Chapter 44 Kick her out

  Ya Li’s teeth trembled, and her head flapped down silently. She was afraid of Liangcheng Lu. To be exact, everyone was scared of Liangcheng Lu.

  Itwasdeadlystill on the spot. No one had the guts to say anything now. Ya Li’s fate was held in Liangcheng Lu’s hands.

  However, Liangcheng Lu didn’t utter a single word all along. He merely patted Sangyu Qin from time to time, on order to comfort her.

  ‘Honey, she said she’s going to kick me out...’

  Sangyu Qin stopped crying. She felt a bit of regret that she didn’t manage to restrain her feelings just now. The moment she had seen Liangcheng Lu, the aggrieved feeling was just like a flood which brokethrough the dam. She couldn’t hold it back.

  She came back to sense right now. Though she was regret about it, she had to pretend.

  ‘Mr. Li, I don’t know since when did Miss Li have such a huge power.’

  With his face turning pale and liver-colored, Lin Li found Ya Li more and more annoying. She brought troubles to him every day.

  ‘Mr. Lu, it’s my fault that I didn’t teach my daughter well. I will present the last treasure on the auction today to Mrs. Lu as my apology.’

  He said this with his face twisted. He didn’t intend to sell the last treasure. It’s hard to get, and lots of money wouldn’t help much. He was going to show off on the auction. Little did he know that this thing would happen.

  Hearing the sniffing sound around her, Sangyu Qin felt curious about what the last treasure was, when Liangcheng Lu’s voice came through by her ears.

  ‘The last treasure is a piece of jade. It is said that it could promote blood circulation and nurse the health. The queens of all the dynasties had worn it. Li Family got it by pure accident. The price is immeasurable.’

  The price is immeasurable...

  Sangyu Qin brightened her eyes and stopped lying on Liangcheng Lu’s shoulder. She slapped Ya Li just now, which could call it an even.

  ‘I’m not a petty person. Since Mr. Li is so sincere, I couldn’t hold onto it forever. After all, Miss Li was just instigated by an insidious person.’

  Lin Li’s heart was bleeding right now. He knew that the person who incited his daughter must be Momo Qin, after hearing Sangyu Qin’s words. He clenched his teeth.

  ‘Kick this Momo Qin out off here! She’s not welcomed to my auction forever!’

  The moment he finished saying this, noises came through in the hall immediately. Everyone knew that Lin Li’s auction was a symbol of the upper class. All the people who attended it were prestigious. Kicking someone out of the auction meant kick him out of the upper class completely.

  Momo Qin’s face turned deadly pale. Seeing everyone watch her sarcastically, she felt that she was naked instantly. She was embarrassed and ashamed.

  But she had no way to stop this. The power of Qin Family was nothing compared to those of Lu Family and Li Family. She clenched her teeth, and wished to have killed Sangyu Qin last time.

  ‘Miss Qin, please.’

  Two bodyguards walked over and stood by Momo Qin. She felt that it was the most humiliating thing she had ever encountered.

  She lifted her feet and walked outside slowly, as if she was stepping on the knife every step she walked, which was so painful.

  All these humiliations were presented by Sangyu Qin. Someday, she would pay it back ten times to Sangyu Qin!

  Whispers came through after Momo Qin had left.

  ‘It’s true that origin is of great importance to a person. The child given birth by a mistress just loves to employ those little tricks.’

  ‘Exactly, you see, she’s kind of pretty. If only she could do the right thing and do not learn the dishonest practices.’

  Ya Li didn’t dare to say anything, nor did she dare to look at Liangcheng Lu. His eyes were just like a thorn stabbing into her heart, which was so horrible.

  ‘All right, all right, everybody. We could just forget about this little interruption. It’s just the drama between those girls. So petty! Next, let’s come to the other room. The auction is about to start.’

  Lin Li had to struggle to say this, in order to enliven the atmosphere on the spot. Actually, his heart was bleeding.

  The people, considerate as they were, left to another room at once.

  Sangyu Qin, accompanied by Liangcheng Lu, changed a dress. She planned to return to the hall. But since there’s still wine on her hair, she had to wash it.

  ‘Honey, go there yourself and leave me there. I need to wash my hair. It’s suffused with the smell of wine. Just do not forget to tell me when you leave.’

  Liangcheng Lu frowned and felt worried about leaving Sangyu Qin at any other places.

  ‘I’m a little bit tired, and I want to take a snap after washing my hair.’

  Hearing she add like this, Liangcheng Lu didn’t plan to push her so hard.

  ‘Do not go far. Wait for me in the room.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded and planned to enter the room after his figure had disappeared. However, a person’s voice came through nearby.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I didn’t realize you have a silvery tongue. The lobbyists are no better than you.’

  Sangyu Qin turned her head and saw Xiao Lu who she had met at Lu Family last time.

  Xiao Lu wore a blue dress, with all her hair braided up. She looked elegant and graceful. Now, she’s completely different from the woman who had always mocked Sangyu Qin. It’s the truth that fine feathers make fine bird.

  ‘I’m flattered.’

  Sangyu Qin, not knowing if it was a compliment, spitted those words slightly, and planned to close the door.

  ‘You are so lucky to get that jade.’

  Xiao Lu snorted. She came here this time to see that jade in the flesh. Little did she know that Sangyu Qin occupied it before she could have a look at it. How disappointing!

  “Xiao Lu also came here for the jade.” Sangyu Qin realized that all of a sudden. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth, and thought that she did get a treasure today.

  Thinking of this, she became energetic promptly. She couldn’t wait for the auction to be finished and Liangcheng Lu would bring her the jade.

  Having waited for around two hours in the room and played a few rounds of Jewels Maze, she heard footsteps outside the door and knew it was Liangcheng Lu. She hid her mobile phone in haste, just like a child who was afraid of being caught by the adults.

  She didn’t know why she did this. When she realized what had happened, she already curled up in the bed.

  It’s already too late to get up. So she had to keep it that way.

  Liangcheng Lu opened the door and came in, with a little box in his hands. He, seeing Sangyu Qin sleep soundly, put the box next to her.

  The car was parked outside. Sangyu Qin heard Yu Mo called them slightly from outside, knowing that she could not pretend anymore. Or, they wouldn’t be able to leave today.

  She pretended to stretch herself and seemed to see Liangcheng Lu just now.

  ‘Are we leaving now?’

  Liangcheng Lu nodded, without exposing her tricks. These little tricks Sangyu Qin had played were so childish to him.

  Sangyu Qin got up and saw the box next to her, with a glimmer of light flashing in her eyes. Then, she opened it right away.

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