Chapter 30 Honey, let’s sleep together

  However, she didn’t have the guts to say anything before Liangcheng Lu opened his mouth.

  Sangyu Qin was too anxious to sweat on her forehead. She winked at Liangcheng Lu crazily and even kicked his legs at last.

  However, Liangcheng Lu kept his countenance and put another dish in her bowl. Then he said.


  This clear word set a great disturbance in those people’s heart. Anyone knew that Liangcheng Lu never stayed overnight in Lu’s family house.

  Although the old lady tried to let him stay in Lu’s family house every time, he never agreed even once until now. Thus, Xiao Lu flew into a rage immediately.

  ‘Don’t you never stay in Lu’s house?!’

  She stood up and saw the dark face of her grandmother. She sat down instantly, knowing that she had made the old lady angry again.

  There’s nothing changed on Liangcheng Lu’s face, as if he didn’t hear what Xiao Lu had said. That kind of attitude he had drove Xiao Lu crazy every time. No matter how harsh her words were, this guy just treated her like the air.

  ‘It’s good that you could stay, Cheng. It’s the first time you ever stayed in the family house after you being an adult.’

  Bizhi Shen sighed and put a piece of fish into Sangyu Qin’s bowl.

  ‘Sangyu, eat more. You’re so skinny.’

  Sangyu Qin didn’t know why but she could feel that Bizhi Shen’s attitude toward her changed after Liangcheng Lu agreed to stay here. The old lady disregarded her a little bit before. But now the gentle expression on her face was serious.

  ‘Thanks, grandma.’

  She said this with lots of doubt in her heart.

  After the meal, Sangyu Qin didn’t want to watch TV with Lu’s families. She went to the second floor straightly and happened to hear two nannies gossiping when passing the corner.

  ‘How could that bastard stay tonight! He never stayed overnight before. Mrs. Bai really is a tolerant person. If I were her, I would definitely kick him out.’

  ‘That’s right. A bastard is just a bastard. The old lady is so muddleheaded that she would put the future of the Lu Family on someone like that.’

  Sangyu Qin leaned on the wall and listened to them. She felt a bit comfortable in her heart. With Liangcheng Lu’s status, these two nannies had no place to talk behind his back.

  However, as she was planning to stand out, Xiao Lu’s voice came through.

  ‘Do you know who my brother is? It’s not your turn to gossip him! Even if he’s a bastard, he’s the bastard belonging to Lu Family! There’s noble blood from Lu Family flowing in him. Next time I hear something like this, I’ll drive you guys out directly.’

  The two nannies, frightened as they were, begged for themselves right away.

  ‘Miss Lu, we’re sorry for being loquacious.’

  Xiao Lu snorted and intended to walk toward Sangyu Qin’s direction. Sangyu Qin was startled and entered the room next to her, which was prepared for Liangcheng Lu and her.

  She was still surprised by Xiao Lu’s attitude just now when sitting on the chair. It’s so strange. Didn’t she hate Liangcheng Lu? Not only did she embarrass him in person, but also say the word “bastard”over and over. However, she unexpectedly began to protect Liangcheng Lu in private.

  The people in Lu Family were just one stranger than another.

  In a moment, Liangcheng Lu came to this room. Sangyu Qin had to face another awkward problem - she had to sleep with Liangcheng Lu tonight.

  ‘I...I’ll take a shower.

  She pulled the pajama next to her and said awkwardly. Liangcheng Lu sat on the chair with a computer in front of him and dealt with the documents absorbedly.

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips. That’s right. This workaholic knew nothing of nervous.

  She was still thinking what they would do in a while when entering the bathroom. It’s unlikely for her to sleep on the floor. If Liangcheng Lu has some conscience, he will sleep on the floor himself.

  Thinking of this, she went out with her pajama. She didn’t know who had prepared this pajama. It’s made by lace and seemed truly sexy.

  ‘I...I’m done. You can go take a bath.’

  She said to Liangcheng Lu. But Liangcheng Lu, with his fingers typing the keyboard rapidly, didn’t seem to hear her voice. He stopped after a long while, and then stepped into the bathroom consciously.

  The uneasy nerve Sangyu Qin had finally relaxed. She looked up and found Liangcheng Lu’s shadow on the ground glass.

  His body proportion was perfect. He had the typical figure of being sexy with clothes and strong without clothes.

  Realizing that her own shadow was also reflected on the glass, her face flushed. She hoped that she didn’t make any strange move when taking the shower…

  After a short while, Liangcheng Lu came out and used the towel to rub his hair. He used the hair dryer to dry his hair randomly and planned to go to bed.

  Sangyu Qin flinched.

  ‘You are not planning to sleep on the floor?’

  Liangcheng Lu was stunned. He looked at her with doubt.

  ‘What floor?’

  Sangyu Qin’s face flushed even more. It’s the first time she ever saw Liangcheng Lu closely. How could a woman sleep tight beside a man with messy hair and an extremely-handsome face like that.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you have already had sex with another man and now you are afraid of sleeping on the same bed with your own husband?’

  Liangcheng Lu sneered to her and lay down beside her, closing his eyes immediately.

  He’s reasonable. Nevertheless, Sangyu Qin felt that he’s just being irony about her profligacy before their marriage.

  She somehow felt a bit upset inside her heart. She must have lost her mind to tease a pimp. Then she sighed and lay down gently.

  She could see Liangcheng Lu’s face as long as she turned her head. He really had a good skin. She couldn’t spot a single pore even if Liangcheng Lu’s face was this close to hers. His eyelashes were long and his bridge of nose was high. The thin lips of him just pressed like that.

  At that moment, Liangcheng Lu peered off all his fierceness and sharpness, and looked just like an innocent boy.

  Suddenly, he opened his eyes slowly, with a flash of cold light in them.

  Sangyu Qin was frozen. She turned around and kept her back against him, with fright in her heart. She just stared Liangcheng Lu in amazement and was caught right in the middle. How crazy is that!

  When she was ruminating how to explain her peeping on him, she felt a pair of hands intertwined on her waist. Her whole body was dragged to him and his fiery breath sprayed on her neck.

  Sangyu Qin was stunned instantly and didn’t dare to move. Liangcheng Lu must have confused her with someone else. He never treated her gently like this.

  ‘Go to sleep, my wife.’

  Liangcheng Lu said this with his eyes closed. His low voice was particularly charming, just like a fox from the snow mountain that turned into a human.

  Sangyu Qin was fascinated instantly by him. Her body became super soft.

  If Liangcheng Lu set a honey-trap to a woman, she would certainly fall for it.

  Thinking about that, she fell straight to sleep.

  Liangcheng Lu opened his eyes slowly when hearing the slight breath sounds next to him. His heart became soft when he saw her eyelashes which were like hand fans.

  Only this person could let him turn all the sharpness of his life into softness.

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