Chapter 91 There might be more

  The study became quiet instantly. After Yu Mo had got out, Liangcheng Lu continued fixing his eyes on the computer in front of him. Only until he approved the last paper did he blink his sour and dry eyes and stand up to walk toward the bedroom.

  The moment he opened the door, he saw a scene which made his blood pumping. It turned out that he had forgotten to turn on the air conditioner before he left. So, the temperature in the room was fairly high. He didn’t know when Sangyu Qin had taken off her pajama, and now she was curling herself up. Her young body gave out a fatal attraction.

  Liangcheng Lu paused his steps and felt his body being heated. With his eyes fixed on her, he walked a few steps closer. Then, he reached out a finger and started to touch Sangyu Qin’s body.


  Having murmured, Sangyu Qin turned over and continued to sleep. However, after she had turned her body, the tempting things on her chest was shown to Liangcheng Lu completely.

  Liangcheng Lu shrank his pupils, thinking that if this woman was trying to seduce him. Then, he compressed the corner of his mouth and thought no man would resist that kind of lure. Thus, he followed his original desire and pressed her under him.

  Sangyu Qin felt that she was having a dream in a daze. And in her steaming hot dream, she couldn’t see clearly that man’s face, but only felt strange feelings coming to her waves after waves. After that, it’s just like something’s pushing her to another climax.

  When they finished, Liangcheng Lu caressed her lovingly. He found he’s obsessed with this woman’s body. Sangyu Qin didn’t need to seduce him intentionally like other women. However, his will power which he’s always so proud of was crushed. With the corner of his mouth curled up, he took over the remote control and turned on the air conditioner. Then, Sangyu Qin who kept turning over finally slept soundly.

  The next day when Sangyu Qin woke up, she still blushed. She’s so shamed that she had a dream like that. If she’s not wrong, the man in her dream was Liangcheng Lu. How could she dream them having sex?! She’s really not promising.

  She reached her side and touched a strong chest. Then, she realized Liangcheng Lu was still lying beside her. Perhaps, because she had a dream like that, she’s felt a bit guilty to look at him. So, she took her hand back.

  However, her hand was held by Liangcheng Lu on the half way. Then, a hoarse voice came through.

  ‘Don’t you know men cannot bear the tease in the morning?’

  With her face flushing, Sangyu Qin tried harder to pull her hand back. She knew something about physiological knowledge of man’s body. But she didn’t intend to talk about it with a man. Thus, she got off the bed, with her red face.

  Since her body had been seen by Liangcheng Lu dozens of times anyway, there’s no need for her to be shy. Then, she gave up fighting and began to put on her clothes plainly.

  She felt a bit sour of her body, and didn’t know if it’s because she had been too tired yesterday. Then, she looked at Liangcheng Lu questioningly, thinking that he wouldn’t have done something evil to her when she’s asleep. That’s not his style.

  Clearly, she had underestimated a man’s hunger for sex.

  Liangcheng Lu’s eyes wandered over her body. Seeing Sangyu Qin’s careless attitude, he flashed a trace of smile in his eyes. Did this little woman really not know what had happened last night? She had such a slow react.

  He turned his head to look for his clothes. Then, he started to get dressed.

  Sangyu Qin went to the bathroom and found the pink prints on her neck. Then, she realized what had happened last night; ashamed and angry looks showed on her face instantly. Then, she turned her head and shouted at Liangcheng Lu, ‘You beast! You did it, when I was asleep!’

  Liangcheng Lu was in a trance for a moment by her abusive words. Then, with a glimmer of smile flashing in his eyes, he buttoned up his shirt calmly.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you are the one who was eager last night. You said you felt hot and hugged me on your own. You even took off your clothes.’

  The expression on Sangyu Qin’s face paused. Was that really what had happened? Then, she frowned. If that’s true, perhaps Liangcheng Lu would ask her to pay for it again. She was speechless right away. With the corner of her lips twitched, she turned back and continued to wash her face.

  It’s good enough that the swell on her face faded away after a night. Though the fingerprints were still on her face, they were less scary than before. Then, she started to brush her teeth. In the middle of her brushing, she found Liangcheng Lu coming in. He stared at her, with his eyebrows raised.

  His hot eyesight made her unable to resist. With her face turning stiff, she took out the toothbrush from her mouth and said grumpily, ‘What are you looking at?’

  With the corner of his mouth hanged up, Liangcheng Lu approached her slowly. The aura gushing out from him enveloped Sangyu Qin’s entire body. She’s just like a bird that was confined in a cage and had no way to escape. So, she struggled to remain calm and stared at him fiercely.

  ‘How’s my toothbrush work with you?’

  Liangcheng Lu said, with a slight smile on his face. Sangyu Qin went rigid. Then, she lowered her head to look at the toothbrush in her hand. She found it was the toothbrush of Liangcheng Lu. Her face turned pale. Then, she started to wash the bubbles in her mouth, with sick looks on her face.

  Nevertheless, Liangcheng Lu took over the toothbrush in her hands and put it into his mouth. After that, he started to brush his teeth.


  Sangyu Qin’s face turned even paler. “Aren’t this guy a neat freak? How can he begin to brush his teeth so calmly?’

  ‘You shameless!’

  She roared, with redness on her face. Then, she turned back and intended to leave. Now, she felt uncomfortable all over. Though he didn’t show any sign of rejection, she felt unaccustomed for using the same toothbrush with him.

  ‘I didn’t see you being reluctant when we were kissing.’

  As he was saying lightly, Liangcheng Lu saw Sangyu Qin fleeing from the bathe room and almost bumping into the door in front of her. Then, the expression in his eyes became tender. For him, she’s just like an angry cat.

  Sangyu Qin still felt her heart beating fast, as she arrived downstairs. She had always thought Liangcheng Lu was an indifferent person. Now, things were not like that. He was good at teasing women, damn it! She should have known that. How could the CEO of Tiancheng Corporation lack women?!

  She got angrier and angrier, thinking that she had been tricked by this man. Then, her facial expression became serious at once. When she’s on the dinning table, she was abstracted.

  After a short while, Liangcheng Lu came downstairs and saw her being in a daze. With his eyebrows wrinkled, he sat across from her.

  ‘What’s wrong?’

  Hearing his voice, Sangyu Qin raised her head in anger, with her teeth gritted tightly.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, do you have lots of woman outside?’

  With his eyebrows raised, Liangcheng Lu took over the hot milk and started to drink. His voice was flat, ‘Why do you say that?’

  ‘You are so good at pleasing a woman. You are lying to me by saying I’m the only woman who has even been with you!’

  Liangcheng Lu found that ridiculous. With his sharp eyes lighted on her, he uttered those words from his thin lips, ‘But I only want to please you. Have you already fallen in love with me by asking me this?’

  Sangyu Qin felt shock deep in her heart, unable to utter a single word. Does she love Liangcheng Lu? A man like him would make every woman be tempted. However, his status also made people flinch. She didn’t dare to have other thoughts about him. She would leave in two years.

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