Chapter 36 I’ll let her live in hell

  He could only employ the security camera and the broadcast in the hospital. However, his efforts were in vain. Then, he felt that there’s something wrong about this and informed his boss immediately.

  Liangcheng Lu put down everything in hand and rushed over there. He asked his bodyguards to check the footage of the camera installed on the hospital’s entrance and exit. But the camera happened to be broken.

  ‘Find her now!’

  Liangcheng Lu uttered these three words coldly. The searching area was broadened and his bodyguards started the inch-by-inch search. However, every useful camera had been destroyed.

  With darkness filling in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu let his bodyguards pull out all the surveillance video and looked through precisely. He found out some guys who were suspicious. Then, he frowned and pointed at those guys.

  ‘Go upstairs and check it. With so many nurses there, it’s unlikely that nobody ever noticed them.’

  The bodyguards moved right as he finished talking.

  Yu Mo lowered his head. Miss Qin was lost when she was accompanied by him.

  ‘Boss, I...’

  ‘Go back and receive punishment.’

  With storms gathering in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu gave out a smell of scary aura around him. His lips were closed tightly to a line and his fists by his body sides were clenched.

  If anything happens to Sangyu Qin, he will let the people who are guilty of this pay for it, no matter what it takes!

  Meanwhile, Sangyu Qin was taken to a dark and wet place. She didn’t wake up until she felt the coldness on her face. However, she didn’t know the person in front of her.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, right?’

  The man said slowly and put the knife against her face, which showed his intention of threatening.

  ‘Someone has paid me to kill you, and asked me not to let you die easily.’

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips and saw the cold light from the knife, which seemed to be a sharp Swiss Army Knife. Her face would be ruined with a single scratch from it.

  ‘Since I’m a dead person anyway, why don’t you tell me who paid you to do this?’

  She didn’t beg, and her voice was calm and detached.

  The man was stunned. Other women would scream out of fear at this moment. It’s so strange that this woman seemed totally calm about this.

  He knitted his eyebrows and hardly pinched Sangyu Qin’s face, with an evil expression flashing on his face.

  ‘Ow, you are quite pretty. It’s such a shame that you have to die. Why not...’

  On these words, he looked out of the door and whistled. A few men who looked knavish came in from outside at once.

  This abandoned warehouse had security cameras inside. Momo Qin was watching the video excitedly and expected to see the desperate expression which would be shown on Sangyu Qin’s face.

  Those men, lower-class as they were, would do anything as long as they got paid. What’s more, Sangyu Qin did have a nice face. They were so lucky.

  ‘She has to be tortured to death!’

  Momo Qin said this fiercely. Her voice came into those men’s ears right away. They have mini-earphones equipped in their ears, in order to hear the orders from Momo Qin anytime.

  Hearing her words, one of the men stabbed the knife into Sangyu Qin’s leg.

  Sangyu Qin hummed slightly, with cold sweats on her forehead.

  Those men burst into laughter and kept touching her body up and down, in order to seize the chance of taking advantage of her.

  Momo Qin clenched her fists, with full of excitement in her eyes. She hanged up the corner of her mouth. Didn’t Sangyu Qin lure Mr. Lu with that face? Now she would tear this bitch’s face!

  As she was going to give the order, the door was pushed and Miao Du came in. Miao Du knitted her eyebrows out of disagreement when seeing what was happening on the screen.

  ‘Momo, do not waste any time. We cannot give Sangyu Qin any chance to escape. Let them kill her now to spare all later trouble.’

  Momo Qin waved her hands, with her face brimming over with scorn.

  ‘Mom, she has already been tied up. How could she run away? I will give her the fiercest torment! Also, I will let those men rape her. Only by that can I feel relieved from my anger.’

  Miao Du watched her daughterand sighed, with her hands touching Momo’s head.

  ‘I know that you hate her, but the people who work under Mr. Lu will find here in no time.’

  Hardly had she finished, Momo Qin shouted impulsively.

  ‘How’s that even possible?! Sangyu Qin is just a meaningless person in Mr. Lu’s eyes! After she dies, Mr. Lu will marry another woman instantly. Mom, you have overestimated Sangyu Qin.’

  As saying this, Momo Qin saw that Sangyu Qin’s legs were stabbed by knives. There’s a flash of satisfaction in her eyes. However, that’s not enough for her. She wanted Sangyu Qin to live in hell!

  ‘She’s all yours for now. Kill her in two hours and the money will be sent to your cards right away.’

  Those men got excited at once. Sangyu Qin’s very beautiful, even more beautiful than those stars in the entertainment circle. And her unyielding expression from her eyes stimulated men to conquer her entirely.


  Sangyu Qin’s clothes were torn apart and the black underwear showed up. The men whistled immediately.

  ‘I didn’t realize that this woman’s quite sexy.’

  Sangyu Qin’s face turned pale. A sharp pain came from her legs every time she moved. But she had to move right now. She started to struggle straightaway.

  ‘Let go of me!’

  She waved her wrists, which were ground to bleed, with her eyes clogged with redness.

  ‘Do you know husband is?’

  Her sweats dropped on the floor one by one. Though she was confounded now, she still held this beauty in her uncollected situation.

  ‘My beauty, if you like, all of us can serve as your husband.’

  The barefaced voice of the man came through. He touched her face randomly with his hand. When he saw the part of her underwear that showed outside, he reached his hands straightaway.

  ‘My husband is Liangcheng Lu. If you dare to touch me, he will never let you off.’

  Her voice was weak, because the pain on her legs almost took away half of her strength.

  The bloodstains on her wrists which were ground by handcuffs looked a bit scary.

  Those men laughed out when hearing her words.

  ‘Your husband is Mr. Lu? All the women in City G want to be Mr. Lu’s wife. It seemed that you are not only dumb but also obsessed. Boys, let’s destroy her!’

  With his voice suddenly becoming louder, he torn Sangyu Qin’s clothes into pieces and pounced on her.


  A sound came from the iron gate of the abandoned warehouse. Everyone stopped and looked at each other. Then, they ran outside immediately with their weapons, and only one person left to guard Sangyu Qin.

  ‘I’ll play with her first and try to finish before you guys come up.’

  Having said this, the man uncuffed her and threw her onto the mow aside.

  Sangyu Qin was pressed by him at once, with her forehead full of bloodstains. She could feel the hot breath from the guy. Then she ignored the pain and kicked the man’s dick vigorously.

  The man screeched immediately. He covered the place which had been kicked and raised his head.

  ‘I’ll kill you today!’

  On these words, he bent down to pick up the knife which was thrown on the ground by him and intended to rush toward Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Go to hell! You bitch!’

  Sangyu Qin closed her eyes slowly. Everything was about to be finished.

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