Chapter 42 Sneer from the upper class

  Sangyu Qin had no guts to say “no”. Liangcheng Lu was her “tower of strength” now. She had to hold him tightly.

  It took around an hour to make her hair, and she almost fell asleep. However, she was stunned completely, with her eyes widening immediately, when she saw Liangcheng Lu coming out with his suit.

  She always knew that Liangcheng Lu’s handsome, but with the suit he wore today, he showed his charm completely. The form-fitting cutting showed his excellent body shape. And with his tall figure, he’s like a “walking hormone”.

  ‘You’re slobbery.’

  Liangcheng Lu, lowering his head, buckled the buttons, and said flatly.

  Sangyu Qin raised her hands to rub the corner of her mouth and found that there’s no saliva at all. Then, she flushed.

  Liangcheng Lu, in a good mood, intended to give the styling designer a salary raise. It’s hard to let this woman notice his charm.

  With the corner of his mouth hanged up, he sat down by her side gently and waited for the staff to pick the jewelries for Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin suddenly felt nervous.

  After standing up, she looked into the mirror. Being different from that exposed one she had wore last time, her dress tonight had a fancy semilune cut-out on her waist, which showed a trace of sexuality. The fishtail bottom also added a bit elegance. Liangcheng Lu’s styling designer’s surely talented.

  Having hidden the high praise in her heart, she put her hand on Liangcheng Lu’s wrist and watched at him laughingly.

  ‘Let’s go, honey.’

  Liangcheng Lu looked down at her wrist gently. He didn’t know since when he began to enjoy her calling him “honey”- sort of “recognition”.

  They got on the car straightaway; in no time, they arrived at the auction venue.

  There were lots of auctions like this in City G. Nearly all the people involved were rich. After all, everyone should produce an invitation letter. The two plants in front of the building were worth the account of money which equals to an ordinary person’s life-time saving.

  Sangyu Qin sighed. Too bad she couldn’t even afford a plant. Everyone cursed about money. But it’s undeniable that money’s surely a good thing.

  They entered the shining and elegant room which was spilling over with the aura of upper class. The sponsor was greeting with all the people who passed by. The moment he saw Liangcheng Lu, he brought a bunch of people over instantly.

  Sangyu Qin couldn’t stand the hypocritical flattery. So she found an excuse to leave before the sponsor came over.

  ‘Do not go too far.’

  Liangcheng Lu whispered to her, with his head lowered. His lips touched her ear accidentally, which was just like the intimate talk between lovers.

  Sangyu Qin’s face flushed till her neck straightly. However, the light was dim here. So Liangcheng Lu didn’t notice that.

  She, lowering her head, left him in haste, and touched her hot face. She felt her heart almost jumping out of her chest, and then she beat it at once.

  ‘You are really good for nothing. Please stop beating! He simply just touched you.’

  She muttered and went to the restroom immediately, intending to cool her heart down with the cold water.

  However, as the saying goes, “one cannot avoid his enemy”. She ran into Momo Qin who was just rebuking a waiter the minute she came out of the restroom.

  Momo Qin turned her head and also saw Sangyu Qin, with sarcasm on her face.

  ‘Sister, I didn’t realize that Mr. Lu would you to the auction. You must be very satisfied with yourself.’

  Sangyu Qin hanged up the corner of her mouth and smoothed her dress. Then, she said.

  ‘I wasn’t that satisfied at the beginning. However, I am now, after hearing what you just said. After all, I’m the only woman that could show up next to my husband all this time.’

  Momo Qin shook with anger. Thinking that Mr. Lu had held Sangyu Qin so gently, she felt that the envy inside her was about to pop out from her throat. Then, she curled her lips.

  ‘Do not be pleased with yourself. You have offended many women by marring to Mr. Lu. Someone will definitely bug you. Be careful tonight, sister. ’

  After saying this, Momo Qin left stiffly, with her back straightened.

  However, Sangyu Qin could still feel Momo Qin’s resentful eyes lighted on her. She breathed slowly and sat down on the couch by her side.

  In no time, she understood the meaning of Momo Qin’s words. Several women, sitting next to her nailed their unfriendly eyes on her.

  ‘She’s the one who married Mr. Lu, right? I feel that she’s not pretty at all. Mr. Lu’s blind or what!’

  ‘It doesn’t mean anything that Mr. Lu brought her to the auction. After all, they haven’t even talked with each other until now.’

  Those women spoke loudly and treated Sangyu Qin as an invisible person. It seemed that they passed remarks about Sangyu Qin purposely.

  Little tricks.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t even bother to fight back. Being gossiped wouldn’t cost a single flesh of her. They could continue talking like this if they liked.

  Those women saw Sangyu Qin have no response at all, after they had talked for more than ten minutes. They felt bored and planned to leave when Momo Qin came over.

  ‘Sister, they are ladies from decent families in City G. Do not get isolated. Join us.’

  Momo Qin, knowing that they didn’t like Sangyu, led her to those women on purpose, so as to embarrass Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Momo, why do you care about her? We do not welcome her! How shabby looks she had! It’s said that she hasn’t even seen a marten coat which was worth merely RMB 3 million. She’s so disgraced at the party that day. The words have been spread out in the upper class.’

  ‘That’s true. Everyone knows that this daughter of the ex-wife has no brain. I heard that she only got a bachelor degree from an ordinary college. All the people here have graduated from top universities.’

  Those women taunted Sangyu Qin to their fullest. Momo Qin, although happy about this, pretended to be sad.

  ‘Please don’t talk like that. She’s my sister after all. No matter how untalented and vulgar she is, she’s my sister.’

  She sneered at Sangyu Qin again inwardly.

  Sangyu Qin, with a wine glass in her hand, watched those women comforting Momo Qin quietly.

  ‘Momo, you are so nice. How could you defend her after living with her for a long time?’

  Sangyu Qin felt that she was about to puke. Those women were really brainless. Gifted students as they were, they merely possess mingy intelligence and know nothing about the fact that they had been exploited.

  ‘Let me put it this way, girls. I heard you had said the word ex-wife. So, you must have known that Momo Qin’s mother was a mistress who managed to seize the position of Qin’s lady. My mom had only left for half of the month and Mrs. Du imposed herself on my father to hold the wedding. If I were you, I would stay far away from a person of this kind. A person cannot change his origin - a mistress is a mistress. Maybe I’m not the one who’s so vulgar?’

  Sangyu Qin stared at Momo Qin, with a glimmer of smile in her voice. She, seeing Momo Qin’s face get paler and paler, didn’t forget to make the last hit.

  ‘As the saying goes that he who lies down with dogs must rise up with fleas. Do your families know that you guys are on intimate terms with the daughter of a mistress?’

  After those women heard this, their faces got rigid. They almost forgot the things with Momo Qin’s mother. It’s said that it had made a scene in City G and had much to be ashamed of.

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