Chapter 84 You don’t have to be overcautious

  The corridor became silent immediately. Only Xiao Lu and Sangyu Qin didn’t realize the old man was pretending to be sick. So, they were both anxious.

  Meanwhile, through the door, Bizhi Shen was staring at the man on the bed quietly. Tian Lu was awake, and he was reading the newspaper which had been brought by the nurse.

  ‘You don’t have to do this. No matter how much you dislike Sangyu Qin, you shouldn’t use your physical condition to scare us.’

  Tian Lu hummed coldly. His grandson dared to refute him because of that woman - Sangyu Qin, and Sangyu Qin was surely eloquent. Those two persons both disregarded him. Perhaps, Sangyu Qin had forgotten that if she wanted to blend into Lu Family, she needed to be admitted by him, the old man.

  ‘I’m the very first one who will disagree with Sangyu Qin’s becoming Mrs. Lu. I pretended to be faint on purpose, in order to get between them. Just leave it to me. I will never let her become my grand-daughter in law.’

  Bizhi Shen sighed. What else could she said, since the old man’s so stubborn?!

  ‘I’ll let them leave first. Since you are fine, don’t let everyone worry.’

  One these words, she stood up and came outside. Seeing the people who were waiting in the corridor, she showed a kind look on her face.

  ‘The old man’s fine. The doctor said he needs to calm himself for a few days. You guys can go back first. I’ll take care of him here.’

  Xiao Lu became unhappy instantly, when she heard what her grandma had said.

  ‘Grandma, let me get in and take a look at Grandpa. We cannot delay his treatment. What if he got traumatized out of anger?’

  While saying this, she glanced at Sangyu Qin. What Sangyu Qin had said today hurt Tian Lu deeply.

  Sangyu Qin puckered her lips. She grabbed Liangcheng Lu’s sleeve with her hand, as if she could reduce her fear by doing that. Then, she opened her mouth, with her face spilling over with guilt.

  ‘Grandma, I’m sorry.’

  Bizhi Shen waved her hand, with tender looks on her face.

  ‘Just go back.’

  Sangyu Qin was planning to say something more, when she heard Liangcheng Lu who’s beside her talking.

  ‘Grandma, please inform us when Grandpa’s condition turns better. I’ll bring her back first, or Grandpa will be angrier.’

  Liangcheng Lu knew Sangyu Qin wished to leave the hospital as soon as possible, because she felt so ashamed in her heart that she didn’t dare to face the people of Lu Family.

  ‘You can leave now.’

  Bizhi Shen waved her hand. Seeing Liangcheng Lu drag Sangyu Qin away without even turning his head back, she thought the old man’s wish was about to slip away.

  ‘Grandma, have you seen his attitude?! Lu Family has raised him for so many years! Grandpa was fainted because of Sangyu Qin! It’s bad enough that he didn’t punish Sangyu Qin,instead, he’s taking her away and wouldn’t even allow us to punish her! Hum!’

  Xiao Lu said in a huff, while cursing Liangcheng Lu severely in her heart. Did Liangcheng Lu value that woman more than his grandpa who had raised him since childhood?

  Bizhi Shen didn’t utter anything, with complicated looks on her face. She’s not so satisfied about Sangyu Qin as her granddaughter in law either. However, her grandson favored Sangyu Qin a lot. So, this was such a difficult situation for her.

  ‘All right. You guys don’t have to be here. Just go back.’

  Xiao Lu tried to say something more, but was held back by Bizhi Shen’s words. Then, she stamped her feet and left.

  ‘How’s dad doing?’

  Only until Xiao Lu had left did Song Lu open his mouth. The lukewarm looks on his face were just like those on the face of Liangcheng Lu. No wonder why they were father and son.

  ‘You know him well. He wants to break that couple apart, so he pretended to fall in a faint. He’ll stay in the hospital for a few days and I’ll accompany him. You can take care of the affairs in Lu Family lately.’

  Song Lu nodded. Then, he went out of the hospital with Yan Bai. When they got on the car, he saw Yan Bai’s sullen face and asked immediately.

  ‘Darling, what’s wrong?’

  Yan Bai didn’t say a word, with somberness in her eyes. The muscles on her face were strained tightly.

  Song Lu knew it must because of that bastard. Then, he sighed.

  ‘I know you have felt wronged for all these years. But you also know I have never expected that thing would happen at that night. Cheng cannot choose his own origin, so I cannot unleash all my resentment against him. Haven’t I tried to make it up for you and the kids for these years?

  ‘Make it up for us?’

  Yan Bai hanged up the corner of her mouth ironically. Ever since this bastard had been chosen to be the inheritor of Lu Family, she, the legitimate wife of Song Lu, was constantly sneered by others all these years. Her own son hadn’t been home for so many years, due to the pressure from Liangcheng Lu. And the old man and the old lady favored Liangcheng Lu more. What she had suffered could not be made up simply.

  ‘Song Lu, I have been laughed at for so many years because this bastard becomes the inheritor, while my own son is out. You tell me how you will make it up for me?!’

  Yan Bai said coolly. Her eyes seemed to be covered by a veil of mist, which were so hard to see clearly.

  Song Lu was speechless. He knew exactly why his parents had supported the bastard. The bastard had absolutely phenomenal abilities. It’s the rules in the prestigious families that the loser would be kicked out. If the one who had lost was Liangcheng Lu, Song Lu would have driven him out with no doubt. The path for the inheritor was paved by scapegoats.

  ‘Honey, I knew you feel bitter inside. But what done is done. What else can you do? Our son lives a wealthy life abroad and will never be mistreated.’

  With a trace of sneer flashing on Yan Bai’s face, she didn’t want to argue with Song Lu anymore. She curled the corner of her lips.

  ‘Just drive. I want to go home.’

  The expression on Song Lu’s face paused. He didn’t know what else he could say either. Then, he sighed and let the driver drive.

  Yan Bai’s eyesightwas meaningful. She, who had endured that bastard for so many years, never thought of fighting him. However, she had to consider for herself now, because that bastard had become more and more arrogant. He’s just like a time bomb in Lu Family, which might blow up everything along with her.

  Liangcheng Lu knew nothing about Yan Bai’s thoughts. He only knew Yan Bai disliked and detested her. But they had managed to live in peace with each other for so many years. So, he thought things would continue being like that. However, now Yan Bai couldn’t control the demon in her heart, and nobody knew what she was planning to do.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, will Grandma dislike me more, if we just come back home?’

  Sangyu Qin had been worried along the way. She knitted her eyebrows tightly, with cold sweats all over her palm.

  ‘It’s OK. You don’t have to feel sorry. Grandpa’s in a very good condition. He wouldn’t pass out because of what you said. Actually, I think you were right. Grandpa, too opinionated as he is, never allows anyone to disobey him. What he said to you harmed you a lot. You don’t have to be overcautious. I will protect you.’

  I will protect you...

  Those simple words seemed to inject energy to Sangyu Qin. She turned her head to look at him, with her heart softening. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth.

  ‘Thank you.’

  Liangcheng Lu, without say anything, closed his eyes lightly. He wished Sangyu Qin could be herself and didn’t need to cringe to anyone; he also wished she could say what she wanted. If she’s wrong, he would definitely punish her. But if she’s right, he would support her to the end.

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