Chapter 33 I have a secret to tell you

  ‘I don’t know.’

  Liangcheng Lu said that without raising his head. His eyes lighted on his computer.

  Sangyu Qin sighed and felt pathetic for those women who love him. They fought with each other fiercely and it turned out that the male character didn’t care about them at all.

  She intended to go upstairs when Liangcheng Lu’s voice came through.

  ‘There’s nothing between me and them.’

  Sangyu Qin got surprised. What’s the meaning of this? Was he explaining to her? Though they had married, they all knew it’s just a deal that brought mutual benefit to them.

  ‘It doesn’t matter if there’s really something between you guys.’

  She said that by instinct and found that Liangcheng Lu’s face darkened with anger. Her heart trembled a bit. Did she say something wrong?

  ‘Really? My wife is surely generous.’

  Liangcheng Lu took his computer and passed by Sangyu Qin with anger given out from his body.


  Sangyu Qin murmured and went upstairs.

  She, lying on the bed, felt cold. Then, she covered herself with a quilt.

  However, she was still awake due to coldness in the midnight. She sweated all over her body and her teeth couldn’t stop trembling. It must because she had been so nervous in the company. Her body couldn’t take it when she got relaxed.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu...’

  She uttered these three words with her trembling lips. She felt that she would die on the bed if she couldn’t get to the hospital.

  She struggled to get up and hold the wall while walking to Liangcheng Lu’s room. She, with redness brimming over with in her eyes, knocked on the door feebly.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu.’

  Liangcheng Lu seemed to have a mind contact with her and got up to open the door. He was shocked when seeing the tallow-faced Sangyu Qin and held her up immediately.

  ‘What happened to you?’

  Sangyu Qin was meant to say that she might catch a cold. Then a sharp pain from her underbelly made her realize that it’s her periods. She felt painful and also shamed because Liangcheng Lu was holding her.

  ‘I...I had dysmenorrhea.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s face froze and flushed a bit. Then he called the doctor right away.

  The villa was set to alarm immediately. The doctor, having checked her body and given her the intravenous drip, opened his mouth.

  ‘Miss Qin wasn’t fed well when she was a child. She is lacking of nutrition. Her physical constitution’s cold. She needs diet supplement.

  Hearing what the doctor had said, Liangcheng Lu’s face clouded right away. The lady of Lu Family was lacking of nutrition. That would be a joke if these words went out.

  Sangyu Qin calmed down at this moment. She, with her pale face, leaned on the couch.

  She had been afraid of eating too much in Qin Family when she was a child. That’s actually home of her own. Nevertheless, she always had this feeling of living under other people’s house and had to pay attention to others’feelings when she did anything every time.

  She had dysmenorrhea for a long time. She managed to get through this all the time. She wished that the time could pass quickly each time and the dawn would come soon. She was afraid that the pain would kill her.

  However, tonight was different. This man held her. She had an intravenous drip, took medicine, and saw a doctor.

  Those simple things made her so touched.

  Perhaps it’s because she had lived alone for so long. Thus when a gleam of sunshine came into her world, she felt extremely warm.

  After a short while, she fell into asleep in Liangcheng Lu’s arms.

  Liangcheng Lu held her up again and changed a clean pajama for her. He turned up a few degrees of the conditioner and then lay down beside her.

  He finally realized that why he felt something special about Sangyu Qin at Qin’s party. She had felt the same smell inside her just like him - the smell of a lone wolf.

  He held her hands in his hands again. He could only have a light sleep because he’s afraid that she would feel uncomfortable again at midnight.

  The second day was weekend, and both of them didn’t need to go to work.

  Sangyu Qin felt there’s someone beside her when she’s awake. She turned around and saw Liangcheng Lu reading morning newspaper intently.

  He wore a silk pajama with a cup of steaming coffee by his side, cozy and sweet.

  She then remembered her knocking on his door last night. She flushed a bit and got off the bed right away.

  She looked down and found that her pajama had been changed. She felt uneasy instantly. She even walked with her hands and feet of the same side.

  ‘Wash yourself and have breakfast.’

  Liangcheng Lu put away the newspaper and went downstairs straightly without even looking at her.

  Sangyu Qin was frozen by the cold air given out from him and sighed. She had intended to thank him.

  Only until she got downstairs did she realize that today’s the weekend. Then she slowed down the speed of eating her breakfast and looked up at Liangcheng Lu once in a while.

  He always kept an elegant and unconcerned attitude and did not talk any nonsense when having meals.

  Liangcheng Lu left after having the breakfast. Sangyu Qin watched his back and felt that though she had married him, she still lived like a widow. She snorted. Then she put on her purse and planned to go out.

  Liangcheng Lu remained his conscience and equipped a car for her. She didn’t need to ride a bike anymore.

  The moment she got out of the villa, her car was stopped by Momo Qin. That woman even called her from a short distance.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I have a secret to tell you. This one’s surely means a lot to you.’

  Sangyu Qin’s eyes turned a little dark. She didn’t want to get involved in anything concerning Qin Family. But Momo Qin kept disturbing her. Then she hanged up the corner of her mouth. She’s not afraid at all.

  She drove after Momo Qin and stopped in front of a cafe.

  ‘Fine. What’s the matter?’

  Sangyu sat down and saw Momo Qin wearing all the famous brands products and raising her chin proudly. She seemed to take charge of everything. Then Sangyu intended to leave.

  ‘If you don’t take your arrogant attitude back, I’ll leave right away. Momo Qin, you are the one who begged me to come. Do not get it wrong.’

  Momo Qin’s heart was stunned out of anger. She found that Sangyu Qin became more and more back-boned, ever since she married to Mr. Lu.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I had told you last time that I had a secret of yours. I just wanted the chance of marrying in Lu Family. You just didn’t listen.’

  Sangyu Qin drank her coffee and frowned. Then she called the waiter.

  ‘I want the best coffee here. This lady will pay for it.’

  She pointed at Momo Qin as saying this with calmness on her face.

  Momo Qin really hated the attitude of Sangyu Qin now. She couldn’t help raising her voice.

  ‘There’s something hidden in the fact of your mother’s death. Daddy told you that she died in a fire disaster. But that’s not true. I have seen the autopsy report and found out that she had been poisoned.’

  On these words, Momo Qin’s face was full of vicious expressions. She’d love to see Sangyu Qin being out of her mind.

  Sangyu Qin’s heart shook severely. She held the cup tightly. She didn’t want to be led by Momo Qin. So she pretended to be calm and put down the cup.

  ‘Why should I believe you?’

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