Chapter 38 She’s not the biological daughter

  Liangcheng Lu got stunned, with his hands holding the glass. He, without uttering a single word, rubbed her mouth with the tissues by her side.

  Sangyu Qin just used her last strength to ridicule him. She curled her lips when seeing him give no response to her and then closed her eyes.

  She felt painful all over her body, and the wounds on her legs were burning right now. Then, the rims of her eyes watered slightly.

  ‘I want to eat porridge.’

  She mumbled and saw Liangcheng Lu walked outside without a word, thinking that this guy might just leave her there. Then she sighed.

  However, after a few minutes, Liangcheng Lu came back with a takeout box. He opened the box and the delicious smells of the porridge aroused her appetite right away. She couldn’t help swallowing her spit.

  Liangcheng Lu took out the porridge and fed her one spoon after one spoon.

  Sangyu Qin felt touched suddenly out of nowhere.

  Seeing that Liangcheng Lu still remained silence as she finished the porridge, she decided to find how much he could tolerate her.

  ‘I’m afraid of being alone. Please stay here with me.’

  Liangcheng Lu raised his head and looked at her.

  ‘Do not be insatiable.’He said in a slight voice.

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows. It’s not a surprise that he’s already impatient. Hum.

  She closed her mouth then. This time she had taken such a huge beating. She had to find out who’s behind this!

  She was knocked out when following Miao Du, which meant that Miao Du was just a bait. It looked like Miao Du and Momo Qin couldn’t wait to kill her.

  ‘Do you know who appointed those guys to kidnap me?’

  Though she had the answers in her heart, she still wanted to confirm with Liangcheng Lu.

  Liangcheng Lu closed his mouth tightly, with his eyes lighted on her legs, which were bound by bandage.

  ‘Don’t you know that yourself?’

  He asked back and saw the angry looks on Sangyu Qin’s face. She hanged up the corner of her mouth and looked cute somehow.

  ‘Damn! Those two evil women! If I get a chance, I would surely ruin Qin Family!’

  Sangyu Qin started to curse in rage, with her face bulging, and then she lay back down abruptly.

  ‘Honey, do not get involved with this. I’ll take it slowly.’

  Liangcheng Lu stretched out his hand to pinch her angry face and felt that she’s extremely likable. He found her more and more pleasant.

  ‘Fine. I’ll agree with everything you said.’

  Those delicate words made Sangyu Qin flush. She lowered her head and coughed slightly. She didn’t know if it’s her illusion that Liangcheng Lu’s so tender today.

  Suddenly, there’s a small person who waved a flag and shouted to her in her brain.

  ‘Wake up, Sangyu Qin. It is not the time to drown in this handsome guy! You have to rip Miao Du’s skin off! Cheer up! Do not fall into the gentle trap of Liangcheng Lu!’

  However, what she said was totally inconsistent with what she thought.

  ‘You’re so good-looking when you smile.’

  After saying this, she, with hesitation, didn’t know what to say. She felt her heartbeat one time faster than usual. Then she covered her heart to avoid Liangcheng Lu’s hearing this, which seemed a little bit guilty.

  With a faint light flashing in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu lifted her chin and asked questioningly.

  ‘Dear, what’s wrong? Why your face becomes so red? I’ll let the doctor check.’

  Sangyu Qin used the quilt to wrap herself, just like a silkworm chrysalis, with sweats on her hot face. She tried to change the subject.

  ‘Send someone to follow Miao Du. She, choosing to take a move right now, must be afraid of my investigating the things dozens of years ago.’

  Liangcheng Lu chuckled. He held her hand which was outside the quilt and played with her fingers, with his head lowered down.

  ‘OK. I’ll let Yu Mo follow you these days.’

  Sangyu Qin felt her hand being held by a pair of strong big hands. She stiffed and dared not say a word. Her heart softened magically, and the aura in the room became ambiguous.

  The following days, she healed her wound in peace, knowing that Liangcheng Lu must have sent somebody to follow Miao Du. She felt secure and had a hunch that Miao Du must have involvement with some guy in the hospital.

  But she wouldn’t come to find that guy at this moment. Miao Du was so much cleverer than Momo Qin. Or else, she wouldn’t become Mrs. Qin so quickly.

  Sangyu Qin recovered herself in the hospital for a month. Her injuries were almost healed. Thus she, with Yu Mo together, followed Miao Du.

  Soon, they saw Miao Du going to the City Hospital. Though she came to purchase medicine, she stayed on the second floor specially.

  Sangyu Qin and Yu Mo came into the room and heard indescribable sounds coming from inside. They both felt embarrassed and didn’t expect that Miao Du would be so thirst to cheat on her husband on the broad daylight.

  Yu Mo and Sangyu Qin left immediately and saw Miao Du coming out after a while. She seemed to walk toward the direction of the restroom. Sangyu Qin changed into the nurse costume and walked over, with her head lowered. Then she bumped against Miao Du.


  She apologized, with her head lowered, and kept her voice a few times down purposely. Then she left after saying this.

  And that small interceptor was pasted onto the bottom of Miao Du’s handbag.

  Miao Du returned to that room after washing her hands over and started to talk with the man inside.

  Sangyu Qin and Yu Mo listened in the car excitedly and felt that they could hear a huge secret today.

  ‘Wei Lin, thank you for that thing last time. If it were not for you, I would never catch that little bitch. You have indeed helped me a lot all these years.’

  So the man’s name is Wei Lin.

  Wei Lin lifted his pants, which showed that the two of them hadn’t done something decent just now.

  ‘Miaomiao, do not need to say thanks to me with the relationship we had. Tell me, when can I meet my daughter? It has been so many years. I cannot let her stay in Qin Family forever.’

  Miao Du sighed, with embarrassed looks on her face, and sat down beside him.

  ‘Momo still didn’t know who her biological father is right now. Before everything’s settled, I planned not to tell her, so as to avoid her being irritated.’

  Wei Lin showed difficulties on his face. When this woman wandered on the street back then, it was him who took her home and made offerings to her, as is she was a queen.

  Later on, she said she wanted to possess a man’s properties, then he helped her get into Qin Family. That was not so long after they had sex. It didn’t occur to him that he would have a daughter on that occasion.

  ‘She has to accept the truth sooner or later. Miaomiao, you don’t love that man already and plan not to come back, right? You cannot take down a single Qin Family after all these years. How could you expect me to trust you?’

  Miao Du’s face turned purple and pale. She did fall in love with Baiqiang Qin. This man in front of her could not earn the amount of money which Baiqiang Qin possessed. Good birds select their roosts. How could she end up living with such a small doctor? She’s just exploiting him!

  Sangyu Qin who heard all these things was in a shock. Last time when she suggested Baiqiang Qin to do a paternity test was just for fun. She hadn’t anticipated that her saying turned out to be a prophecy. Momo Qin was not Baiqiang Qin’s daughter.

  Baiqiang Qin betrayed her mother and raised a daughter for someone else for that long. What would happen if he knew the truth?

  She hanged up the corner of her mouth and continued listening to the talking inside.

  ‘Miaomiao, have you killed that Sangyu Qin?’

  Miao Du shook her head, with unwilling looks on her face. There was full of hatred in her tones.

  ‘That little bitch has always been lucky. We have come so close this time. However, I’m afraid that Mr. Lu would find out about us, so I don’t have the guts to make other moves for the moment. Wei Lin, I should come back now, and we’ll meet afterwards.’

  There’s a bit of malicious expression in Wei Lin’s eyes. He had already waited for so long and couldn’t wait anymore.

  ‘Miaomiao, I’ll wait for you for another month. I want our daughter to come home in a month. Besides, everything of Qin Family will belong to us.’

  On these words, a meaningful expression flashed in Miao Du’s eyes.

  Over these years, she had been played this man around. Because he had known so much, she had to keep him steady. But now, he must have detected something.

  ‘Wei Lin, I’ll try my best.’

  After saying this, she left.

  Wei Lin hummed coldly. This woman admired vanity so much. All he wanted was his daughter. He had done lots of bad things to help Miao Du. Now she wanted to abandon him? No way!

  Sangyu Qinnearly figured everything out after hearing this. It seemed that those two persons hardly felt emotionally with each other. It’s all just for the profit.

  All those people gathering together because of profit would separate because of profit.

  In the evening, Sangyu Qin chose the place, where Wei Lin would definitely pass by, to talk with Yu Mo. Wei Lin would certainly listen to them secretly at the corner, since he knew who she was.

  Wei Lin did exactly what she had expected. He listened to their conversation carefully at the corner.

  ‘Miss Qin, you said Momo Qin’s not Baiqiang Qin’s biological daughter. How’s that even possible?’

  With a glimmer of smile flashedin her eyes, Sangyu Qin’s continued talking deliberately, pretending not to have seen Wei Lin.

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