Chapter 28 She is not ordinary

  It seemed that working in Tiancheng was another tough war for her.

  She sighed this. Then she went to bed restfully after leafing through the documents.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu, in his room, stared outside the window blankly with his telephone in his hands. He seemed to be talking to someone important.

  ‘Grandma, I know. I’ll bring her to see you tomorrow night.’

  His eyes were filled with darkness all along as he was saying this.

  Yu Mo, who stood behind Liangcheng Lu, knitted his brows too. Lu Family was like a tiger’s den. A person like Miss Qin might be eaten alive if she steps inside.

  A person who stood beside Boss Liangcheng Lu should not only have powerful strength but also extraordinary intelligence. Or else, she would only bring trouble to Liangcheng Lu.

  Instead, Miss Qin possessed nothing of these...

  He really couldn’t understand whether this marriage was a play or what.

  ‘Boss, Miss Qin was not suitable for you. In the future, you have to deal with so many things, not the mention the things abroad...’

  Without letting him finish, the man in front of him turned around with coldness on his face.

  ‘Baiqiang Qin’s ex-wife died early. A little girl like Sangyu Qin, under the oppress of her stepmother and sister, could live safely until now. You really think that she’s weak? I saw the stubborn and unyielding will in her eyes that night at Qin’s party. Yu Mo, do not underestimate her. Give her some time to grow up.’

  It’s the first time Liangcheng Lu ever talked that much.

  Maybe in others’eyes, Sangyu Qin was an absolute good-for-nothing. But Liangcheng Lu always felt that Sangyu Qin contained a mine of treasure. Every day he could dig up some new surprises.

  ‘I see.’

  Yu Mo didn’t say a thing after uttering these two words. He understood what his boss meant. Sangyu Qin was the recognized lady of Lu Family by his boss from now on.

  No one but Sangyu Qin!

  ‘The moment I saw her, I knew she’s not ordinary.’

  Sangyu Qin wore a funny marten coat in the crowd. However, all the other people were more like the clowns in Liangcheng Lu’s eyes.

  That how love begins. After many years, Liangcheng Lu realized that it’s called “fall in love from the first sight”.

  The second day, the two of them had breakfast quietly. Sangyu Qin was still reviewing the documents she had read last night, when Liangcheng Lu stood up and planned to leave. Then she put a piece of bread in her mouth instantly and followed him with her head lowered.


  Liangcheng Lu suddenly stopped and Sangyu Qin just bumped him. She rubbed her forehead and watched him tearfully.


  Liangcheng Lu snorted and turned around to continue walking, with the corner of his mouth hanging up gently.

  Sangyu Qin was so angry that her bread fell onto the ground. She thought that living with Liangcheng Lu would surely cut the span of her normal life. However, when she thought of the comfortable bed she slept on last night, she held back her grievance.

  This man’s not that bad some time. She was persuading herself like that.

  The people in Tiancheng Corporation didn’t know that Liangcheng Lu was married. Only the ones in the top office knew that there’s a new guy coming. Also this new guy squeezed another one out.

  All the people who sat in the top office almost fight their way there. So they were not convinced when seeing Sangyu Qin just come from nowhere.

  When Sangyu Qin sat in the office, she could feel the murderous looks from people around her, most of which came from women. No wonder, her place was indeed precious. It’s the nearest place to Liangcheng Lu’s office and he had to pass here every time.

  She curled her lips and almost sat there on the jig, thinking that she would die in this top office sooner or later.

  What she didn’t know is that she would die in Lu’s family house before dying here.

  She was lifted by Liangcheng Lu like a chicken into the car the moment she got off work.

  ‘Come with we to Lu’s family house.’

  His voice, plain as it was, frightened Sangyu Qin a lot. Anyone knew that Lu’s family house is a place that would eat people alive. All the people there were big shots. If she says anything wrong, she will be crushed there.

  ‘No way!’

  She tried to get off the car instantly, but was stunned by the next sentence which was spoken by Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘My grandmother pointed that she wants to see you. You sure you don’t wanna come today?’

  In city G, Liangcheng Lu’s grandmother was a woman of the day when she was young. She and Liangcheng Lu’s grandfather took charge of the unstable Lu Family by strong and fierce means. A cruel creature like Liangcheng Lu was just a junior in front of them, which showed how powerful they were.

  Sangyu Qin was afraid that they would vent their anger to Liangcheng Lu on her. He’s a bastard after all. And normally the bastard wasn’t treated nicely in the big family.

  Liangcheng Lu uttered these words slightly without raising his head. He seemed to be sure that Sangyu Qin would come.

  Sangyu Qin sat down quietly as expected. Her body trembled and her head dropped. Her hands which put on the knees were clenched in fists.

  Liangcheng Lu noticed her reaction with the corner of his eyes. He frowned when seeing her tension. But he didn’t say anything.

  Soon after that, the car arrived in front of the tall iron door. The bodyguard saw Liangcheng Lu’s car and let pass immediately.

  Only until then did Sangyu Qin acknowledge what kind of life the rich people in city G lived. All the outdoor sport fields such as swimming pool, golf course or ski field could be seen here. And here is city G, where every inch of the land values. The wealth of Lu Family was surely immeasurable.

  ‘Mr. Lu, you came back.’

  The housekeeper said reverently at the door. Sangyu Qin, afraid of being far away from Liangcheng Lu, almost followed every step of him.

  ‘It’s you, Cheng.’

  An old lady who dressed in Tang suit sat on the couch, with a huge crystal chandelier above and priceless paintings around. However, those things didn’t cover a single piece of light of her.

  That’s the old lady of Lu Family, Bizhi Shen.

  Bizhi Shen, with faint cold light in her eyes, looked at Sangyu Qin up and down. Though she smiled kindly, that smile didn’t seem from her heart.

  ‘Grandma, this is Sangyu Qin.’

  Liangcheng Lu led Sangyu Qin to sit. That’s the first time Sangyu Qin ever knew that a woman could give out such a powerful aura. The nobleness in her bones was like a pure mirror which reflected the self-abasement in the deep of Sangyu’s heart.

  Sangyu Qin’s lips were dry. This old lady was testing her. If Sangyu Qin was frightened by her, she would never have a place to stand in Lu Family.’

  ‘Hello, grandma. I’m Sangyu Qin, your granddaughter in-law.’

  A decent smile showed on Sangyu Qin’s face. Though her hands already sweated due to tension, she still managed to hide all her anxiety.


  Bizhi Shen answered, with her eyes lighting upon Liangcheng Lu again, and seemed to neglect Sangyu Qin on purpose.

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