Chapter 86 I want them to lose everything

  ‘That’s her - the one who has seduced Boss.’

  ‘Isn’t that Sangyu Qin of Qin Family? She has been ignored in Qin Family since she’s a little girl. And she wants to be Mrs. Lu! She can only dream about it!’

  Sangyu Qin heard those harsh words vaguely, with her hands which were holding the chopsticks tightened. Those rumors had merely spread in the top office before. How did all the people in the company know? There must be someone in the top office gossiping her behind her back!

  ‘Qin, just ignore it.’

  A trace of anxietyflashed on Qian Yun’s face. Then, she pick a piece of meat from her bowl into Sangyu Qin’s bowl.

  ‘They are just talking nonsense. Qin, you are a very beautiful woman. There’s no need for you to seduce Boss.’

  Qian Yun’s voice was soft and sweet, which made Sangyu Qin comfortable in her heart. Then, she sighed.

  ‘Let’s finish eating, so we can go back to the office.’

  She, without intending to make troubles, wished to finish the lunch quickly and go back. However, the trouble had to come to her.

  ‘You are Sangyu Qin, right? I heard you have served five cups of coffee to Boss in an hour and wore the low-cut clothes to seduce him. How shameless are you!’

  Someone stepped into Sangyu Qin’s path and said rudely.

  Sangyu Qin frowned. It’s Liangcheng Lu who had asked her to serve the coffee. Why didn’t those women come to Liangcheng Lu instead of her? It’s true that the people bully the weak and fear the strong.

  ‘Who told you this?’

  With arrogance filling in her face, the woman looked at Sangyu Qin even more disdainfully. She crossed her arms against her chest. Sangyu Qin was shocked by the size of her boobs - at least D-cup.

  ‘It doesn’t matter who told me this, Sangyu Qin. There are plenty of girls who are prettier than you. Do not make any wishful thinking that you can marry Boss, because you are a little bit good-looking. That’s your day dream.’

  As soon as she stopped, Qian Yun started to retort, with redness on her face.

  ‘Qin is the most beautiful woman in the company! Do not think you can do anything to us, because you have those massive boobs?! I’m telling you, Qin is Boss’s favorite person. If you offend her, Boss will fire you!’

  Sangyu Qin, who was freaked out, covered Qian Yun’s mouth immediately. For she, Qian Yun was making enemies of her. Those women wanted to vent their anger by swearing. However, after Qian Yun’s speech, a few women began to look at Sangyu Qin ferociously.

  ‘The most beautiful woman? Do not be foolish, you stupid girl. Sangyu Qin’s look is so ordinary compared to those of the stars in Tiancheng Corporation! Is she so sure that she’s the prettiest one?! She is so over-confident! We will teach her a lesson today!’

  After that, a few women came up right away. They grabbed Sangyu Qin’s hair and slapped her fiercely.

  ‘Bitch! You think you are the most beautiful one? Pooh!’

  Qian Yun was also controlled by them. She and Sangyu Qin were dragged to the women’s lavatory by those women.

  ‘Don’t touch Qin. Come at me!!’

  Qian Yun shouted, with anger on her face. Then, she bit violently on the hand of a woman. That woman slapped her straightly out of anger, with her eyesight toward Sangyu Qin becoming more unkindly.

  ‘You had a follower, Sangyu Qin. It seems that we have underestimated you. Beat them!!’

  Hardly had she finished, those women started to cuff and kick. They merely aimed at Sangyu Qin. Qian Yun never got a single scratch except for the slap just now.

  ‘Don’t hit Qin! If Boss knows, he will never let you guys get away with it!!’

  It would be better if she hadn’t said that. After hearing that, those women beat Sangyu Qin more fiercely. Sangyu Qin got bruises on her face and felt aching on her chest, which was being kicked hardly.

  ‘Stop!! Purr! Just stop!!’

  Qian Yun cried by her side. She, without knowing what to do, failed to ask for help, because she was being controlled right now.

  Sangyu Qin protected her head and tried not to get a concussion. She, the wife of Boss Liangcheng Lu, was now being beaten by the staffs in the toilet. Then, she clenched her teeth. If she could get out of here alive, she would tear those bitches apart!

  She counted how many times they had kicked her in her heart, thinking that she would return them the pain hundreds of times!

  Soon, the safeguard knocked on the toilet door. Someone who had heard the noise inside called the safeguard.

  ‘Open the door. Something happened inside?’

  The safeguard was a bit anxious. If something happened in the company, the safeguards could hardly absolve themselves from the blame.

  Those women, seeing that they were almost finished, stopped. Then, they looked at each other and opened the door.

  ‘Hey, handsome, don’t worry. We were teaching this cheeky woman a lesson. You won’t tell anyone right?’

  On these words, one of the women touched the chest of the safeguard. And he was infatuated instantly. He knew those women, from the Human Resources Department, were very popular and had succeeded in several large projects. What’s more, they had been praised by Boss Liangcheng Lu at the conference. So, lots of people wanted to fawn on them.

  Now, there’s a perfect chance to flatter those women, and he would not let it pass away.

  ‘I didn’t see anything. There’s nothing here.’

  He said with a smile and glanced at the woman on the ground with the corner of his eyes. That woman was in a mess, so he couldn’t see her face temporarily. He thought it might be an ordinary staff. Thus, he made up his mind to impress himself in front of those women.

  ‘You can go now. I’ll take it from here.’

  With haughty looks on their faces, those women looked at Sangyu Qin coldly and hanged up the corner of their mouths with disdain. After that, they planned to leave.

  ‘Don’t leave!!’

  Qian Yun wanted to drag them, but was pushed by those women to the wash basin. As a result, she got a bump on her head.

  ‘Qin Yun, let it go.’

  Sangyu Qin said in a hoarse voice. She lowered her head, with her sharp eyesight being hidden behind her disheveledhair.

  ‘Qin! How can you let it go? They are so outrageous! Here we are in Tiancheng Corporation! Aren’t they afraid that Boss will look into this?’

  Hearing what Qian Yun had said, those women who had walked far away turned back and watched them indifferently.

  ‘You think Boss is that free to investigate this for a nobody? Do you know who we are? There are numerous people in the company who will do everything to please us. Even if Boss knows we hit Sangyu Qin, he won’t do anything to us. We just took down a large project last month. A little employee like you will never compare to us.

  Those words of that woman were full of arrogance. Then, she left with a slight smile, as if she was taunting Sangyu Qin and Qian Yun.


  Qian Yun wanted to argue with them, but her wrist was grabbed by Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Qin, are we really gonna let them get away with this?!’

  Sangyu Qin stood up from the ground slowly and patted the dust on her body. Her face was swollen, while the smile on her face was extremely cold.

  ‘That’s impossible. Let’s go and make some examination in the hospital. I’ll let them lose everything!’

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