Chapter 93 You really don’t want it?

  Sangyu Qin’s body went frozen. It’s true that a man like Liangcheng Lu was able to kill anyone without the slightest efforts. She curved the corner of her mouth, with a deep thought flashing in her eyes. Liangcheng Lu had been pretty tolerant to her these days. However, that’s merely because she had never touched his bottom line. It looked as if she needed to conjecturewhat this man liked from now on.

  Liangcheng Lu continued eating leisurely. He saw Sangyu Qin nod and shake her head once in a while, as if she’s pondering something important. Then, he put a wrinkle on his eyebrows. ‘Sangyu Qin, just eat your breakfast. What are you thinking right now?’

  ‘It’s none of your business.’Sangyu Qin replied grumpily. However, thinking of what this man had just said, she added gently, ‘Just some random thinking.’

  Liangcheng Lu, having been domineering all the time, became unhappy instantly, when he saw Sangyu Qin being abstracted in front of him.

  ‘From now on, tell me whatever you think.’

  Sangyu Qin felt a strong beat in her heart. She didn’t understand what this man had meant. So, now he thought he’s so mighty that he could even interfere with what she thought? She snorted.

  ‘Why do I have to tell you? Liangcheng Lu, you know exactly why we got married. Even if we get married, I have personal liberty. You cannot decide everything.’

  With unpredictable light flashing in Liangcheng Lu’s eyes, he raised his eyebrows sullenly, ‘Do you want to marry me for real?’His raucous voice made Sangyu Qin obsessed. But when she glanced at the light in this man’s eyes, she knew he was lying to her.

  ‘Even you are the last man left on earth, I won’t marry you.’

  Sangyu Qin was almost blown off. She had been enduring Liangcheng Lu’s temper for such a long time. He always had that cocky face no matter what he did, as if he’s the king. Hum.

  ‘Those are your own words. Don’t regret.’

  Liangcheng Lu tightened his face and narrowed his beautiful eyes. It seemed that he would strangle this woman to death, if she said one more word.

  Meanwhile, Sangyu Qin closed her mouth in time. She went upstairs straightly after dinner. After doing the sports the whole day, she felt tired. Nonetheless, the moment she lied on the bed, she heard the door being knocked. She gritted her teeth.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, I was already asleep.’

  It’s time for bed, and she didn’t know what this man wanted to do. Did he come here to grab her to his room? Sangyu Qin raised a gloating feeling in her heart secretly. However, when she realized that, she forced her to clear her mind up again.

  The knocking sound from the door disappeared all of a sudden. As Sangyu Qin felt that she could sleep tight tonight, she suddenly heard the sound of the key getting into the lock. She pricked up her ears sensitively. And when she stood up, she saw the man with a gloomy face.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, what are you doing?’

  Sangyu Qin swallowed her saliva; for her, at this moment this man was just like a beast which was just set free. He stared at his prey with his bloody red eyes. Then, she took a step back slowly and even felt annoyed that she hadn’t just got on this man’s bed tamely.

  ‘Go to sleep in my room.’

  Liangcheng Lu said raucously. His pleasant voice made Sangyu Qin’s legs and feet paralyzed. She’s so exhausted today. If this man did something to her now, she wouldn’t be able to get up tomorrow.

  ‘I...I felt a bit tired tonight.’

  She said in a shivering voice. Liangcheng Lu’s look right now made her feel scared. She had experienced what this man’s capable of. If she went there tonight, she wouldn’t be able to exercise tomorrow.

  Seeing her defensive looks, Liangcheng Lu realized this woman was thinking about something else. He hanged up the corner of his mouth, with a trace of meaningful expression flashing in his eyes. Actually, he always had a light sleep before. But ever sine this woman had slept with him, he could finally sleep soundly. So, he’s not used to it that she returned to her room tonight. This woman was truly toxic.

  ‘Just for sleep. What else do you expect we will do?’

  Sangyu Qin was puzzled for a moment. Then, she realized maybe she had thought too much indeed. After all, Liangcheng Lu, who had been busy the whole day, didn’t have the time to think about doing that kind of thing all the time. So, she grinned with her arms opened, and said charmingly, ‘Then, hug me.’

  A confusing expression showed in Liangcheng Lu’s eyes. This woman had refused him just now, but why did she throw herself to him all of a sudden? Was that because of what he had just said? Thinking of this, he compressed his lips unhappily.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, do you know how many women have begged to climb to my bed? Only you would reject that.’

  Sangyu Qin remained her flattering smile on her face. She had to admit that Liangcheng Lu’s a stud. But she had to do the training tomorrow, so she had to save enough energy. ‘Honey, we are both adults, and we need to know how to control ourselves.’

  Hearing her words, Liangcheng Lu snorted. He reached his hands reluctantly and picked her up with his strong arms, with the looks on his face turning very sour.

  He walked quickly. After entering his room, he lowered his head and looked at the woman in his arms, with his eyebrows knitted.

  ‘You really wouldn’t consider about it? You don’t want to do it tonight?’

  His heavy note along with the struggling looks on his face made Sangyu Qin want to laugh. However, she fought so hard to resist that. Then, she put on a serious look on her beautiful face, ‘No, I’m too tired.’


  Hardly had she finished her words, she was thrown to the bed by Liangcheng Lu. She felt a fierce pain coming from her bottom. Then, she stared at him in anger, ‘Liangcheng Lu, what the hell are you doing?’

  The looks on Liangcheng Lu’s face were also somber. His face was twisted now. The physical reaction of him almost blew him off. However, this woman lacked the sense of romance.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I’ll give you more time to consider. If you have needs, I’ll give them to you.’

  Hearing his subtle imply, Sangyu Qin grew redness on her face right away. She threw the pillow beside her to him angrily, ‘You monster!’

  Seeing her ashamed and furious looks, Liangcheng Lu flashed a trace of smile in his eyes. He took over the pillow and put it aside. After that, he grabbed the pajama beside him and turned back to walk into the bathroom. It looked like the fire inside of him tonight was not able to be cooled down by a few basins of water.

  ‘What are you doing?’

  Sangyu Qin, having seen him enter the bathroom, wondered why he entered it again, after he had washed himself.

  ‘Put out the fire!’

  Liangcheng Lu answered peevishly, feeling that Sangyu Qin was choked again because of him. He didn’t know why, but felt his heart becoming soft magically. The way they treated each other became more and more strange. But he also had to admit that he liked the comfortable way in which they got along with each other.

  Sangyu Qin was choked by him indeed. She didn’t know what to say now. She could do nothing but layon the large bed, while hearing the sounds of the water coming out from the bathroom. She knew he must be showering with cold water and was surprised that she even felt sorry for him.

  ‘I haven’t seduced him intentionally. He’s the one who cannot control his own desire.’

  She found a reason to compel herself over and over again. After a few minutes, she fell asleep carelessly.

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