Chapter 39 Triangle relationship

  ‘Of course, it’s possible. I have tested Miao Du before. But she seemed to look down upon Momo Qin’s biological father. Last time, I have overheard her conversation with Momo Qin. She said that she would never give up the high position and good wealth she had right now and that she would never be with a small doctor. Beisides, she would dump him and live easily at Qin Family. I don’t know who’s that unlucky guy - being fooled by Miao Du.’

  Wei Lin, at the corner, clenched his fists bitterly when hearing those words. He always felt that that bitch wanted to dump him. Now, it turned out to be true. Bloody Miao Du!

  ‘Miao Du is good. With her advanced age, she could set her foot on two men. Wasn’t she afraid that she would lose everything?’

  Yu Mo asked that, knowing that Wei Lin was still listening nearby.

  Sangyu Qin hanged up the corner of her mouth.

  ‘She did have her own ways. Both men loved her deadly. As long as she teased them from time to time, they would easily be fooled by her.’

  They kept talking, but Wei Lin just couldn’t listen to them anymore. He got that bitch Miao Du all over his head.

  He called Miao Du immediately and decided to ask her clearly.

  The moment Miao Du arrived at Qin’s house, she found the incoming call from Wei Lin. She frowned unhappily. Hadn’t she already told him not to get in touch with her by phone?

  She looked at Baiqiang Qin who’s next to her and found an excuse to go to her room. Only until then did she dare to push the answer button.

  ‘What’s wrong with you? Haven’t I told you not to call me?!’

  Hearing her tones, Wei Lin hummed coldly. Not only did this woman try to dump him, but she also implanted those ideas to his daughter.

  ‘Miao Du, stop fucking pretending. I knew that you want to dump me. Let me tell you this! That’s impossible! I’ll only wait for one month. If you still can’t get hold of Qin Family, I’ll find Baiqiang Qin and tell him everything. I’ll let him see through you bitch!!’

  Miao Du was startled when hearing his words. She intended to say something nice to comfort him. However, he already hung up the phone. She threw her phone onto the ground angrily.


  The phone got broken at once. How she wished to cut that man into pieces! But he knew too many secrets. If she pushed him too hard, he may actually destroy everything.

  She became a little anxious. He had always been perfectly fine. How could things become like this now?

  On the other side, Sangyu Qin who just knew those secrets was in a good mood. Baiqiang Qin loved Momo Qin dearly. If he knew the truth, he might get completely mad.

  She pulled out the new SIM card which was purchased on the street just now. She rolled her eyes and sent a message to Baiqiang Qin.

  ‘Mr. Qin, I’m the nurse from the City Hospital. I just heard a secret. Momo Qin seemed to be the daughter of one of our doctors here. I cannot bear to see you being tricked. Please do a paternity test here.’

  Baiqiang Qin shrank his pupils when seeing this message. He called back immediately. However, the phone was turned off.

  There’s a flash in his eyes. Then he saw Miao Du coming downstairs when he looked up.

  It’s true that when he got acquaintedwith Miao Du, she was dating with a doctor. But she said the doctor always beat her and she ran away.

  Not long after they had sex, she got pregnant. What’s more, Miao Du was pretty, elegant and stood to sense. So he married her eagerly after his ex-wife had died.

  ‘Baiqiang, I need to go to the hospital today. The doctor said that I’m a little weak. I might have to stay in the hospital for a while. I’ll let Momo accompany me.’

  She wanted to grab the chance to let Momo and Wei Lin meet with each other. She needed to keep Wei Lin calm.

  Due to the message before, Baiqiang Qin’s eyes were clogged with darkness.

  ‘Which hospital are you planning to go?’

  Miao Du got stunned and really didn’t understand why he asked like that.

  ‘The City Hospital, of course.’

  Baiqiang Qin clenched his fists promptly, with the corner of his mouth hanged up. He smiled cruelly. This bitch must have something hidden from him!

  ‘Perfect. I can go with you.’

  Miao Du’s heart shuddered. As she was about to refuse, she saw the dour face of Baiqiang Qin and had to take the refusing words back.

  ‘OK. We are so happy to have your company. I’ll go to tell Momo this.’

  She turned back as saying this. The smile on her face was replaced with sullen looks suddenly.

  Miao Du was wondering. Something’s wrong about Baiqiang Qin. Did he doubt about something? Or Wei Lin didn’t manage to refrain himself and had already revealed something to Baiqiang Qin?

  She used her back-up phone to call Wei Lin the moment she came back to her room, with her eyes suffused with resentment.

  ‘Have you told Baiqiang Qin anything?’

  Wei Lin was frozen for a second. He never contacted Baiqiang Qin. However, he raised his eyebrows after hearing Miao Du’s fearful tone.

  ‘I’m just warning you, Miao Du. I’m serious this time. If you force me too hard, no one will live at ease.’

  Miao Du clenched her teeth, with her fists held tightly. She flew into a rage deep inside. But she knew that she couldn’t get mad right now.

  ‘Wei Lin, how do we become like this? I said that I would come to find you and I have never broken my promise. Why did you suddenly...’

  Wei Lin was about to get soft. However, he thought of what Sangyu Qin had said - this woman’s full of tricks and good at deceiving men. He couldn’t help snorting.

  ‘Stop, Miao Du. I have known you for so many years to see through you. You have only one month. Figure it out yourself!’

  On these words, he hung up the phone.

  Miao Du was almost driven mad by him. She held a belly of rage inside. Nevertheless, she couldn’t offend Baiqiang Qin or Wei Lin. This triangle relationship was about to be collapse.

  Of course, she didn’t know that all of this was Sangyu Qin’s idea.

  Sangyu Qin was in a good mood these days. She, with the injuries on her legs as the excuse, had a few days off and left all the mess she had in the company.

  Liangcheng Lu seemed to be tender to her. She didn’t know if it’s her illusion. She could always feel that Liangcheng Lu was looking at someone else, with his eyesight lighted on her.

  ‘Shit. Does Liangcheng Lu treat me like a substitute?’

  She bit the apple and said in anger.

  However, it seemed that Liangcheng Lu didn’t have any scandals. He had no interest in other women, and even his pet was male.

  She frowned and pondered all along, but didn’t get any clue at all.

  In the evening, Liangcheng Lu called to say that he had left the documents at home and ask her to pick it up.

  Sangyu Qin moved lively right away. Having gotten the exact place, she took the documents and came over.

  The door of the private room was closed. She thought that there’s only Liangcheng Lu inside. So she, without knocking on the door, pushed the door carelessly.

  What happened inside almost made her blind out of shock. A blonde beauty was sitting on Liangcheng Lu’s leg, with a pair of golden-edge glasses on her pretty face. That must be a lady from a decent family.

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