Chapter 43 Drama

  They changed their eyes, which were lighted on Momo Qin, instantly, and then let go of her hands. It seemed as if they planned to draw a clear distinction between Momo Qin and themselves.

  Momo Qin got into a flap at once. It took her so hard to get acquaintance with those affluent ladies. She would never get along in the upper circle if she got isolated.

  ‘That’s not true. My mom...’

  However, that event was a huge drama at that time, and Miao Du had carried a bad name on her back.

  Nevertheless, she had spent so many years managing with great care, and people gradually forgot about it. But that’s a stain of Miao Du no matter what.

  Momo Qin didn’t know what to say on the half of her speech, with her eye socket turning red. Then, she looked at Sangyu Qin bitterly.

  Those women left Momo Qin, casting a wired look at her, as if she’s some kind of virus.

  Momo Qin felt uncomfortable all over her body. She had never been treated like that. Sangyu Qin’s such a disaster!

  Meanwhile, Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows. She was about to leave when she heard Momo Qin’s words.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you have nothing to be proud of. Everyone knows that you have no brain at all and Mr. Lu has no feeling for you either. You only have the title of Mrs. Lu. Mr. Lu doesn’t like you at all. He even resents you.’

  Sangyu Qin frowned. She knew that Liangcheng Lu resented her. Then, she curled her lips.

  The people around them looked over slowly, due to Momo Qin’s loud voice. She meant to let everyone hear anyway.

  So, everyone noticed Sangyu Qin at this time. They remembered what Sangyu Qin had been like at Qin Family’s party last time. She’s totally vulgar.

  ‘What’s she doing here?’

  ‘I don’t know. Maybe she came here secretly. News leaked that she had married to Mr. Lu. But I have never heard of that!’

  Everyone looked at her with contempt and averseness.

  Sangyu Qin knitted her brows. She hated the way operated in upper class, where people fawn upon the powerful people and bully the powerless ones. The higher position you got, the more complicated you could find people’s thoughts can be.

  She raised her head and looked over at where Liangcheng Lu was. She found bunches of people gather around him, saying something she didn’t know.

  It’s always the case. Liangcheng Lu was favored hotly. The people around licked Liangcheng Lu’s boots, which seemed as if a myriad of stars surround the moon. How they wished to lift him up highly!

  It’s true that money and power amount to everything in the society.

  She was a little bit absent-minded to notice that someone had come toward her and dropped a glass of wine straightly onto her head.

  ‘Who do you think you are to slander Momo like that! Sangyu Qin, you bully Momo all the time when you are at Qin Family. Momo is generous enough not to haggle over with you. How daring you are to defame her like that in public!’

  In the hall, the air conditioners were on, with a low temperature. Sangyu Qin got a bit cold by being splashed. There’s a mess on her body, and the water kept dropping along her hair.

  ‘Ya, don’t be like this.’

  Seeing Sangyu Qin get splashed, Momo Qin showed a trace of pleasure in her eyes. However, she had to show her generosity now. So, she pretended to persuade the person in front of her.

  Ya Li snorted and looked down upon Sangyu Qin, which seemed that Sangyu Qin, so humble as she was, wasn’t comparable to them.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I’m warning you to apologize to Momo. Or, you won’t be able to step out of this place.’

  Ya Li, the daughter of the sponsor, held a high position in the upper circle.

  Sangyu Qin took over the napkin that was brought by the waiter next to her, to rub the wine on her hair. She smiled at Ya Li, and threw the napkin to her face fiercely.

  ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’

  Sangyu Qin, in a calm voice, with a teasing tone as well as with the corner of her eyes raised a bit, seemed to have a strong aura around her. At least, Ya Li got a bit scared.

  Nonetheless, she wasn’t afraid of Sangyu Qin, no matter what identity she had.

  ‘Sangyu Qin , you said that Momo Qin’s mother is a mistress. But do not forget that your mother had disappeared for quite a long time before she died. We all assumed that she had run away with a random guy. What qualifications do you have to sneer at Momo? Your mom is a bitch herself after all.’

  Ya Li stared at Sangyu Qin silently, with the corner of her mouth hanged up. She was dismissive of Sangyu Qin from the beginning.

  Sangyu Qin raised her hands and slapped her straightly after hearing what Ya Li had said.

  ‘Miss Li, I wouldn’t mind your speaking evil of me. But my mom had died. Even if she had disappeared, do you have the proof of her running away with a random guy? If you don’t have any proof, you will be punished by framing a dead person. Or, this is just how you have been taught in Li Family.

  Sangyu Qin found herself in the grip of sadness. Why could everyone here be so prideful and frame and insult her at random...

  Soon enough all the people knew the drama here. The sponsor led Liangcheng Lu here.

  Liangcheng Lu, seeing Sangyu Qin’s awkward situation, compressed his lips, with storms surging up in his eyes.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t regard it as a big deal at first. However, the moment she saw Liangcheng Lu, an aggrieved feeling came out and flowed in her body right away.


  She pounced on Liangcheng Lu, and started to cry on his shoulder.

  Liangcheng Lu caught her and didn’t push her away. He patted her back gently.

  ‘Don’t cry.’

  It would be better if he didn’t say this. Hearing his words, Sang Yu Qin cried even harder, with her hand pulling his tie, and cried dully.

  Liangcheng Lu felt that a part of his heart, which had been punched by someone, ached a bit.

  Ya Li stepped backward straightly when seeing this.

  Mr. Lu...

  Sangyu Qin called Liangcheng Lu “honey”. When did they get married?

  Lin Li, seeing the wine on Sangyu Qin’s head and the empty glass in his daughter’s hand, realized that Ya Li had made a huge trouble. Then, he, out of anger, felt the blood rushing to his brain. He had discussed about the cooperation with Mr. Lu just now. Now it’s done!

  ‘Bastard! Apologize to Mrs. Lu now!!’

  He stepped forward and slapped Ya Li straightly, making her almost kneel on the ground.

  He knew that his daughter’s easy to be incited, and he hasn’t discipline her so much at ordinary times. It never occurred to him that she would kick on the steel plate today.

  Ya Li got stunned by the slap. Her families always told her not to screw around with the people from Lu Family. But today, not only did she insult Sangyu Qin, but also she splashed wine on her.

  Her teeth were trembling. She had seen someone make trouble for Xiao Lu, the lady of Lu Family. Then, that guy had disappeared in City G forever.

  ‘I... I.’

  She, unable to utter a single word, was paralyzed. She almost went down on her knees on the ground.

  Momo Qin’s face also turned pale. She didn’t realize that Mr. Lu would care for Sangyu Qin that much. She tightened her fists. All of this should have belonged to her!

  Lin Li, exasperated at his daughter’s failure to make good, turned his head to cast a glance at Liangcheng Lu. He didn’t dare to say a word. Everything depended on Liangcheng Lu’s attitude at this moment.

  Sangyu Qin mitigated her sobbing, because she didn’t want those people to laugh at her. However, her shoulders were still twitching.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that just now...’

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