Chapter 89 It’s because of her again

  ‘Yes, yes, yes, Boss, I think you two are perfectly matched.’

  She had to say those words against her will, in order to talk with Liangcheng Lu. And her eyes became bright.

  Sangyu Qin who was sitting on the wheel chair blushed a bit. She didn’t understand what Liangcheng Lu had meant. So, she pretended that she didn’t hear them.

  They arrived at the first floor of the company. Sangyu Qin was afraid that she, wrapped like a mummy, would be seen discovered by others. So, she took the president-only elevator which went straightly to the top floor with Liangcheng Lu. With a sound of ‘Ding’, the people saw the door of the president-only elevator opening slowly. Then, they, focusing on their own business immediately, didn’t even dare to raise their heads, being afraid that they would be fired by Boss if he found them abstracted.

  Qian Yun pushed Sangyu Qin toward Liangcheng Lu’s office. Liangcheng Lu took over the wheel chair from her. After that, he shut her outside the door.

  With the expression on her face frozen, Qian Yun made a fist slowly. She’s not reconciled to be mistreated like this. Her malicious eyesight came through the door and dropped right onto Sangyu Qin. ‘Why does Boss treat Sangyu Qin so nice? Was that merely because Sangyu Qin’s the wife of him? Why does Boss, noble as he is, marry a woman like Sangyu Qin?’She thought.


  She uttered that word bitterly and returned to her own seat. She pulled out her chair loudly, which made everyone look over there. Then, she put on a pure smile again.

  ‘Sorry to bother you guys.’

  All the male colleagues swallowed their blaming words slowly. Men always couldn’t resist those cute women. Let alone Qian Yun did have an appealing smile.


  Meanwhile, in the office, those women who had beaten Sangyu Qin didn’t know why Boss reached to them all of a sudden. They thought Boss was going to praise them again. So, they got gorgeously dressed and went upstairs.


  The door of the office was pushed open by Liangcheng Lu. His strong aura filled in the whole space suddenly. It’s gloomy and scary. Those women all shuddered. They were keenly aware that Boss was not in a good mood today. Then, they acted very gingerly.

  Liangcheng Lu pushed Sangyu Qin toward his seat. After he had sat on his seat, he stared at those women responsible for Sangyu Qin’s wound, with his bloody red eyes. He, with his bodycovered with cold air and bloody smell, was just like a beast which was about to swallow everything with its fierce-looking mouth. How daring these women were to touch Sangyu Qin! He couldn’t bear any place of her getting hurt.

  ‘Boss, what do you want us for?’

  One of the women asked. Her low-cut suit vaguely showed her figure, which looked very sexy.

  Liangcheng Lu curled the corner of his mouth. With his finger tapping on the black table slowly, he gradually squinted.

  ‘Do you know what will happen to the people who fight against other employees in Tiancheng Corporation?’

  Those women’s face became deadly pale. They thought Sangyu Qin would bear the insult. Little did they know that she would tell Boss. Then, they snorted in their heart. It’s uncertain who would Boss believe.

  ‘Boss, it’s not our fault. Sangyu Qin spoke rudely in public. That’s why we had to teach her a lesson.’

  ‘Spoke rudely?’

  Liangcheng Lu spitted those icy words from the corner of his mouth, with his sharp eyesight. He restrained the anger which was going to burst out, and his body was as stiff as a statue. Then, he looked at them with his demon-like eyes.

  ‘Since you have made troubles, you have to take the consequences. The police is on the way now. Intentional injury, you guys will stay in the prison for several years by doing that.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice, flat as it was, made the those women lose the last trace of blood on their face. They opened their mouth, shivering,‘That’s impossible! We hit her lightly. It won’t constitute the intentional injury. Boss, have you mistaken something?’

  They, with their bodies shaking, uttered the words brokenly.


  Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows arrogantly. Throwing those women into jail for a few years was exactly what Sangyu Qin wanted. He wouldn’t let those women off so lightly by killing them. Then, he hanged up the corner of his mouth and threw the medical examination report from the hospital right onto those women’s faces.

  ‘This is the report from the hospital. As for Sangyu Qin, she’s beside me right now. The police will tell you guys how many years you will be sentenced.’

  They raised their heads and saw Sangyu Qin who was being wrapped just like a mummy. They shouted instantly, ‘She’s not injured that badly! Boss! This woman framed us on purpose! We ask for another examination.’

  Sangyu Qin didn’t say a word. Seeing the haughty attitude of those women fading away, she flashed a light in her eyes. She had never provoked anyone. However, those people pounced at her again and again. Thus, she would show no mercy to them either.

  ‘This is the report from the City Hospital, and there’s no need to do another examination. The police already arrived at the first floor. You guys need to pay for the mental damage compensation and the medical fee to Sangyu Qin. And you also should atone for your crime by serving your sentence. Since you are the employees of Tiancheng Corporation, you need to follow the rules of our company. Who gave you the guts to act so lawlessly?’

  With the corner of his mouth hanged up slowly, Liangcheng Lu leaned his back on the chair slightly. He’s just like the powerful king who had dominated the fate of these women in an instant.

  ‘Mr. Lu, those are the people you have talked about?’

  The police opened the door and got inside. Having seen those women on the spot, they handcuffed them with the permission of Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Boss, it’s not true. Sangyu Qin framed us!! It’s Sangyu Qin!’

  Those women cried out loud. However, no one put a word for them. The police took them out straight away. When they passed the top office, all the other staffs started to discuss this.

  ‘It’s because of Sangyu Qin again. She’s such a disaster.’

  ‘Ever since Sangyu Qin’s here, the number of people who got fired in Tiancheng Corporation is growing. Now, those women are thrown into jail. Maybe, Sangyu Qin have a powerful background? Or why can’t the people in the Human Resource Department manage to fight her? Those woman are very good at their jobs.’

  ‘Come to think about it, I think so too.’

  While all the other people discussed vigorously, Qian Yun sat on her seat in silence, with a sneer at the corner of her mouth. She had thought Sangyu Qin’s a vulnerable target just like a rabbit; she never realized the rabbit turned into a wolf so quickly.

  She knew aside from the slap on the face, the other wounds on Sangyu Qin’s body shouldn’t be that severe. However, the medical report given by the hospital sentenced those women to death.

  “Sangyu Qin’s absolutely not a simple person.”Qian Yun realized she needed to be more careful, in order not to be caught by Sangyu Qin.

  At the same time, Liangcheng Lu’s office became quiet. He walked over and bent down to hold Sangyu Qin up.

  ‘Let’s go. I’ll send you back.’

  The sudden slip made Sangyu Qin want to grab something instinctively. So, she could only hold Liangcheng Lu’s neck, with her face flushing instantly.

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