Chapter 40 You could continue

  Sangyu Qin got stunned. That woman’s legs were long and white. Even she, as a woman, became a bit fascinated, let alone men.

  She felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. This jerk seemed to be nice to her these days and she believed that he had a thing for her. As a result, he turned to a rich lady instantly.

  She didn’t show too much surprise. After all, Liangcheng Lu’s an adult. It’s not good for his health if he restrained his desire for too long.

  ‘Mr. Lu, I’m sorry. I’ll just leave the documents here. You could continue.’

  As saying this, with her eyesight rolling up and down on that woman, she had to admit that Liangcheng Lu had a good luck with women and could encounter such a sexy beauty even at a business conversation.

  With his face darkening with anger, Liangcheng Lu felt depressed in his chest. The two of them were couples anyway. Sangyu Qin had no response at all, seeing him like this. He pushed the woman sitting on him straightly after Sangyu Qin had got out.

  ‘Please behave yourself.’

  The woman smiled charmingly, knowing that she had been taken advantage of, and approached Liangcheng Lu to lure him.

  ‘Mr. Lu, it seems that your little wife’s not that fond of you. Why do you have to keep your integrity for her?’

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t utter a single word. He already realized that Sangyu Qin didn’t like him. Even if they had already married, she still considered this marriage a business deal. How could him, Liangcheng Lu, make a deal by taking advantage of his marriage? Sangyu Qin had no brain indeed.

  ‘Sign the paper.’

  He put the documents in front of the woman, with lukewarm looks on his face.

  ‘Mr. Lu is a so heartless person.’

  The woman sighed and signed her name on the paper. Her company was going to be purchased by Tiancheng Corporation. She had tried so hard to make an appointment with Liangcheng Lu, just in order to have a nice conversation with him, maybe even set a honey-trap. However, this man was so indifferent. The only reason he didn’t pushed her was because he heard the door bell ring.

  She had been used by him.

  ‘Mr. Lu, do not be so hardhearted. If you have needs, you can come to me anytime.’

  She stood up and fixed her hair as saying this. Then she left enchantingly.

  She saw that Sangyu Qin was still waiting outside when she opened the door, and raised her eyebrows. This girl’s beautiful for sure, with her pure eyesight. But as for sexy, the girl had nothing to compare with her at all.

  She, wearing her high heels, left, with a fascinating sense from the view of her back.

  Sangyu Qin watched her quietly for a while and suddenly looked down on her own boobs. She immediately felt ashamed when thinking of that woman’s chubbiness.

  She looked up and saw Liangcheng Lu coming out. He seemed to have stood there for a few minutes. Then she walked toward him at once.

  ‘Honey, you are so toilsome to attend to numerous affairs everyday.’

  She spoke those words in emphasis on purpose, with a trace of innocence on her face.

  How could Liangcheng Lu not know that this woman was sneering at her? He lifted his legs and walked while say this.

  ‘If I did not accompany those rich women, how could I get that villa?’

  With her feet sprained, Sangyu Qin almost fell on the ground. She suddenly sighed with emotion. It turned out that even Liangcheng Lu had to sell his body. Then she followed him blindly.

  ‘Honey, you are not bad to have endured all of this all these years. I finally understand your difficulty.’

  Liangcheng Lu stopped his step for a second. He leaned his head on the window after getting on the car, in order to relieve from him anger with the coldness.

  ‘There’s no difficulty at all. I’m so happy about it.’

  Those words were nearly squeezed out from the crevice of his teeth. Even Yu Mo who was driving the car could feel the coldness given out from his boss.

  However, Sangyu Qin had no self-knowledge at all. Thinking of the pretty lady who’s a completely stunner she just saw, she assumed that this man should have been enjoyed. She came over to pound his shoulder, with calculation in her heart.

  Other women, notwithstanding pretty, would never seize her position as Mrs. Lu.

  ‘Honey, though I didn’t mind your having those love affairs outside, I have to say that even if you like eating chickens, you do not need to buy the whole chicken farm. Right? Those women were all ambitious, not like me, who is obedient and docile.’

  Liangcheng Lu laughed out of anger because of what she had said, and pushed her away. He didn’t say anything in case he couldn’t help crushing her.

  Sangyu Qin, having found that Liangcheng Lu didn’t want to pay attention to her, didn’t show excessive passion to his coldness. Then, she sat down primly by his side.

  After they arrived at the villa, Liangcheng Lu hanged his coat on the hanger aside and went upstairs, with a cup of coffee in his hand.

  Sangyu Qin felt that he was angry. But she didn’t know the cause.


  She whispered and sat on the sofa. Then she kicked Da Xiong and sat beside it.

  Shecomplained in her heart, ‘He’s the one who cheated and had an attitude like that now. It’s true that you can be the boss as long as you are rich.’

  She felt inexplicably uncomfortable in her heart, with sore and sullen feelings inside.

  ‘Bloody Liangcheng Lu!’

  She cursed in a low voice and walked upstairs too. He could ignore her as he wanted. From now on, she would never talk to him anymore either.

  Thus, the second day, she kept her head lowered while eating the breakfast, and almost buried her face into the bowl, so as not to see the jerk in front of her.

  ‘What’s wrong with you?’

  Liangcheng Lu asked her, with his eyebrows knitted. However, Sangyu Qin, with a slice of bread in her mouth, seemed not to have heard him at all. She drank a bit of milk and walked outside.

  ‘Stop there!’

  Liangcheng Lu uttered those two words all of a sudden in a dark and cold voice.

  Sangyu Qin halted and stopped instinctively. Then, she started to get mad when coming back to sense, and walked with bigger strides.

  ‘What are you angry with?’

  Liangcheng Lu held her hand. What happened to her in the early morning?

  Sangyu Qin tried to shake off his hand. However, he held so tightly, so she could do nothing but turn around and watch him, with sour looks on her face.

  ‘My husband got mad at me after cheating one me. You say yourself if I should be depressed!’

  Hearing what she had said, Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner at her mouth. So, she cared after all. Then, he hummed, with a grimmer of smile spreading in his eyes, just like a bar of sugar melting in the water.

  He put on the coat, and the two of them got on the car outside.

  What Sangyu Qin felt strange was that Liangcheng Lu seemed to be in an extremely good mood after she had lost her temper. Then, she realized that this man might be a masochism. She felt gross and started to get goose bumps all over her body. Liangcheng Lu had a special taste for sure.

  The car headed to the company all along. They got out of the car one after another.

  She didn’t dare to go the top office together with Liangcheng Lu. The staffs already rubbed her the wrong way. If they knew that she had a relationship with Liangcheng Lu, they would kill her.

  Thus, every time they got to the hall downstairs, she would let Liangcheng Lu leave first. Then, she took the next elevator to go to the top office.

  Liangcheng Lu let her do whatever she wanted.

  When arriving at the top office, Sangyu Qin found the people’s eyesight lighted on her. It happened all the time. Then, she signed and went to her place slowly.

  She found a letter on his desk. And the color was pink.

  She trembled and swallowed her spit hardly. It’s better not what she had thought...

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