Chapter 87 Revenge for me

  With a light flashedin her eyes, Qian Yun put on a smile again.

  ‘Qin, I’m totally with you!!’

  That safeguard watched them by their side scornfully, with some pitying looks on his face. He thought they must be the bottom-tier employees.

  ‘I advise you not to waste your efforts. Do you know who those women are? Those are the favorites in the Human Resource Department, who have been praised by Boss personally. Tons of people want to curry favorwith them. You won’t live easily since you offended them. I think you guys should pack up and leave now.’

  Hearing the safeguard’s words, Qian Yun showed anger on her face, as if she felt aggrieved for Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Just let you know this! If Qin tells Boss about this, nobody will be able to get away! Just wait to get fired!’

  The safeguard, taking back his sympathetic face, put on a disdainful and sneering expression.

  ‘Fine, we’ll wait for that.’

  Sangyu Qin didn’t utter a single word. There was still vague pain on her face off and on. Those women surely had shown no mercy to her. If she came upstairs right now, she would definitely be been by Liangcheng Lu.

  Thinking of this, she changed a meaningful expression in her eyes. Then, she covered her face and went directly to the top office. Right now, Liangcheng Lu was her tower of strength and letting him see her would do no harm. She wanted him to stand out for her. His wife had been bullied now and he shouldn’t know nothing about this.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu was holding the conference with all the executives and the managers in the top office. All the people looked at Liangcheng Lu and some of them hadn’t even had the time to have lunch. Thus, they didn’t know what had happened in the canteen.

  Sangyu Qin arrived at the top floor and tried to go to Liangcheng Lu’s office at first. But she found he’s not there. So, she walked around the conference room. When she saw Yu Mo who was standing outside the conference room, she lighted her eyes and ran to him instantly.

  ‘Where’s Liangcheng Lu?’

  Seeing the bruises on Sangyu Qin’s face, Yu Mo turned his face pale out of fright. It’s merely a short period in the noon he hadn’t seen her. Had she gone out to a fight?

  ‘Miss Qin, what happened...’

  ‘As you can see, I was beaten. I need my husband to revenge for me. Is he on a meeting right now?’

  As soon as Yu Mo heard Sangyu Qin was beaten, he couldn’t remain calm. This meeting would last a long time. If Boss knew nothing about this until the meeting’s over, he would rip Yu Mo off.

  ‘Miss Qin, just wait here. I’ll tell Boss right now.’

  He was planning to leave, when his sleeve was grabbed by Sangyu Qin.

  ‘If he’s on a meeting, I can wait. It’s not an emergency.’

  ‘Miss Qin, don’t you know that Boss put your things above all else. If he knows you have been hurt like this, he will not hold the meeting calmly.’

  Sangyu Qin released her hands reflexively, with sweetness in her heart. Then, Yu Mo’s figure disappeared in front of her eyes.

  Meanwhile, Yu Mo found everybody’s eyes fixed on him, when he entered the office. He knew this was an important conference. However, thinking of what had happened to Miss Qin, he could only bite the bullet and come over to his boss.

  ‘Boss, Miss Qin was hit swollen.’

  Hearing what had come through to his ear, Liangcheng Lu knitted his eyebrows. Then, he waved his hand and the manager who was making a speech stopped right away.

  ‘What do you mean?’

  Who would beat Sangyu Qin? Was there anyone in Tiancheng Corporation who’s so reckless to bully Sangyu Qin? Liangcheng Lu didn’t get the meaning of Yu Mo’s words. Thus, he lowered his voice and asked again.

  ‘Miss Qin said she was beaten and needed her husband to revenge for her. She’s outside right now. There are slap prints on here face. Her hair was disheveled. She’s in a total mess.’


  Liangcheng Lu stood up right away from his seat, with his face turning livid. He cast a glance at all the executives and the managers in the room and then walked outside in silence.

  Nobody knew what had happened. Their heart trembled reflexively, the moment Liangcheng Lu stood up. They thought there’s something wrong about the conference. Then, they lowered their head immediately and grew sweats on their foreheads. However, they glanced with the corner of their eyes that Boss had arrived at the door. So, it seemed that he didn’t intend to continue the conference today.

  ‘What happened?’

  Seeing Sangyu Qin who’s injured all over, Liangcheng Lu raised up fire in his heart at once. He could even feel his hair being lighted up. What’s more, when he saw the clear five fingerprints on her face, he was so angry that his heart almost stopped beating. Then, he dragged her to his office right away.

  ‘Who did this?’

  Those simple words were full of huge constriction. Sangyu Qin felt the pressure coming from above her head. Then, she rubbed her hands, with her head lowered. She was a bit afraid of him.

  ‘They seems to come from the Human Resource Department. I heard they have been praised by you personally...’

  Liangcheng Lu squinted slowly. The brutal rage almost set fire to his whole body. Then, he gritted his teeth.

  ‘Yu Mo!’

  Hearing his calling, Yu Mo who stood at the door walked in promptly.

  ‘Go to catch those people in the Human Resource Department who have done this today! I want to know how savage they can be!’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice was gloomy and cold. He took a look at Sangyu Qin, feeling sullen and painful in his heart. How could he let her be injured like that?! Those women who had done this could say goodbye to their life.

  ‘I’ll do the examination in the hospital which belongs to you. It will be better, if the doctor could describe I’m in a serious condition.’

  Sangyu Qin said coolly. It’s meaningless if Liangcheng Lu ordered those women to die straightly. The reason why those women could be so arrogant was that they had money at their back. If they lost money, they would have to live menially.

  With a light flashing in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu sighed.

  ‘Let’s go. I’ll come with you.’

  Sangyu Qin felt a bit touched in her heart. Liangcheng Lu had moved her so many times in such a short period. She felt panic suddenly. For her, Liangcheng Lu’s was just like the warm water which was gradually turning hot, and she’s just like the frog in the water. It would be too late for her to get out, when she found out what had happened.

  She turned her head to look at him, with a trace of deep thinking in her eyes. However, she changed her pure and innocent eyes in a flash.


  They walked outside together. Qian Yun who was observing Sangyu Qin’s movements saw that Sangyu Qin had turned to Boss Liangcheng Lu. Then, she knew Liangcheng Lu was about to look into this event. She had inferred Liangcheng Lu didn’t really love Sangyu Qin from Sangyu Qin’s clothes and bags. She thought the reason why Liangcheng Lu treated Sangyu Qin so nice was merely that Sangyu Qin’s his wife. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth and stood up from her seat.

  ‘Qin, you are going to the hospital right now? Let’s go there together!’

  She seemed to have ignored Liangcheng Lu who was standing beside Sangyu Qin, and watched Sangyu Qin’s wounds with a worried look. The bump on Qian Yun forehead was purple and green. Then, words to refuse Qian Yun failed to come out of Sangyu Qin’s mouth. “Qian Yun had suffered because of me.”Thinking of this, Sangyu Qin turned her head and saw that Liangcheng Lu’s not disagreed. So, she said yes to Qian Yun.

  Qian Yun pretended to see Liangcheng Lu only until then. Then, she widened her eyes and became cautious immediately.

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