Chapter 92 Mr. Lu became the housekeeper

  ‘Don’t even think about it!’

  Sangyu Qin raised her head to look at him. Because she had just swallowed a soup dumpling, she almost coughed as she tried to retort.

  ‘If you didn’t feel guilty, why did you almost choke yourself?’

  Liangcheng Lu snorted, while putting a glass of milk in front of her. He was thoughtful enough to pat her back.

  ‘If you didn’t provoke me, you think I would choke myself?’

  Sangyu Qin held the glass and began to drink sullenly. The thing clogging her throat finally went down. Having let out a sign of relief, she rolled her eyes fiercely to Liangcheng Lu. Then, he curled the corner of her lips and started to devour another soup dumpling.

  Liangcheng Lu came back to his seat. He felt a bit upset after hearing Sangyu Qin’s denying. When they finished the breakfast, he started to change his shoes at the hallway, still feeling worried for Sangyu Qin of being at home alone.

  ‘You can go for a walk with Daxiong. Don’t stay on the couch and watch the TV all day. Don’t forget to eat. There’s a door on the backside of the villa, behind which there’s a gym. You can do some sports there.’

  Liangcheng Lu felt himself like a housekeeper now. He frowned and realized he had talked too much just now. So, after changing his shoes, he left.

  However, hearing what he had said, Sangyu Qin flashed a light in her eyes and walked out of the door to have a look secretly. Having found that Liangcheng Lu’s car had disappeared, she turned back and walked toward the gym immediately.

  She, with her body a bit weak right now, needed to take some exercise. After wandering half round of the villa, she finally found that door and pushed it open. Then, she was shocked deeply by the wide range of equipment there. Liangcheng Lu’s really a rich person that he even opened a gym in his own house.

  Sangyu Qin closed the door. Then, she sighed, while getting on the running machine beside her. She adjusted a suitable speed and started to jog. Before this, she had done some research about which way of running could improve her physique.

  After two hours, she, exhausted as she was, felt all the vaporin her body being evaporated.

  She leaned on the equipment beside her and began to gasp heavily. When she raised her head, she saw there’s a side door not far away from her. With a light flashing in her eyes, she approached there slowly and pushed that door open.

  What came to her eyes were all kinds of guns, which were piled up in the whole room. Sangyu Qin felt excited, and her hands were trembling out of excitement. She had wanted Liangcheng Lu to teach her to shoot, and now she found such a place. If she could do some trainings here after work, her physique would definitely go up.

  With a strong will flashing in her eyes, she started to pick up among those guns. After she had chosen a favorite one, she began to shoot at the target.


  She fired a shot and found shooting was not as difficult as she thought. Then, she knitted her eyebrows. It seemed like she had this instinct which could teach her how to shoot. So, she followed it and shot another bullet. It’s right on the middle of the target.

  Sangyu Qin looked at her hands surprisingly, with a trace of happiness flashing in her eyes. Then, she began to try those guns one by one. Though she’s not use them expertly, she made a lot of progress.

  Only until afternoon did she come out from there and jog at the outside. When she heard from the nanny that Liangcheng Lu’s back, she wiped away her sweats and returned to the living room.

  Mrs. Mo was cooking dinner in the kitchen. Sangyu Qin could smell appetizing food from a distance. Then, she gave out a beaming smile and ran toward him quickly.

  ‘Honey, why do you come home so early?’

  Liangcheng Lu hugged her over despite she was sweating. Then, he took the towel in her hands to wipe sweats for her.

  ‘I’m afraid you will get bored at home, so I come back early to keep you company.’

  A light flashed in Sangyu Qin’s eyes. She knew this man was telling the truth, because his eyes could not lie. Then, she curved a beautiful arc on the corner of her mouth.

  ‘I’ll go take a shower first.’On these words, she left his arms and started to walk upstairs.

  She felt a bit flattered for Liangcheng Lu’s treating her so nice. She even felt that these days when she was being cared for were stolen. Maybe one day everything she had now would be taken from her.

  The more she indulged herself in this, the more painful she would feel when all of this disappeared.

  Sangyu Qin sighed. Having taken off her clothes, she went to the bathroom. She bathed in cold water on purpose, in order to make herself sober.

  She came out after a half hour’s bathing. She planned to use the bath towel to wipe her body, when she felt the door in front of her being pushed open. Then, she covered herself and stared angrily at the careless man who stood at the door.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu?!’

  She roared his name. However, he raised his eyebrows slightly, with a trace of complacent smile.

  ‘I have called you twice and didn’t get any response. I thought you have fainted again.’

  With ashamed and furious looks on her face, Sangyu Qin clenched her fists tightly. Now, she wished to hit his dame head hardly. However, when she remembered the gap between them, she could only breathe heavily and hide her impulse to kill someone.

  ‘Get out!’

  Liangcheng Lu, without saying anything, looked at her smilingly, with appreciation in his eyes. At last, he closed the door slowly, which seemed that he had enjoyed enough of the scene.

  This man got more of his special tastes. With her teeth clenched, Sangyu Qin vented her anger on the bath towel and tore it a few times hardly. Then, she managed to calm down and took over a leisure wear to put on.

  After she had come downstairs, she saw Liangcheng Lu sitting at the table decently, with newspapers in his hands. Then, she snorted. “He acted like a graceful man.”She thought.

  ‘Mr. Lu, Miss Qin. Time for dinner.’

  Mrs. Mo called them. Sangyu Qin put all her thoughts in her heart away immediately. Having jogging and shooting in the gym for so long made her feel tired indeed. So, she sat at the table at once. Then, she took over the chopsticks and began to gobble.

  She had seen those ladies from the prestigious families eating, as if they were trying to chew up every grain of the rice. She felt so tired for them. She preferred to engorge happily.

  ‘Are you hungry?’

  Liangcheng Lu put a piece of meat in her bowl. Seeing her bury her head to devour, he felt that so cute out of nowhere. Then, he hanged up the corner of his mouth slowly and patted her head.

  ‘Eat slowly. No one’s grabbing your food.’

  Sangyu Qin felt choked in her throat, due to his patting. She suddenly opened her eyes widely, just like a squirrel, and pointed at her back, with her face turning extremely red.

  Liangcheng Lu got what she meant and started to pat her back with meaningful looks on his face.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, do you want to murder me quietly?’

  Having got relieved, Sangyu Qin took a sip of the soup hardly. Then, she rolled her eyes to him and said.

  ‘Honey, if I want to kill someone, I don’t need to do it quietly.’

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