Chapter 34 Have you lived long enough?

  ‘Believe me or not. I forgot to tell you that it’s the city hospital of Lu Family that offered the death report. The city hospital’s indeed large and professional enough to be able to find that there’s something wrong of your mother’s death. However, they covered the face. Sangyu Qin, if this thing really had something to do with Lu Family, would you be the lady of Lu Family without guilty as a daughter of your mom?

  Momo Qin went on her words. She almost jumped with joy when seeing the information displayed on the death report. If Sangyu Qin has some grudge with Lu Family, she will never continue her marriage.

  Sangyu Qin stayed quiet after a short shock. She didn’t have so many impressions of her mother except for her voice. She even forgot her appearance because she died so early.

  She left there in a muddle. It’s true that the city hospital had something to do with Lu Family. Lu Family had get involved in many fields in city G. Then Liangcheng Lu inherited all the properties and possessed all the domains now.

  She needed to look in to this thoroughly now.

  She waited for Liangcheng Lu on the couch nervously, hoping that Lu Family had nothing to do with this thing. After all, it’s not possible for a big family like Lu to reach their hands to the small Qin Family.

  However, Liangcheng Lu didn’t come back. She had to pull out her phone and intended to call him. She thought it over and assumed that Liangcheng Lu might be busy. So she called Yu Mo.

  Yu Mo was with Liangcheng Lu right now. They just finished the conference and planned to come back home. He got frightened when seeing Sangyu Qin’s call. His observant boss already found it out. So he could do nothing but answer the phone stiffly. He started to talk right before Sangyu Qin in order to clear his suspicion.

  ‘Miss Qin, do you need anything by calling me?’

  He meant to tell her not to call him if there’s nothing wrong. He used the corner of her eyes to find that his boss’s face expression seemed better, then he relieved a bit.

  However, what Sangyu Qin said net made his heart lifted to the throat.

  ‘So what, I can’t call you if there’s nothing wrong?’

  Yu Mo, with his blood frozen, felt coldness on his neck. Then he opened his mouth at once.

  ‘You can call my boss if you need anything, Miss Qin. I’m just an assistant.’

  ‘Sangyu Qin snorted and continued talking.

  ‘I’d like to call Liangcheng Lu. But everyone knows he’s so busy. I’m just like a widow at home...’

  Hardly had her voice faded away, she felt the cold air coming from the phone. Hearing the snorting sound, she was scared to death.

  When did Liangcheng Lu take over the phone? Bloody Yu Mo!

  ‘A widow? Sangyu Qin, you began to curse me just a few days you married over. Have you lived long enough?’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice was cold, and Sangyu Qin could already picture his face now.

  ‘Honey, I was just being kidding. I was afraid that I might delay your deals which are worth billions. You know I am poor and own you a huge amount of money.’

  Sangyu Qin tried her best to pull it back. Hearing him hanging up on the phone, she got relieved and rubbed the sweats on her forehead.

  She waited on the couch for a short while and Liangcheng Lu came back. She welcomed him obsequiously at once and hanged his coat on the clothes rack.

  ‘Honey, you’ve had a long day.’

  Liangcheng Lu curled his lips. She’s just pretending. Maybe she wished to become a widow. Then she could inherit all his money and kept bunch of handsome boys.

  Actually, a person like Sangyu Qin might really do something like that. So he, more furious as he was, felt that Sangyu Qin was sneaky when she was watching him.

  He didn’t say anything with his lips closed tightly and sat on the couch.

  Sangyu Qin grabbed the chance and came over to knead his legs, with an ingratiating smile on her face.

  ‘Honey, what I just said was just a stupid mistake.’

  Feeling the force from her little hands, he dispersed almost all of the anger inside of him.

  ‘So, what’s wrong?’

  Only when she had something to ask him would she be so gentle and obedient.

  ‘I would like you to do me a favor. I remembered that the city hospital belonged to your corporation. I wanted to see an autopsy report in the archives room from dozens years ago. Would you...’

  When she saw these, her little hands touched Liangcheng Lu’s shoulder. Then she saw the corner of Liangcheng Lu’s mouth hanging up a little bit. She realized it’s true that all the bosses love that. Perfect, she’ll live richly in the future.

  ‘You are Mrs. Lu of Tiancheng Corporation. You can go wherever you want.’

  He was about to let Yu Mo accompany her. However, thinking that Yu Mo’s face’s quite handsome compared with those of ordinary people, he was afraid that Sangyu Qin would fall for it. After all, she had teased a pimp the night they met.

  ‘Have a rest and I’ll accompany you there.’

  Sangyu Qin thought she heard it wrong. When did Liangcheng Lu become this leisure? However, it’s better to have herself accompanied by him.

  After a short while, they both arrived at the city hospital. The director led them to the archives room in person. Sangyu Qin found out the autopsy report of that period and began to look into it.

  Liangcheng Lu kept silent and didn’t know why she needed the death report. Everyone has a secret anyway.

  After an hour, Sangyu Qin found out a piece of autopsy report with Rong Su’s name on it. That’s her mom’s name. It said on the report that it’s irregular death - cyanide poisoning.

  Sangyu Qin’s pupil shrunk. What she had heard was that her mother got depressed and set the room on fire. Her mom had been burnt to death. The fire had burnt everything down. Even if they had rescued in time, no one ever doubted about the fire disaster. So the city hospital sent out a message that it’s because the decedent suffered from depressive order and used the fire wrongly that caused the tragedy.

  Whereas, now there’s another autopsy report with cyanide poisoning written on it. Then the death of her mother was definitely not an accident.

  She took a look at Liangcheng Lu and pulled down the autopsy report.

  Maybe she was supposed to doubt that Lu Family had something to do with this. But Lu Family, which already stood firmly in city G at that time, was impossible to reach its hands to her mom. On the other hand, the person who had done the autopsy seemed more suspicious.

  ‘Honey, can you help me?’

  Suddenly, she watched Liangcheng Lu seriously. She had to ask for help from this person, because she’s not powerful enough.

  Liangcheng Lu got stunned and approached slowly. His pupils shrunk when he saw the things on it. He knew what was Sangyu Qin about to do.

  He, with slight light in his eyes, gathered the extra hair next to her ears up.


  Only one word made Sangyu Qin truly secure. She also knew that she could not always depend on Liangcheng Lu like that. She needed to become powerful herself.

  She was being tricked for dozens of years about her mother’s death. The person who was behind this must pay for it!

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