Chapter 41 Baby Sangyu

  When she opened the letter and saw the salutation, the corner of her mouth shook a bit.

  Baby Sangyu...

  Since when did Liangcheng Lu become this amorous?

  Dame it! She actually felt a little sweet.

  She almost finished reading the letter cynically. No wonder why the colleagues cast a wired glance at her. It turned out that Liangcheng Lu had written a love letter to her and put it on the desk with great fanfare.

  She cleared her throat. Since he had already admitted their relationship liberally, she’d better not hide the fact either.

  The moment she was about to declare that Liangcheng Lu’s her husband, she saw Liangcheng Lu coming out of the office. She leered at him at once.

  Liangcheng Lu gently lighted his eyes on the letter, which was held in her hand. With his eyebrows raised, he walked over and glanced at it, with his head lowered.

  When seeing clearly what that thing is, he, with his face darkening with ever-growing anger, snorted at last.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I have to warn you that you are a married woman. It doesn’t seem appropriate to play around with young boys.’

  Sangyu Qin was confused as hearing this. So this letter is not from Liangcheng Lu?

  She rejoiced too soon.

  Thinking of this, she got frozen and exploded instantly. Rejoiced too soon?! No happiness at all! Being with such a facial-paralysis person like Liangcheng Lu was very likely to get her life shortened!

  The people in the top office watched this silently. It’s so strange that someone dared to challenge Boss Liangcheng Lu. Sangyu Qin must want to die!

  However, they, after waiting for so long, didn’t see their boss punish Sangyu Qin. Then, they changed their eyes lighted on Sangyu Qin all of a sudden.

  ‘Who wrote this?’

  Liangcheng Lu grabbed the love letter in Sangyu Qin’s hand and asked, with calm looks on his face. Nobody knew that he almost crunched his teeth.

  Someone had poached from him. How daring!

  A young man in his twenties lifted his hand, with sort of redness on his face. He looked at Sangyu Qin affectionately.

  Sangyu Qin got stunned. She felt that the boy’s eyesight was just like the dear’s, which was so pure. It’s rare to see a person like him in the top office.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I like you. I started to pay attention to you the first day you came to work here. I found you so cute.’

  The boy blushed and said this. Sangyu Qin also blushed. It’s the first time that someone expressed love to her in public since she was born.

  What’s more, the boy showed his love to her in front of her husband - Liangcheng Lu. Really exciting!

  Liangcheng Lu’s face turned darker, and storms gathered in his eyes. How could Sangyu Qin cast glances of love at this pretty boy in front of him?! Hum.

  ‘Yu Mo.’

  He called lightly.

  Yu Mo came forward right away, with sort of awkwardness on his face.


  ‘From now on, office romance is forbidden. This is a new rule! And kick him out.’

  On these words, Liangcheng Lu threw the love letter back to Sangyu Qin. Then, he realized something and grabbed it back again. He threw it into the trash can. How he wished to step on it a few times!

  “The letter is tacky pink. Sangyu Qin has no taste at all!” Liangcheng Lu complained in his heart.

  Sangyu Qin saw the bodyguards driving the boy out and felt a bit flustered. She couldn’t let him lose his job because of her. It’s really hard to be admitted into Tiancheng Corporation. And he, a young boy in his twenties, had brilliant prospects.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, could you please...’

  Without letting her finish, Liangcheng Lu looked over, with his eyes filled with redness. He’s just like a lion who’s protecting its prey and did not allow others to covet it.

  With her body frozen, she didn’t utter a single word anymore.

  Liangcheng Lu was really mad...

  The boy was taken by the bodyguards immediately. It was silent in the office. Everyone cast an even weirder look at Sangyu Qin, because they just had heard Sangyu Qin call their boss’s name and their boss seemed to be OK with that.

  So subtle!

  Nevertheless, they, not daring to say anything, lowered their heads silently, in order to pretend that they hadn’t seen what just happened.

  Sangyu Qin, frustrated as she was, sat on her chair. Sometimes, she felts that Liangcheng Lu’s just like an emperor in the old days, even a tyrant.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu, after returning to his office, was still choked, with his heart brimming over with resentment. Sangyu Qin blushed just now. She never blushed in front of him. Thinking of this, he broke up the pen in his hand straightly, with cruel and fierce looks on his face.

  Could Sangyu Qin really like that fragile pretty boy?

  He controlled his temper when being with Sangyu Qin and hoped that she could lay down her guard toward him. However, that woman always pretended to be obedient. She’s not like this at the beginning.

  Sangyu Qin knew nothing about Liangcheng Lu’s thoughts. In the evening, she let Yu Mo follow Miao Du again. Qin Family could not stay uneventful due to the mess she had made last time.

  In no time, she got the words that Wei Lin, unable to stay still, went to reckon with Miao Du.

  A gleam of smile flashed in Sangyu Qin’s eyes. Qin Family must be so busy now, and she was eager to see the drama.

  Miao Du was freaked out when she knew that Wei Lin’s going to get even with her. She began to comfort him instantly.

  ‘Didn’t I tell you that I’m coming to meet you?! Wei Lin, don’t act recklessly!’

  She, a little mad as she was, said in a voice full of fear and menace. However, Wei Lin’s not scared of her.

  ‘Last time, you said that you would come to the hospital, but you postponed all the time. Miao Du, I don’t have much time to play with you. Maybe I should talk to Baiqiang Qin. I believe that everything’s gonna come to a close.’

  Miao Du’s heart shook fiercely. She clenched her teeth, with a glimmer of cold light flashing in her eyes.

  ‘I’ll come to meet you. Let’s talk it through.’

  Wei Lin hanged up the corner of his mouth. This woman finally got scared now. She should be like this long time ago.


  He replied and went to the café according to the address she had given him.

  There’s only Miao Du in the café, which was enveloped in dim light. Wei Lin thought that this woman’s truly a slut. Did she still think about having sex with him now?

  ‘Miao Du.’

  He walked toward her and felt a smelly odor coming from his nose. Then, he fainted straightly.

  Miao Du watched this guy coldly, with the corner of her lips curled.

  ‘Take him away! No matter how you guys will deal with him, I merely want him to never come back to City G!’

  The bodyguards by her side moved quickly and dragged Wei Lin onto the car.

  Only until then did Miao Du feel relieved. Nobody could threaten her anymore. This man’s so damnable.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t realize that Miao Du would be this heartless and show no mercy to her lover.

  ‘Miao Du does have some means. No wonder she had tricked Baiqiang Qin for so many years.’

  She red the documents in her hands, thinking that Baiqiang Qin, a paranoid person, would definitely take Momo Qin to do the paternity test in the hospital. The show’s not finished yet.

  With the corner of her mouth hanged up, she leaned on the sofa lazily and fondled Da Xiong’s fur. Other people could only fondle cats or dogs. She, on the other hand, fondled a lion. The credit of this “feat” should go to her husband - Liangcheng Lu, who gave her the opportunity to experience something extremely fresh in her life.

  At 7 o’clock in the evening, the styling designer took her to do her hair. There’s a charity auction and she needed to accompany Liangcheng Lu to be there.

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