Chapter 29 Mouth like knife, heart like glass

  Sangyu Qin didn’t feel awkward that much. She knew that Lu Family just needed a well-behaved lady and Liangcheng Lu needed a well-behaved wife. So she just needed to play her role well.

  ‘Cheng, everything’s fine in the company?’

  Bizhi Shen’s face was full of tenderness. It seemed that she really loved this grandson.

  ‘Everything’s fine.’

  Seeing Liangcheng Lu’s attitude toward his own families was just like that too. Sangyu Qin felt relieved all of a sudden. So he already showed her a huge respect by even bothering to respond to her.

  ‘The chef was cooking. You and Sangyu should stay here and have dinner.’

  The moment Bizhi Shen finished saying this, Liangcheng Lu’s face changed. He raised his head and took a look at her. They seemed to be fighting something stealthily. And finally, he compromised.


  Sangyu Qin had no idea what kind of agreement those two people had made. She sat there quietly the whole time, until the door was opened by someone and a girl rushed in.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, why do you come to Lu Family again?!’

  The girl’s voice showed her detest frankly. She hated this bastard. He’s the proof of her daddy betraying this family. Every time she saw him, she felt it’s like a scorching slap on her face.

  ‘Xiaoxiao, how could you talk to your brother like that?!’

  With some anger on her face, Bizhi Shen poked the ground using the walking stick in her hand.

  With her face clogged with hatred, Xiao Lu sat down on the side. It’s just because this bastard had usurped the property of Lu Family that her own brother had to go abroad and become a joke of everyone.

  ‘I only have one brother! Liangcheng Lu is just a bastard of Lu Family. He didn’t belong to Lu Family in my eyes!’

  Xiao Lu’s voice was sharp. She felt disgusted when seeing Sangyu Qin on the other side.

  Though she knew nothing about Sangyu Qin, she heard that this woman was too frumpy to ever see a marten coat worth of only 3 million yuan. What’smore, this woman graduated from an ordinary university with just a bachelor degree. She felt that Lu Family was totally humiliated by letting this woman step in their door.


  Bizhi Shen’s voice became even louder, and a cold light flashed in her eyes. She seemed to get seriously angry.

  The most powerful people in Lu Family were the two grand old persons. Now that Liangcheng Lu’s grandfather was traveling, his grandmother took charge of everything.

  Xiao Lu curled her lips and sat by her side, with grievance on her face.

  Sangyu Qin looked at Liangcheng Lu secretly and only found him drinking his tea calmly. Xiao Lu’s words were like a wind by his ears passing away.

  Chut. What a strong composure!

  She said that in her heart. Then she realized that Liangcheng Lu didn’t live easily in Lu Family. The bastard wasn’t favored here.

  The atmosphere became wired. Xiao Lu, the beloved daughter, was spoiled since childhood. She never felt wronged in anything except for the things involved Liangcheng Lu. Thus, she wasn’t nice to Sangyu Qin who came into Lu Family with Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘I heard you only had a bachelor degree, Sangyu Qin. Did you know that all the people in Lu family graduated from top universities around the world and owned their master degrees?’

  Sangyu Qin glanced at her. She really couldn’t put up with these superior girls who thought that trampling other people’s dignities was something normal.

  She opened her mouth with a clear voice.

  ‘It seemed like the top universities are just so-so. After all, the person who graduated from there like you only learned to discriminate others. It’s true that I only had a bachelor degree. Nevertheless, my professor had told me to never look down upon others. That’s the basic courtesy of being a human.’

  Those words made Xiao Lu’s face turn blanched and livid. Her fine breeding kept her from saying anything filthy. She could not do anything but sit on the couch, with her eye socket turning red.

  Sangyu Qin was startled. Who would know that this unruly Miss Lu would be so sensitive!

  At first, it’s just the socket of her eyes turning red. However, after a few seconds, her tears began to drop. And she couldn’t stop crying.

  ‘I... I simply just said...’

  Sangyu Qin laughed awkwardly and tried to pat Xiao Lu on her shoulder, but she was waved back by Xiao Lu.

  ‘Take your dirty hands away from me. You think you can touch my delicate body?!’

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips. She could tell that this is just a rich young lady who has a mouth like knife and a heart like glass - just a child who was spoiled by the adults.

  She, lowering her head, laughed slightly. Xiao Lu flushed even more. She glanced at Liangcheng Lu secretly and found he was smiling too. Then she suddenly felt very aggrieved. She turned her head and ran upstairs immediately.

  Sangyu Qin felt a bit scared actually. The first time she came to Lu Family, she offended their beloved daughter. The people in Lu Family who’s gonna come here would surely teach her a lesson.

  ‘Sorry, grandma, I just...’

  She apologized to Bizhi Shen at once. Nevertheless, Bizhi Shen just waved her hands.

  ‘Xiaoxiao was just being protected so well. She’s just a child in the deep of her heart.’

  There wasn’t a meaning of criticizing in Bizhi Shen’s tone. Sangyu Qin relieved and continued to stay quiet, which seemed that the woman who’s being eloquent wasn’t her.

  The chef already started to prepare for dinner, when the housekeeper came forward to whisper something to the old lady’s ears.

  ‘Mrs and Mr. Lu are back.’

  Bizhi Shen knitted her eyebrows. It’s only because she knew that those two people wouldn’t come back for dinner that she asked Cheng to stay. It would be awkward if they bumped into each other.

  Only did Song Lu come home that he knew Liangcheng Lu had come. He looked at Yan Bai reflexively.

  Liangcheng Lu wasn’t born by Yan Bai. His biological mother was someone else.

  Liangcheng Lu’s the unpresentable bastard of Lu Family. However, the old lady thought highly of him and had supported him every step of the way. Liangcheng Lu deserved it too. He truly possessed impressive skills. Tiancheng Corporation that was set up by him when he was a teenager became the top of World Fortune 500, which could be called a legend.

  Nevertheless, this bastard coming to Lu’s family house aboveboard was just like a slap on the face of Yan Bai, the legal wife, on the face. But she had to tolerate with that because the old lady was here.

  All the people gathered around at the table. Liangcheng Lu took food for Sangyu Qin calmly.

  Sangyu Qin’s heart was shaken. She admired Liangcheng Lu who could even eat. The aura was so wired.

  ‘Cheng, you should come back more frequently. The more you stay outside, the more I feel unstable.’

  Bizhi Shen sighed when saying this. This child was just born in the wrong family.

  ‘If he comes back often, how embarrassed would we feel!’

  Xiao Lu beside Bizhi Shen murmured slightly and nearly buried her head in the bowl.

  However, Liangcheng Lu ignored her words like always.

  ‘Grandma, I’ll come back when I have time. Please take care of yourself.’

  Liangcheng Lu spoke with the old lady the whole time and told Sangyu Qin to eat her dinner at times. As for the other three people, he didn’t even look at them.

  ‘Don’t leave tonight. Stay here for a night. The room was prepared already.’

  Hardly had Bizhi Shen’s voice faded away, Sangyu Qin could feel that the hairs of her body vibrated. She would certainly have bad dreams in a strange place like Lu Family.

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