Chapter 31 Being set up

  The two of them embraced each other and slept to dawn. They got up after the nanny of Lu Family knocked on the door.

  The breakfast was ready. There were only the old lady and Xiao Lu eating the meal. The other two persons went nowhere. Perhaps they didn’t want to see Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Cheng, how’s your sleep last night?’

  Bizhi Shen asked tentatively, with light flashing in her eyes. However, Liangcheng Lu, lowering his head, didn’t see her face.


  Liangcheng Lu’s words were always been concise. There seemed to be a high wall around him, which totally covered him inside. It’s so hard for others to break into his heart.

  The old lady had tried so many years to make a breach with difficulty.

  Xiao Lu who sat next to Bizhi Shen didn’t utter a single word, with the corner of her eyes observing Sangyu Qin. She just didn’t know how this woman managed to marry Liangcheng Lu. Maybe she’s just eloquent. Then she snorted and turned her face away.

  Liangcheng Lu dragged Sangyu Qin and planned to leave there after the meal.

  Before they left, the old lady put a sachet into Sangyu Qin’s hand.

  ‘Cheng always had a bad sleep. If he couldn’t sleep, put this beside his pillow.’

  Sangyu Qin took it over and followed Liangcheng Lu to the car lively.

  Bizhi Shen watched their back and sighed. The housekeeper said with relief when they entered the room.

  ‘Last night was the first time Mr. Lu stayed overnight at Lu Family since he became an adult. It seems that Miss Qin is so important to him.’


  The old lady answered. She thought that Cheng just married an obedient woman, so she didn’t pay too much attention until he agreed to stay here.

  Before this time, Liangcheng Lu would never stay overnight at Lu’s family house no matter how many times she had asked him to stay. Because Lu’s family house had left so many shadows in his heart, he would be disturbed by nightmare as long as he slept in the house. So it must because of Sangyu Qin that he was willing to stay this time.

  Someone else didn’t understand his grandson, but she did.

  This morning she asked intentionally whether he slept well. He didn’t deny which meant that he could have a good sleep with Sangyu Qin by his side. In that case, she would admit Sangyu Qin as her granddaughter in-law.

  However, Sangyu Qin knew nothing about the reasons. As she saw it, she only slept chillingly in Lu Family for a night.

  The car headed straightly to the company. Today’s not the weekend. So as an employee, Sangyu Qin did not have the right to rest.

  The aura seemed strange in the top office. Sangyu Qin came to her place and found that someone had sprayed red ink onto her seat. She frowned. All the people in the top office were elites. It never occurred to her that they would play little trick like that.

  She cleaned up her chair silently and opened the computer calmly to deal with the documents.

  However, when she came back in the afternoon, she found red ink on her chair again and the male staffs looked at her in a wired way. After all, it’s easy for others to misunderstand when there’s red ink on her chair.

  Sangyu Qin’s eyes were filled with cold light. That person was meant to humiliate her. She bent down and rubbed the thing on her chair away. After sitting for a while, she put a contract deliberately on the chair and went to the restroom.

  She played a few rounds of games in the restroom, thinking that there should be ink on her chair now. Then she put her phone in her purse and went out.

  No wonder, there’s redness on her chair along with the contract.

  A trace of smile flashed in her eyes. Then the smile turned to panic, and her voice became louder suddenly.

  ‘This is the contract that I’m going to submit to Mr. Lu. It’s worth tens of millions. Who did this?! What am I gonna reply to him in a while!!’

  The top office became quiet all of a sudden. A contract for the boss?! They could almost see their boss get furious when he found that the contract was soaked in ink. Everyone shrunk his neck.

  The elevator bell happened to ping at this time and Liangcheng Lu walked out from there. He wore the perfectly-cut suit, with lukewarm looks on his face.

  Sangyu Qin’s eyes socket suddenly turned red. She handed in the contract with red ink to Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Mr. Lu...’

  Liangcheng Lu frowned suddenly.


  His voice was plain, and his face darkened with anger. Someone else in her place would have run away despondently. But not for Sangyu Qin, she always ignored Liangcheng Lu’s rage.

  ‘This is the contract Assistant Mo asked me to give you. I put it on the chair and didn’t expect that someone would splash red ink on it...’

  Sangyu Qin’s voice was pitiful. Though she was just telling a truth, Liangcheng Lu could understand what had happened immediately with his intelligence.

  ‘Yu Mo.’

  With a single calling of Liangcheng Lu, Yu Mo, who stayed in the office, came out right away.

  ‘Check this thoroughly. Let the person who splashed the ink pay for the loss.’

  He entered the office after saying this.

  Yu Mo glanced at Sangyu Qin secretly. It’s just a few days since she came here and she already complained to Boss Liangcheng Lu. But that’s not a bad thing. All those people who still wanted to play tricks could rest themselves.

  In no time, he pulled out the surveillance and saw the woman in it. Isn’t that Jing Li?

  Jing Li was the person who sat at Sangyu Qin’s place. She had to find another place because of Sangyu Qin’s sudden incoming.

  Jing Li’s face turned pale. She just wanted to teach this bitch a lesson. Little did she expect that she would be played by Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Assis...Assistant Mo...’

  She uttered those two words tremblingly and then was taken to Liangcheng Lu’s office by two bodyguards.

  Liangcheng Lu glanced at her slightly and took back his eyesight.

  ‘Take her to the police. I believe the police will know what to do.’

  The moment he finished talking, Jing Li went down on her knees straightly. All these years she had stayed in the company, she always tried to get close to the man. However there’s always cold air around him that stopped her from stepping forward.

  She’s just so not reconciled to let a random bitch stay so close to Boss Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Mr. Lu, please let go of me. I love you too much, so I would make such a big mistake.’

  Liangcheng Lu looked up. This woman had exerted knock-out drops in his coffee several times. He didn’t look into it because she had stayed few years in Tiancheng after all. He didn’t expect that it’s just a few days since Sangyu Qin worked in the company and this woman already began to set her up. It seemed Jing Li already reckoned herself as the hostess of the top office.

  ‘You love me. It’s none of my business! Take her away!’

  The two bodyguards came forward and tried to take her away. However, she stood up out of the blue and said hysterically.

  ‘What does that bitch rely on?! I have seen the two of you got on the same car! She got the job only by climbing to your bed! I have seen so many women who got their positions by selling their bodies!’

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