Chapter 90 Hug me

  ‘put me down. Everyone’s outside right now. We can’t let them find out. Or else, there will be more rumors in the office.’

  ‘Leave it.’Liangcheng Lu uttered the two words flatly and held her tighter.

  Sangyu Qin could only bury herself into his chest entirely, in case those people would recognize her. Luckily, she had come in with Liangcheng Lu, when everyone had focused on their own things and known nothing about the woman who’s wrapped like a mummy. So, now they could only discuss widely.

  ‘Who’s that? Boss is holding a woman!’

  ‘Maybe that’s the woman who was sought after by Boss?’

  Sangyu Qin, trying even harder to tuck herself into Liangcheng Lu’s chest, wished no one would recognize her. Only until they arrived at the first floor of the building did she get relieved. Then, she pulled out his head and started to breathe the fresh air outside.

  Having put her on the seat gently, Liangcheng Lu approached her and fastened her seat belt. Sangyu Qin could smell the nice odor from him in such a short distance.

  Though she had already had sex with this man more than once, she got flushed every time he’s close to her like this. Sure enough, the influence the handsome guys had on women was fatal.

  She held her breath and tried to slow her heartbeat. However, Liangcheng Lu heard that. He turned his head and looked at her with a slight smile. Then, he reached out a finger to poke the place where her heart existed. Sangyu Qin’s surprised how he managed to make this indecent gesture so elegant.

  With her face flushing even more, Sangyu Qin didn’t even dare to look into his eyes. So, she turned her face away and said, ‘Just drive the car.’

  Liangcheng Lu burst out a nicker right away. Then, he reached his hand to touch her head, as if he was comforting a small angry animal.

  Sangyu Qin’s face became even redder. She’s afraid that she would be stifled, if things continued like that. So, she bit her lip fiercely at once. She didn’t want herself to indulge in this man’s good look.

  With a beaming smile in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu held the steering wheel lightly. He, who was scared that this little woman would die in shyness, resisted his urge to tease her and looked at her seriously.

  Only until then did the heat on Sangyu Qin’s face vanish slowly. As the car arriving at the villa, she was sleepy, with her head tapping the window again and again. Liangcheng Lu could only pat her shoulder. He, having found this woman really tired, bent slightly and held her in his arms again.

  Mrs. Mo stood at the door and waited for them. When she saw Liangcheng Lu taking Sangyu Qin in, she flashed a trace of shock in her eyes. This was the first time she ever saw Mr. Lu caring about a woman so much. She was about to open her mouth, when she saw Liangcheng Lu’s sharp eyes lighted on her. Then, she closed her mouth tightly right away.

  Liangcheng Lu came straight to his bedroom. After that, he took off Sangyu Qin’s coat. When he saw Sangyu Qin’s bra, he frowned and thought maybe he needed to take it off for her. Then, with the expression on his face pausing for a moment, he reached his hands to the buttons of Sangyu Qin’s bra and untied them one by one.

  Due to today’s drama, Sangyu Qin, drowsy as she was, never awaked from the beginning to the end. Since her bra was taken off, she felt more comfortable in sleeping. Then, she murmured and fell into a sound sleep.

  Liangcheng Lu threw the thing in his hand on the chair beside him randomly. Seeing her sleep soundly, he didn’t plan to ask her to eat the meal. So, he stood up and went downstairs.

  Mrs. Mo was waiting at the stairs. When she saw him coming down, she said immediately, ‘Mr. Lu, dinner is ready. Do I need to reserve a piece for Miss Qin?’

  Liangcheng Lu frowned. He didn’t know how long that woman would sleep. ‘Reserve it for her. I’m afraid she will be hungry in the midnight.’

  With her face filling with smile, Mrs. Mo looked at Liangcheng Lu in relief for the first time, ‘I’ve never seen Mr. Lu treating a woman so nice. I always thought...’

  On these words, she stopped talking, with terrified looks on her face.

  Liangcheng Lu wrinkled his eyebrows. He knew what she was trying to say. There had never been any woman staying by his side except for Jiaoyang Su who was close to him, when they were kids. He had no feelings for any woman. So, everyone assumed he would marry Jiaoyang Su.

  However, he never had a second thought about Jiaoyang Su. She’s a friend from childhood. And he put up with her again and again for old times’sake. If she was bold enough to lay her hands on Sangyu Qin again, he would never let her off.

  ‘Mrs. Mo, do not talk about these things in front of Sangyu Qin. I don’t care how other people talk about me and Jiaoyang Su. But I don’t want Sangyu Qin to hear anything about me and Jiaoyang Su.’

  He said, with his knitted eyebrows. Seeing Mrs. Mo lowering her head with fear, he realized he had overreacted. Then, he sighed.

  ‘You know better than I do why there are so many rumors.’

  Mrs. Mo nodded. Mr. Lu had always been unintentionally about making a girlfriend, so the rumors must have been spread out by someone with anulteriormotive. As for the person with anulteriormotive, it wouldn’t be anyone but Jiaoyang Su.

  ‘Sorry, Mr. Lu. It’s that’s the first time I see you being so nice to a woman. So, I couldn’t help but say that.’

  Mrs. Mo showed guilty looks on her face. Luckily, Miss Qin didn’t know about the rumors, or else there would be more misunderstanding between her and Mr. Lu.

  ‘It’s OK.’

  Liangcheng Lu spitted those words indifferently. He moved his long legs and sat straightly at the table. He felt that there’s something missing here without Sangyu Qin. Even the dishes tasted less delicious.

  That woman was truly poisonous. Having taken a few bites angrily, he went to the study upstairs to deal with the affairs which were left today.

  In the meantime, Mrs. Mo looked at the view of his back and knitted her eyebrows. She didn’t know how far Sangyu Qin and Liangcheng Lu could go. Everyone knew the old man disliked Miss Qin a lot. Would Mr. Lu be rebellious to the old man over and over again just for Sangyu Qin?

  After he had arrived at the study, Liangcheng Lu opened his computer and read the messages sent from the executives and managers.

  After a short while, Yu Mo entered the study and said, ‘Boss, those women will suffer a two-year term of imprisonment with a penalty of a million yuan.’

  Praise gathered in Yu Mo’s eyes. If it was Boss who had handled this, those women would have been dead already. However, Miss Qin had sent those women to jail. Apparently, Miss Qin was crueler.

  ‘Transfer the money to Sangyu Qin’s account.’

  Liangcheng Lu said flatly, with a glimmer of smile in his eyes. He felt a bit admiring of this little woman’s means. These were surely the most ruthless punishment for those arrogant women.

  ‘Yes, sir.’

  Yu Mo answered him reverently, with his head lowered. He began to change his view toward Sangyu Qin. He had always thought Miss Qin was just like a delicate flower which couldn’t bear any wind. However, after what had happened today, he knew she’s actually the thorny rose.

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