Chapter 85 You are my favorite

  They arrived at the villa in no time. After all the drama they had experienced in Lu Family, Sangyu Qin, exhausted as she was, couldn’t even open her eyes.

  ‘Go to sleep.’

  Liangcheng Lu asked the nanny to serve a glass of hot milk and put it beside her, with adoration in his eyes.

  Sangyu Qin nodded; when she heard the sound from her stomach, she blushed. On the table of Lu Family, she, without having the guts to eat too much, only tasted a little bit of every dish. Thus, she was still starving.

  ‘I’ll let the nanny make some snacks for you.’

  Liangcheng Lu suppressed his laughter and said. Seeing the redness on Sangyu Qin’s face, he hanged up the corner of his mouth slightly.

  After a short while, the snacks were ready and the nanny served them to the table.

  ‘Miss Qin, these are the dumplings made by Mrs. Mo. You see, the dumplings made by Mrs. Mo cannot be bought no matter how high the price is.’

  Sangyu Qin was in a daze. As she was thinking who Mrs. Mo was, Liangcheng Lu’s voice came through.

  ‘Mrs. Mo has been working in Lu’s old house for a long time. I had asked her to come here. She is good at cooking.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded. She picked up a dumpling and put it in front of her to have a look. It seemed that she could even see the flowing gravy inside through the thin wrapper. Then, she had an appetite immediately and took a bite right away.

  As expected, it was very yummy.

  ‘Mrs. Mo does make delicious food.’

  Seeing her eyes narrowed out of happiness, Liangcheng Lu softened the expression in his eyes.

  ‘Don’t starve yourself. Eat more if you like it.’

  Having eaten up all the dumplings in one breath, Sangyu Qin sang her praised to Mrs. Mo.

  ‘Mrs.Mo had fallen asleep. The dishes in our family will be in charge of her from now on. You can get to know her tomorrow.’

  A trace of tiredness showed on Liangcheng Lu’s face, as he was saying this.

  ‘It’s late. Let’s go to bed.’

  On these words, Sangyu Qin walked out first. When she passed Liangcheng Lu’s room, she paused for a moment. She had been slept on the same bed with him all these days. So should she sleepwith him tonight?

  She frowned and decided to lean on the door to think about that, before Liangcheng Lu came up. However, the moment the door was opened, the moment she leaned on it. She fell in the room, with her eyes widely open. Lucky for her that Liangcheng Lu’s room was covered with carpet, or else she would surely get a concussion.

  When she tried to climb up from the carpet, she saw Liangcheng Lu stand at the door with a restrained smile on his face. Then, he entered the room and shut the door. Clearly, he’s in a good mood.

  ‘You are very self-conscious tonight.’

  Sangyu Qin wanted to explain this was a misunderstanding. However, seeing Liangcheng Lu’s pretty happy about that, she followed his lead and laughed.


  Liangcheng Lu turned off the light directly and started to take off his clothes quickly in the darkness. Sangyu Qin flushed. She felt him already getting on the bed. Then, she stood up from the ground rigidly.

  ‘What are you doing over there? Come here.’

  Liangcheng Lu said. Through the dim light, Sangyu Qin felt him reaching his hands. Then, she put her hand on it. After that, her whole body, dragged by a huge force, was thrown to him, right into his strong chest.

  Suddenly, she remembered a tacky love sentence - “I don’t want to bump into walls; instead, I want to bump into my man’s chest.”Then, she blushed.

  ‘What are you thinking?’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice came through in the darkness. The breath coming from him was sprayed by her ears, which made her shudder.

  Sangyu Qin thought if she told Liangcheng Lu that tacky love sentence, he would definitely make fun of her. So, the looks on her face went stiff.

  ‘I’m a bit sleepy. Let’s go to sleep.’

  Liangcheng Lu nickered and lied down slowly.

  ‘Good night.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded and lied down beside him. She tried to shrink into herself, but felt a large strength encircling her. After that, her entire body fell into Liangcheng Lu’s arms.

  She wanted to struggle at first. However, she felt Liangcheng Lu holding her tighter and tighter. Then, she gave up. At last, she closed her eyes and fell into a sound sleep.

  The next day, she saw the woman who’s called Mrs. Mo early in the morning. Mrs. Mo, in her fifties, had a kind look on her face. Now, she’s busy preparing food in the kitchen, with an apron on her waist.

  ‘Miss Qin, the breakfast is on the table. Mr. Lu has finished eating. He said there’s a meeting this morning. So, he asked me not to wake you up.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded and saw the breakfast which was prepared for her on the table. It’s not the bread and the milk. Instead, it’s quite Chinese-style - soup dumpling and porridge. She remembered she had never told Liangcheng Lu that she loved eating Chinese meals.

  ‘Thanks, Mrs. Mo.’

  She raised her head and said. Then, she started to eat leisurely.

  Mrs. Mo smiled and continued to bustling about in the villa.

  Sangyu Qin rushed to the company, when she finished the breakfast.

  The executives and the managers were having a meeting. She made the coffee and served it into Liangcheng Lu’s office. When she came out, she felt Qian Yun looking at her and showing a meaningful expression in her eyes.

  Sangyu Qin, with her whole body getting frozen, thought if Qian Yun had found out anything. Then, she sat down on the seat nervously. Sure enough, Qin Yun came over to her at lunch time, with teasing looks on her face.

  ‘Qin, I see you pretty being careful about Boss. Do you have a thing for him?’

  On these words, Qian Qun fixed her eyes on Sangyu Qin, as if she was digging out some truth.

  Sangyu Qin was shocked. She covered up her facial expression hastily. When Qian Qun asked that, she didn’t know why her heart beat so fast, as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

  ‘Mr. Lu is a noble person. I don’t dare to think too much.’

  Qian Yun raised her eyebrows and approached Sangyu Qin even closer, with sparkles in her eyes.

  ‘Lots of women in the top office dream of being Mrs. Lu. However, I don’t think they stand any chance. Actually, I think highly of you, Qin. If you success, do not forget about me.’

  Her words were filled with jealousy. However, Sangyu Qin didn’t realize that. In her eyes, Qian Yun was an innocent girl. Hearing what Qian Yun had said, she blushed a bit and curled the corner of her lips.


  Qian Yun’s eyes were filled with darkness. She was just informed Sangyu Qin had married Boss and was the legitimate wife of Liangcheng Lu. “This woman had hidden herself well. Even if Boss didn’t love Sangyu Qin, she occupied the position of Mrs. Lu.”She thought. She clenched her teeth. She didn’t sleep well through the whole night, after she had heard the news.

  Qian Yun always thought a person like Boss Liangcheng Lu would never marry with someone so soon. However, the fact was that he had married with a notorious woman. She was loath to accept that.

  ‘Qin, let’s eat in the canteen of the company today.’

  Qian Yun, suppressing the upset feelings in her heart secretly, said with a smile. Sangyu Qin agreed. In fact, she hadn’t eaten in the canteen of the company for a long time.

  When they were standing in the line in the canteen, Sangyu Qin felt the people around her casting a weirdglance at her. Then, she wrinkled her eyebrows. Those people were not from the top office. Why did they look at her in such a strange way?

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