Chapter 32 Become his weakness

  Jing Li clenched her fist, with redness in her eyes.

  Liangcheng Lu threw a pile of documents on the desk lightly.

  ‘Haven’t you tried to sell your body to get the position? You really think I didn’t know about your knock-out drops?’

  Jing Li’s face turned pale as soon as he stopped. Her lips began to tremble.

  She did have many tricky thoughts, but she thought he didn’t know. Little did she realize that he already saw it all.

  ‘Take her away!’

  Liangcheng Lu got a little mad. Then the bodyguards pulled Jing Li away at once.

  Sangyu Qin, watching Jing Li being escorted, raised her eyebrows .She will not attack unless she is attacked.

  The people in the top office kept whispering and changed their view of Sangyu Qin.

  ‘She’s good. It’s just a few days since she came here, and she already kicked Jing Li out. I heard that the contract is worth tens of millions. Jing Li might lose everything she had.’

  ‘This woman is not easy to deal with. Let’s just never offend her.’

  Sangyu Qin began to read the papers on her desk intensively, as if she didn’t hear what people around her were talking about. She needed to work harder than those people because she had a lower educational qualification. She couldn’t let others criticize her because of that.

  When she got off work, Momo Qin called her for the first time and said there’s something they needed to talk it over.

  Sangyu Qin was surprised by Momo Qin’s intelligence. She didn’t feel like there’s anything they could talk about. She hanged up the corner of her mouth and ringed off the phone directly.

  Momo Qin looked at her phone resentfully and drove to Sangyu Qin’s company straightly. She knew that small company, which was nameless in city G. Only someone like Sangyu Qin would go there.

  However, the moment she parked the car, she heard two men’s talking beside her.

  ‘I had never thought that Sangyu Qin’s the wife of Mr. Lu. Last time, Mr. Lu was furious because of her. And Liang Bai crashed his own hand straightaway. Gee, even I could feel the pain.’

  ‘If he did not make some sacrifice, you think Mr. Lu would let him off? It’s called fury for a beauty.’

  Fury for a beauty?! How does that bitch Sangyu Qin deserve this!

  Momo Qin shook with anger. It’s true that Mr. Lu’s gentle to woman. She really had given Sangyu Qin a huge leverage by letting her marry over. No! She must win Mr. Lu back. The one who should accomplish the marriage alliance was supposed to be her.

  ‘Is Sangyu Qin that you guys just talked about still in this company?’

  She rolled down the car window and asked haughtily.

  Those two men, seeing her face, were amazed by her beauty, and opened their mouth immediately.

  ‘Not anymore. She had handed in her resignation.’

  Momo Qin snorted and drove her car away from there.

  That whore Sangyu Qin just became bolder and bolder, and even hanged up on her just now. Just wait until she successfully seduced Mr. Lu, she would definitely let that woman kneel down and beg for pardon!

  Meanwhile, Sangyu Qin got off work. She was not in the mood to get involved with anything concerning Qin Family, now that she cut herself from that family last time. So she didn’t pick up Momo Qin’s phone.

  After coming back home, the moment she sat on the couch, she saw Liangcheng Lu coming downstairs with the unchanged expression on his face.

  ‘Honey, where are you going?’

  She asked that reflexively. Then she could tell that Liangcheng Lu was stunned. She felt she was just being meddlesome.

  Actually at that moment many thoughts flashed in Liangcheng Lu’s head. This house used to be cold and cheerless. However, ever since Sangyu Qin came here, he could always feel that there’s someone waiting for him to come home, warm and sweet. His eyes glinted a bit.

  ‘I will have a temporary conference.’

  Sangyu Qin, who didn’t think that he would respond to her, felt flattered. Then she grinned suddenly.

  ‘So come back early.’

  Liangcheng Lu felt his heart stop for a while and his breath became a little rapid. Then he moved away his eyesight, with the tips of his ears turning red quietly.


  He left right away after saying this. He fell into a flutter when getting into the car.

  He touched his chest and felt his heart pounding fiercely inside. He frowned. She’s the first one who ever let him feel this way since he was a child. He, flurried and confused as he was, didn’t know if it’s a good thing.

  He seemed to be walking into an unknown path where no one knew the ends.

  Liangcheng Lu was distracted during the whole conference. The senior managers could tell his absent mind, but no one dared to ask. All the people waited quietly and, confused as they were, looked at Yu Mo once in a while, just like an inquiry.

  Yu Mo felt helpless too and shrugged his shoulders. That might have something to do with Miss Qin again.

  ‘That’s over.’

  Liangcheng Lu spitted those words after letting all the people wait for so long. Then he stood up and left the conference room.

  Yu Mo followed him. Liangcheng Lu’s serious and confused voice came through when they got on the car.

  ‘Yu Mo, what do you think if I have a weakness now?’

  His voice was soft, as if he was making inquiries to his own soul, with his eyes clogged with cold light.

  Yu Mo tightened his hands which were holding the steering wheel. Everyone knew that Boss Liangcheng Lu had no weakness. Therefore, his enemies, without any way to defeat him, fear of him. Instead, if they know about his weakness, he would get a fatal strike.

  ‘Boss, do you want to eliminate your weakness or protect it?’

  It’s this man’s thought that matters most.

  Liangcheng Lu, with his eyes squinting slightly, leaned his head on the back of the chair.

  ‘There’s no use of me protecting her. If she’s not powerful enough herself, she would be passive. I could protect her for a while, but not forever.’

  Yu Mo, without uttering a single word, started the car. It seemed that he also realized Miss Qin would become his boss’s weakness.

  They arrived at the villa quickly and saw Sangyu Qin playing on a swing in the courtyard, while Da Xiong was squatting beside her feet. She, not afraid of it anymore, patted Da Xiong’s head occasionally.

  Liangcheng Lu stared at her with a cup of coffee in his hand. He twitched his mouth slightly when he found Sangyu Qin looking this way.


  Sangyu Qin curled her lips. What decent word could she expect from his mouth? Her good mood was destroyed by him.

  However, she’s not mad at all. She came back to the living room after swinging for a while. Then she curled up on the couch like a cat.

  On the table of the living room, there’s a game player which she asked for from the bodyguard today. It has Super Mario inside. She took it over and played with relish.

  Liangcheng Lu watched her playing with the corner of his eyes and found that she always got game over at the same place. Then he knitted his eyebrows.

  After a dozens of times, he really couldn’t stand watching that. He took over the player and cleared the stage. Then he put it back into Sangyu Qin’s hands.

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows. It’s not that she couldn’t pass. She just liked the way the little guy was jumping.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, in your company, lots of women like you. Right?’

  Sangyu Qin uttered those words slightly all of a sudden. She was isolated hardly these days. All handsome men are disasters.

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