Chapter 37 I almost fell in love with you

  However, the anticipatory pain didn’t come through. She opened her eyes and saw the man fall onto the ground.

  She raised her head and looked over, finding Liangcheng Lu’s figure extremely outstanding. Then she grinned happily.

  ‘Honey, I know you would come.’

  She fainted the moment she finished saying this.

  Liangcheng Lu shrank his pupils, with storms on his face. He saw the knives on her legs and felt more painful than on his own body.

  She lay down there, just like a broken doll. He even thought that she’s not breathing.

  ‘Sangyu Qin!’

  He rushed over immediately and held her in his arms cautiously, with his eyes spilling over with self-accusation. He tightened his arms, as if he was holding a treasure that had been lost and found.

  There’s a mess on the scene. With one breath left, the man who fell to the ground gasped and struggled to escape from this place. The ground on which he crawled was full of mottled blood stains.

  A sneer hanged up on the corner of Liangcheng Lu’s mouth. He lifted his foot and trampled on the man’s wrist. Having seen the earphones which were rolling out, he showed an irony expression in his eyes. It seemed that the people behind this could only play little tricks like that.

  He turned his head and saw the camera. Then he kicked the man on the ground, who was just hit on the camera. The camera smoked instantly and it seemed to be destroyed already.

  ‘Look into this.’

  He left those words and got on the car to the hospital.

  Momo Qin and Miao Du both took a step back when that man was thrown to the camera, with their face turningpale out of panic.

  ‘How’s that possible?!’

  Momo Qin screamed and jumped from the chair straightly. Sangyu Qin was saved by Mr. Lu?! And Mr. Lu was holding her so gently.

  She felt so envy deep inside. This feeling almost killed her.

  ‘Bitch! Whore!! I want her to die!’

  With her twisted face, she intended to rush out instantly, but was held back by Miao Du who stood beside her.

  ‘Momo, since she had got away with it, we cannot make approaches to her now. You have seen what happened to those guys. We have to pick us out of this thing. Otherwise, the whole Qin Family, not only us, would be doomed if Mr. Lu investigates it thoroughly.’

  Momo Qin, feeling cold all over the body, was paralyzed out of fright. She could do nothing but hold Miao Du’s hand.

  ‘Mom, what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do...’

  The rims of her eyes were red. She, with an extravagant life all these years, couldn’t live a hard life.

  ‘Don’t be afraid. Those men died before they have the chance to tell who we are and died. With all the security cameras being destroyed, Liangcheng Lu wouldn’t find out about us.’

  Momo Qin calmed down immediately. Though her hands were still shaking, she started to comfort herself.

  ‘That’s right. He won’t find us. Nothing’s gonna happen. Sangyu Qin was meant to be dead.’

  Miao Du felt her daughter not promising and didn’t know when she would grow up.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu took Sangyu Qin to the hospital. He gritted his teeth when seeing the knives which the doctor was about to deal with. Then he shouted angrily.

  ‘Easy on her!’

  The doctor shook his hand hardly and felt perplexed. The knives were stabbed into her bones and she would feel ache and pain, no matter how slightly he moved. The only thing he could do was to increase the dosage of the anesthetic. Then, he tore the trousers legs of Sangyu Qin with great care.


  One of the knives was taken out. Sangyu Qin knitted her eyebrows. Though she had been injected lots of anesthetics, she still felt the pain, the searing pain.

  The doctor almost fainted due to the smell of scary aura given out by Liangcheng Lu. With his hands shaking, he only felt that Liangcheng Lu was so fearsome.

  Sangyu Qin was wearing Liangcheng Lu’s clothes, because her clothes had already been torn apart. Liangcheng Lu only wore a shirt, with blood on it.

  However, he didn’t mind at all, with his eyes fixing on Sangyu Qin. He pulled her hands over and put them into his hands.

  Her hands were small, just like a paste. She should have been protected carefully. But the fate seemed to play jokes with her all the time.

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes and felt dull pain in somewhere in his heart, as if someone was filing that place. He’s in absolute misery.

  In no time, the doctor finished dressing the wounds. He, not daring to stay any longer, called several nurses to come here and then left the room.

  With her eyes closed, Sangyu Qin, in a trance, felt that she had come back to that cave.

  At that time, the whole family went out to have fun. She was pushed into the cave. Because she’s too short to climb out, she could only shout over and over again.

  However, it had been one day, two days, and all the people seemed to forget her existence already.

  It had been seven days. She had eaten all the leaves in the cave. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to live.

  The fifth day, she felt that she could swallow the whole world due to starving, when a child’s voice came through from above.

  ‘Who are you? Why do you stay in the cave? Are you a fox?’

  ‘Help me...’

  She opened her mouth weakly. She heard some noises from above. Then the boy fell to the ground. He gave the milk in his backpack to her. That’s the most delicious milk she had ever drunk.

  She, unable to see clearly the boy’s face, could only swallow the things given by him. Later on, she was saved by someone else and came back to Qin Family, finding that the three of them lived happily. At that moment, she knew that Qin Family’s not her home at all. She’s just an extra person.

  If she wants to live, she has to cringe and become spineless.

  ‘Help. I don’t want to die...’

  Sangyu Qin spoke haltingly, with her hands grabbing hardly, until Liangcheng Lu’s hand was scratched to a blood stain.

  Liangcheng Lu looked at her. He reached his hand to touch her forehead and found that she had a fever. He got a shock and called the doctor immediately.

  The doctor gave her transfusion and put an ice bag on her forehead. Then he spoke to Liangcheng Lu.

  Miss Qin seems to have nightmares now. There has to be someone accompanying her, or she would pull out the needle.’

  ‘I’ll stay here.’

  On these words, Liangcheng Lu sat by Sangyu Qin’s side, with one of his hands holding her wrist, in order to stop her from moving randomly.

  Those words, some one had said to him before. “I want to live. I don’t want to die.”

  He watched Sangyu Qin closely and thought of something, with his pupils shrinking. It’s her...

  The girl who had bitten his finger because of hunger in the cave...

  Liangcheng Lu felt pain in his heart instantly. Sangyu Qin at that time was so similar to what she’s like right now. She’s in a coma with her pale face. After all these years, it’s still him who stayed beside her. With tenderness in his eyes at once, he put her hands on his face and rubbed slowly.

  There’s still a mark on his finger. He also tried to find her. However, due to the changes happening in Lu Family, all these things were laid aside. It never occurred to him that he married her after many years.

  The fate is such a miraculous thing.

  Sangyu Qin woke up the next day and felt her lips dry.

  ‘Water, water.’

  She said this with a feeble voice. Then she heard somebody moving and felt that water was coming into her mouth. She gulped it in a minute.

  The time seemed to flow back. Many years ago, she gulped the milk at the last gasp, just like now.

  ‘Thanks. I’m not a fox.’

  She remembered that the boy had asked her a question. She’s too weak now. She answered feebly because she thought that it’s dozens of years ago.

  Liangcheng Lu’s hand which was holding the glass froze and then he rubbed the drop of water on her lips. And he said tenderly.

  ‘That’s right. No fox would be this ugly.’

  It’s a pity that Sangyu Qin’s, still in a coma, had no idea what he’s talking about, or else she would definitely fight back.

  In the afternoon, she woke up completely and felt pain all over her body. She made a sound of ‘hum’and saw Liangcheng Lu who’s by her side. She couldn’t help opening her mouth and talked naughtily.

  ‘Honey, you look so handsome when you saved me today. I almost fell in love with you.’

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