Chapter 88 All the other women meant nothing

  As the three of them getting on the car, Qian Yun felt her whole body getting hot. This was the first time she had ever been so close to Boss Liangcheng Lu. She couldn’t help but blush. Then, she leaned on Sangyu Qin, as if she’s scared, in order to prevent Sangyu Qin from detecting something.

  ‘Qin, what’s the relationship between you and Boss? Why does he...’

  On these words, she felt Liangcheng Lu looking toward her. Then, she felt her breath pausing and her heart beating fast.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t want to hide from Qian Yun. However, if the relationship between Liangcheng Lu and her was exposed, there would be more troubles coming to her.

  ‘We are relatives.’

  Qian Yun looked at Sangyu Qin, as if she had suddenly been enlightened.

  ‘Qin, since you are relatives, Boss will definitely uphold justice for you. Those women who did this today will be doomed.’

  As saying this, she clenched her fists, with furious looks on her face.

  She, who was good at pretending very much, acted exactly like a rash girl. Thus, Sangyu Qin didn’t feel anything wrong about Qian Yun.

  After that, Qian Yun grew a slight sneer at Sangyu Qin in her heart. Since they were couple indeed, Sangyu Qin didn’t want to tell her. ‘What a scheming woman, bitch!’

  Qian Yun cursed in her heart and stopped talking. Her eyes were fixed on Liangcheng Lu secretly all the time. With his eye narrowed, Liangcheng Lu gave out the furious aura from all over his body, as if he was trying to holding his rage back. Qian Yun didn’t know why he got so angry. However, she remembered they were having a conference just now in the top office - since this silly woman Sangyu Qin had interrupted their conference, Liangcheng Lu became so mad.

  The more Boss hated Sangyu Qin, the more Qian Yun felt joyful in her heart!

  After a short while, the three of them arrived at the hospital. Liangcheng Lu had informed the doctors there, so they waited at the door for a long time.

  Liangcheng Lu glanced at Qian Yun who was following them. He knew she’s the employee from the top office. Then, he frowned.

  ‘You wait outside.’

  Qian Yun paused her steps and loosened Sangyu Qin’s sleeve slowly, with awkwardness on her face. She, daring not to disobey his order, could only laugh naively.

  ‘So, you two go inside. I’ll wait for you.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded. After all, she’s here in the hospital to make a false report. She couldn’t let anyone in the company know her relationship with Liangcheng Lu. Better an open enemy than a false friend. Even if Liangcheng Lu was willing to help her, he was not able to protect her every time she’s in trouble.

  Seeing the two people get inside, Qian Yun turned her smile to sullen looks. It’s bad enough that Sangyu Qin didn’t trust her. Now, even Boss guarded against her. Dame it!

  Her hands which were dropping by the side of her clenched to fists. She put all her grouchy feelings on Sangyu Qin and abused Sangyu Qin again. Then, she kicked the plant beside her angrily. After that, the plant fell onto the ground into pieces.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu who had left took a look at Sangyu Qin, with his eyebrows knitted.

  ‘Do you get along well with Qian Yun?’

  Hearing him asking about that, Sangyu Qin thought Liangcheng Lu had a thing for Qian Yun. Then, she felt bitter in her heart and curled her lips.

  ‘What do you want?’

  With a note of jealousy, she stared at him without blinking, as if she was interrogating him.

  Liangcheng Lu was stunned by her response. Then, he chuckled and held her hand slowly.

  ‘She’s not as pretty as you. You should sharpen your eyes when making friends. This world is not that simple as you think.’

  Hearing his explanation, Sangyu Qin softened the looks on her face and loosened her knitted eyebrows. Even her tone became light.

  ‘She’s the only one in the top office who’s willing to talk to me. She’s simple and innocent. What surprises me is that she’s also efficient. So, we are friends.’

  A glimmer of smile flashed in Liangcheng Lu’s eyes. He didn’t say anything more, since she’s happy.

  The doctor had prepared for everything to do the bandaging work. When he saw the wounds on Sangyu Qin’s face, he wrinkled his eyebrows.

  ‘Miss Qin, please sit down. I’ll disinfect your wound first.’

  The doctor said gently. Then, he put the disinfectant on the cotton swab and applied it on her face. After he had handled the wound properly, he bound Sangyu Qin’s entire head up on purpose. He even pulled out a wheel chair dramatically. After that, he wrote on the medical report that she suffered from a severe fracture and concussion.

  Seeing the report, Sangyu Qin gave a thumb-up to Liangcheng Lu and thought only Liangcheng Lu, Boss of this hospital could do this.

  Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner of his mouth, with tenderness flashing in his eyes.

  ‘After dealing with those woman, I’ll send you back to take a rest.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded. She, having been on and go all day, was very exhausted now.

  As they got out of the door, they saw Qian Yun waiting there. When she saw the person on the wheel chair, she was in a shock. Then, she walked toward them instantly.

  ‘Qin, how can you be hurt so badly?!’

  She intended to push the wheel chair, but took back her hands slowly when seeing Liangcheng Lu’s there. Then, she flushed a bit.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, let Qian Yun push the chair.’

  Sangyu Qin said because she felt that Qian Yun must feel so embarrassed standing there.

  Hearing what she had said, Liangcheng Lu let go of his hands. And Qian Yun held the handle right away.

  The heat remaining on the metal handle was transmitted straight to her heart along her pores. Qian Yun made so many beautiful dreams about Liangcheng Lu, due to this moment. She wished one day she could be the one who stood by him. She wished he could adore her and love her.

  She tightened her hands which were holding the handle, with sweetness rising up in her heart. However, when she saw Liangcheng Lu holding Sangyu Qin’s hand, those sweet feelings dropped from the high above and turned into bitterness. She could even feel bitter at her tongue.

  Their intimacy made Qian Yun look like a servant girl. She hid her envy and hatred which were about to pop out; instead, she showed her unsophisticated smile. In fact, she’s a good actress.

  Sangyu Qin felt a bit shy. Qian Yun was watching them from behind. So, Sangyu Qin wanted to pull her hand out. However, Liangcheng Lu held her tighter. Then, she looked at him accusingly and held her hand back compliantly.

  ‘Qin, you and Boss don’t look like relatives. I feel like you are couple. You two seem so matched.’

  Qian Yun opened her mouth just in time. Her words managed to please Liangcheng Lu. However, he, without taking a look at Qian Yun from the beginning, focused on Sangyu Qin. All the other women meant nothing to him, when Sangyu Qin’s there.

  ‘Really? You have sharp eyes.’

  He said slightly, which made Qian Yun feel extremely flattered. This was the first time Boss ever talked to her except for the work time. She flashed a trace of happiness in her eyes at once.

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