have a conscience, in contrast to Liangcheng Lu who always mocked her.

  However, Da Xiong seemed to have ignored her completely. It missed her hug and ran toward Liangcheng Lu, as if he’s its dad.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and thought that this lion’s so heartless. It’s true that the pets were just like their masters. Even this lion acted like a snob.

  She didn’t want to look back, knowing that Liangcheng Lu would definitely sneer at her.

  But her heart was softened a bit when she looked down at the box in her hand and thought of what he had done on the auction.

  Actually, Liangcheng Lu was a good person except for his harsh words.

  Thinking of this, she felt that she had been a bit overreacting herself. Why couldn’t she just put up with him for a little while? After all, he was her backer.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu entered the living room. Da Xiong kept wagging its head in front of him and wished to pounce on him.

  Sangyu Qin assumed a positive attitude and squeezed out a false smile.

  ‘Honey, are you hungry? I can make some midnight snacks for you.’

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t say anything. When he remembered that the first thing that came to Sangyu Qin’s mind after she had got the jade was getting away from him, he felt that this woman was so conscienceless. Moreover, he hated the false smile on her face. She was pretending and had no nimbus at all at this moment.

  He went upstairs and left Sangyu Qin the backside of his head.

  Sangyu Qin, out of anger, felt that her chest was aching. How she wished to throw her shoes to him! However, thinking of what would be the result of this action, she had to hold it back.

  After Liangcheng’s figure had disappeared completely, she sighed and complained on the couch lazily that she had no idea how long would these scaring days last. She found that Liangcheng Lu’s temper’s just like a time bomb, which might explode at any time.

  Sangyu Qin glanced at the kitchen. He did a huge favor to her tonight indeed. She couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.

  She put the box on the tea table and went to the kitchen. She planned to make a vegetable salad for him, which was nutritive and had no fat at all. She even presented the dish as a heart shape.

  She went to Liangcheng Lu’s room uncomfortably and found that he’s not there. Then, she went to the study room quietly. He was sitting in front of the computer as expected.

  ‘Honey, I made some midnight snacks for you.’

  She said that sweetly and brought the dish to Liangcheng Lu.

  However, she didn’t know that the least thing Liangcheng Lu loved to eat was vegetable salad.

  ‘Are you feeding a pig?’

  Sangyu Qin’s good mood was destroyed entirely by a simple sentence. She clenched her teeth.

  She thought that she should keep patient. Liangcheng Lu did have a bad temper and a mean tongue. But since he helped her on the auction, she had to put up with it.

  ‘This is vegetable salad. It’s really delicious.’

  She, holding back her anger, was about to say something more, when she saw Liangcheng Lu’s eyes come over.

  ‘Take it away.’

  He, with those slight words, left no room for her.

  Sangyu Qin got mad immediately and sat down next to him. Then, she swobbled the salad.

  ‘I’ll eat them all, since you won’t.’

  Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows. Though he knew that she was just throwing a tantrum, he felt a bit cute of her somehow. Then, he hanged up the corner of his lips slightly.

  ‘Do not make a sound. It’s impolite.’

  Sangyu Qin, out of anger, felt her heart blocked. She, with no place to let off her rage, could do nothing but look at those things in the bowl. Thus, she lost her appetite completely.

  She must have lost her mind to try to ingratiate herself with Liangcheng Lu!

  She carried the plate and planned to walk outside, when Liangcheng Lu’s voice came through.

  ‘You need to figure out one’s appetite before you want to play up to someone.’

  Sangyu Qin got stunned. It turned out this guy knew that she was playing up to him. With the corner of her mouth curled, she carried the salad out and ran into Yu Mo who was trying to get in.

  ‘The least thing Boss loves to eat is salad. He even hates it. Miss Qin, you are so careless.’

  Sangyu Qin’s heart was stabbed a few times again. Then, she threw the salad into the garbage can after getting downstairs, and swore that she would never touch this thing all her life!

  She was still angry after getting upstairs. She went into the bathroom and saw her bulging cheek. Then, she burst into laughter all of a sudden.

  ‘I’m so cute.’

  After blurting out this, she was in a good mood again. She finished showering while whistling, and then went to bed with satisfaction.

  On the other hand, Qin Family was not peaceful. Momo Qin was lying on the sofa and crying. Thinking of how humiliated she had been tonight, she wished to cut Sangyu Qin into pieces.

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