Chapter 83 I need to protect her from grievance

  Sangyu Qin was no difference than a dead woman now by accusingthe old man of taking advantage of his seniority. She had lost her mind out of anger just now. In her opinion, as an elder person in the family, Tian Lu shouldn’t humiliate her in front of lots of people.


  ‘Old man!!’

  Tian Lu, feeling everything going black, fainted out of anger straightly. Xiao Lu was freaked out. She raised her hand and wanted to slap Sangyu Qin. However, before her hand could touch Sangyu Qin, her wrist was grabbed by Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘What are you doing?! Liangcheng Lu, haven’t you seen grandpa was black out because of Sangyu Qin?!’

  Xiao Lu’s face was brimming over with indignation. With her eye sockets becoming red, she wished to beat Sangyu Qin with a fierce slap.

  Sangyu Qin puckered her lips. It never occurred to her that the old man had such a poor mental capacity. He never showed any mercy when he had abused her. He fainted away, after she had retorted a bit.

  She grabbed the hem of Liangcheng Lu’s shirt, as if she was asking for protection, with perplexed looks on her face. Now, she was at a loss what to do.

  ‘Don’t worry. I’m here.’

  Liangcheng Lu said, with gloom in his eyes. After that, he threw Xiao Lu’s hand away and sent out an aggressive aura.

  Xiao Lu shrank her neck by the strong aura coming out from him, and then she compressed her lips.

  ‘It’s her fault that Grandpa’s fainted out of anger. I have to teach her a lesson, or else Grandpa will do much worse to her when he wakes up.’

  Xiao Lu, disgruntled as she was, said. She didn’t know why his grandpa hated Sangyu Qin so much; for her, his grandpa’s words were too harsh. However, he fainted. So, Sangyu Qin had to be punished.

  ‘It’s not your turn to punish her.’

  Liangcheng Lu said flatly. Then, he held Sangyu Qin’s hand and rushed to the hospital with all the people there.

  Xiao Lu’s eye sockets remained red. She did want to hit Sangyu Qin just now. But actually, she had tried to help. After all, Bizhi Shen was also there. If the old lady wanted Sangyu Qin to be responsible for it, Sangyu Qin would suffer so much more than a slap. Xiao Lu compressed her lips. How could Liangcheng Lu mistake her good will for evil intents!

  All those people came to the hospital in no time. The old man was sent to the emergency room. Bizhi Shen accompanied the old man herself inside without saying anything, while all the other people waited outside.

  ‘Good for you. It’s just a few days you have married in Lu Family; now, you are impudent enough to send the old man into the hospital.’

  Yan Bai said sarcastically by the side, with lukewarm looks on her face. She crossed her arms slightly and looked at Sangyu Qin with a cynical look.

  With her facial expression turning rigid, Sangyu Qin held the hem of Liangcheng Lu’s shirt tighter quietly.

  ‘I’m sorry.’

  She whispered to Liangcheng Lu. Liangcheng Lu’s status in Lu Family was awkward; since she had messed up with everything, Liangcheng Lu would be in a tighter squeeze in the future. With her eye sockets becoming red, she regretted having not controlled her temper.

  ‘It’s not your fault.’

  Liangcheng Lu said, while looking at her coolly. When he lowered his head, he saw Sangyu Qin’s little hands holding the hem of his shirt, and realized she must be terrified. Then, he sighed.

  ‘It’s Grandpa’s fault, Sangyu Qin. You didn’t do anything wrong, and there’s no need to say sorry. Much less...’

  While speaking of this, he flashed a cold light in his eyes. He knew his grandpa always had a good figure. It’s so strange that Tian Lu would be sent to the hospital only due to some random words. Anyway, Tian Lu, who had stayed in the army for so many years, was surely able to bear that.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, I’m sorry. So sorry.’

  Sangyu Qin sank into a deep self-blame. She dropped her head, with her eyebrows knitted. At last, she clenched her teeth and said in a hoarse voice.

  ‘Let’s get divorced. I think the old man really hates me...’

  Liangcheng Lu was frozen all over. He lowered his head to look at her in silence. His eyesight was just like a net which wound Sangyu Qin up tightly. She could hardly breathe, and her face flushed quickly.

  ‘Never say that again.’

  Liangcheng Lu said coldly, with traces of iciness in his eyes. Then, he looked over at the door of the emergency room, as if he saw what had happened in there through the thin door plank.

  ‘I will never divorce you.’

  After a while, he added. With the expression in his eyes turning tender, he hanged up the corner of his lips slowly.

  ‘You are perfect. Be confident about yourself. The old man will accept you sooner or later.’

  Sangyu Qin, without uttering a single word, let go of his shirt and held his hand, as if she had received a huge inspiration in her heart.

  All this time, no one had ever said to her that she’s perfect. She’s an invisible person in Qin Family. The upper-class circle loathed and detested her. However, this man who’s the most respectable had told her seriously that she’s perfect.

  Those simple words served as the most beautiful love expression in the world.

  ‘You are also perfect. You are the best person I’ve ever known...’

  She lowered her head and murmured, with her hands holding his even more hardly.

  With a glimmer of smile flashing in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu’hummed gently. After that, he stopped talking.

  The people who were not far from them felt so sick that Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin acted so intimately, as if there’s no one else present. Song Lu’s face turned completely green. For all this time, he had been unconcerned about Liangcheng Lu. He admitted his son was an extraordinary man, but he couldn’t accept his child who came from a one-night sex. So, the only thing he could do was to ignore Liangcheng Lu.

  ‘Your grandpa is lying in the ward and you are flirting with the one who’s to be blame. Liangcheng Lu, do you even have any conscience?!’

  Song Lu barely talked to Liangcheng Lu. Actually, over twenty years, the words he had said to his son could even be counted on fingers.

  He opened his mouth at this time, merely because he couldn’t bear it anymore.

  With his face covered by indifference, Liangcheng Lu lighted his hawk-like eyes on Song Lu.

  ‘You know better than I do what kind of condition Grandpa is in.’

  Those unreserved words made the looks on Song Lu’s face stiff. Anger gathered in his heart, and he couldn’t let it out.

  Song Lu’s clear that the old man, strong as he was, would not fall ill due to Sangyu Qin’s simple words. After all, he, who had experienced so many tough situations, would never be taken down by such a little provocation. Thus, he must be pretending now. What he wanted was jeopardizing the relationship between Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin.

  ‘This is your attitude toward me?’

  Song Lu’s face became even more sullen. It seemed like Liangcheng Lu treated him like nobody because Song Lu, as a father, hadn’t disciplined his son for so many years.

  ‘I am protecting my wife. Since I got married with her, I have to protect her from any grievance.’

  Liangcheng Lu kept his voice flat. However, the words he had said was pretty clear, as if he was making a big promise, which made Sangyu Qin who raised her head blushed.

  With his eyes narrowed slowly, Song Lu snorted and stopped talking. After all, Liangcheng Lu’s his son. No matter how much he didn’t like Liangcheng Lu, he couldn’t say anything sharper to hurt his own son. So, he could do nothing but choke with resentment and look away from Liangcheng Lu.

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