Chapter 35 Were your hands in spasms?

  She followed Liangcheng Lu and left , with that autopsy report in her hands.

  She, so grieved right now, just wanted to find a place to cry. She lived like a fool for dozens of years.

  What Momo Qin had said seemed true. But she was so impatient that she couldn’t wait to get Lu Family involved. Nonetheless, anyone who has a brain knew that Lu Family will never fight against a small family like Qin. Not to mention that Qin’s family just started that time, and Lu Family wouldn’t take it into account.

  The only person who wanted her mom to die rapidly was Miao Du!

  Suddenly, Sangyu Qin clenched her fist. She thought that the drama she had with Qin Family had already ended. Little did she realize that it just began. Momo Qin was meant to hurt herself by her own doing.

  When there were numerous changes in her eyes, she found that Liangcheng Lu who’s in front of her suddenly stopped and reached out a hand backwards.

  What’s the meaning of this? There were only two of them.

  She walked forward quickly and stopped right behind Liangcheng Lu, while looking at him confusedly.

  ‘Were your hands in spasms?’

  Liangcheng Lu went black out and took back his hands. Then he stepped into the car that had been outside.

  Sangyu Qin followed zealously. However, when she was trying to step over with her foot, she was dragged by Liangcheng Lu and fell onto the seat. She straightly tumbled hardly.

  ‘What are you doing?’

  She touched her face and watched him with fire in her eyes.

  ‘My hands are in spasms.’

  Liangcheng Lu read the documents in his hands, while saying this, with deadly calm looks on his face.

  Sangyu Qin, with her chest blocked, almost fainted because of myocardial infarction. It’s true that she, being with Liangcheng Lu, would live shorter that she should be.

  They came back to the villa. Thinking that she still needs a favor from him, she didn’t pull a long face.

  Meanwhile, in Qin’s house, after telling Sangyu Qin the secret, Momo Qin felt completely relaxed now. She knew that Sangyu Qin’s mother’s name is Rong Su. She was also shocked when she saw that report. She remembered that her father had said that Rong Su was burnt by the fire.

  She thought that she could threaten Sangyu Qin with this secret and marry in Lu Family easily. She didn’t expect that Sangyu Qin still married to Mr. Lu.

  Hum. She just wanted to make mischief between them and as a result, Sangyu Qin would divorce Mr. Lu herself!

  When she was admiring her plot, she saw Miao Du come in from outside. Then she rushed toward there.

  ‘Mom, do you know that I’ve seen the autopsy report of Rong Su at home. It turned out that Rong Su was murdered by someone and that had something to do with the hospital under Lu’s corporation. I’ll use this to sow discord between Sangyu Qin and Mr. Lu. They will divorce each other soon.’

  Momo Qin, so proud of herself, seemed to foresee her marrying to Mr. Lu.

  However, Miao Du’s face turned pale the moment she heard these words. She grabbed Momo’s shoulders at once.

  ‘You have told this to Sangyu Qin?’

  Her voice was gloomy with a little bit hoarse. She closed her eyes the moment she saw her daughter nodding.

  This daughter’s just so stupid. Or else she would easily capture those rich boys’heart with her pretty face. She’s just so silly.

  Only until then did Momo Qin see the bad expression on Miao Du’s face. The smile on her face disappeared instantly.

  ‘Mom, what’s wrong? You are not happy that I’ll marry to Mr. Lu?’

  The expression on Miao Du’s face showed that she’s exasperated at Momo Qin’s foolish move. Then she stared at Momo Qin.

  ‘If Rong Su didn’t die, you wouldn’t get anything you owned right now. Momo, how could you be so silly!’

  Momo Qin’s heart trembled. She looked at Miao Du in surprise.

  ‘The death of Rong Su had something to do with you?’

  Miao Du pulled her into the room and made sure that there’s no one else in the villa. Then she closed the door and said sincerely.

  ‘Not only me but also your biological father. Momo, your dad is not Baiqiang Qin. He’s the administrator of the city hospital. The only reason we have stayed in Qin Family is that we will take hold of all properties of Qin Family. However, Baiqiang Qin is too defensive to give me the power of Qin Family.

  There’s buzzing in Momo Qin’s head. She’s not the daughter of Baiqiang Qin. She’s the daughter of an administrator of the hospital. Everything she has doesn’t belong to her, and she will lose it sooner or later.

  She was in panic when thinking of this.

  ‘You lied! I am the daughter of Baiqiang Qin! If you want to live with that administrator, go there yourself! Only Baiqiang Qin can be my father!!’

  Seeing the hatred on Momo Qin’s face, Miao Du got stunned and covered Momo’s mouth at once, being afraid that those words might be heard by others.

  ‘I know that you’re afraid of losing everything you have now. So you can never go to the hospital with Baiqiang Qin and do that paternity test. I also love everything in Qin Family and despises that man in the hospital. But he’s the one who helped us get into Qin Family. I couldn’t cast him off. If he reveals everything, we will be doomed.’

  Momo Qin’s chest moved up and down fiercely. She had the fear when realizing that she had told such a big secret to Sangyu Qin. What if that woman tries to find out what happened dozens of years ago?

  ‘Mom, we can not let Sangyu Qin live anymore. She has to be eliminated!’

  There’s a flash of cruelty in her eyes. That secret could never be found out. Sangyu Qin had to die!

  ‘I know.’

  Miao Du’s eyes were clogged with malicious intention. All these years, she had tried to kill Sangyu Qin. However, Sangyu Qin’s just so bloody lucky. That girl had been pushed into a cave and trapped inside for seven days, but still alive. That bitch was just in luck every time. This time she would never let her have the chance to live.

  Sangyu Qin knew nothing about the fact that those two women were plotting against her life. Ever since she acknowledged that there’s something hidden in her mom’s death, she started to ask Yu Mo to help her investigate. The most suspicious ones should be Miao Du and the person who’s in charge of the event.

  ‘We’ll start from here. If Miao Du was involved in it, she couldn’t accomplish this alone. She must have a partner who has the ability to falsify the report.’

  Sangyu Qin straightened out ideas immediately and followed Yu Mo to investigate in the hospital. As she was drawing out all the people who took charge at that time and intended to interrogate intensively, she saw Miao Du turn herself at a corner.

  She followed instantly and went to the second floor of the hospital straightly.

  There were all inpatient wards on the second floor. What’s Miao Du doing here?

  She, confused as she was, came up step by step and was about to observe by the window. Just then she felt a sharply pain from her head. She swayed and passed out right away.

  Miao Du came out and kicked the body with a grim laugh at the corner of her mouth.

  ‘The assistant will find out she’s gone in no time. We need to leave immediately.’

  A few guys put Sangyu Qin on the hospital bed and covered her with a white cloth. Then they pushed her out of here.

  Yu Mo did find that Sangyu Qin was gone instantly and began to find her everywhere. He thought that she went to the archives room herself. However, no one’sthere.

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