Chapter 82 Fight the old man back

  Sangyu Qin’s mood became stable instantly, and then she let out a breath slowly. However, seeing the iron gate of the Lu’s house become nearer and nearer to her, she began to grow sweats in her palms.

  That high iron gate was just like the cold face of Liangcheng Lu’s grandpa, which was staring at her fiercely, as if it was about to swallow her.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu...Why don’t...why don’t we come visit the old man on another day?’

  Sangyu Qin felt extremely dry in her mouth, and almost all of the water vaporin her body was evaporated. Her face turned deadly red.

  Liangcheng Lu looked at her, with his eyebrows raised, and found her face so cute. Then, he curved the corner of his mouth.

  ‘If you are scared of his, just try not to talk so much later.’

  Sangyu Qin still felt nervous. After all, the old man had sent people to assassinate her twice. How much hatred he had for her! If she did anything wrong this time, she might be ripped off.

  She looked at Liangcheng Lu, with her head raised, and said raucously.

  ‘Honey, please help me.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s heart softened and became warm due to her cute looks. Then, he reached his hand and touched her head, with indulgence in his eyes.

  ‘Whom else will I help, dear.’

  Sangyu Qin felt content at once. Having taken a deep breath slowly, she followed him out of the car.

  ‘Mr. Lu.’

  All the bodyguards at the door bowed to Liangcheng Lu and subconsciously ignored Sangyu Qin who was beside him. After all, they all knew the old man hadn’t accepted Sangyu Qin yet.

  With his face creasing by a scowl, Liangcheng Lu watched those people who lowered their heads calmly. Then, he pinched Sangyu Qin’s earlobes, while the words coming out from his mouth were just like the cold thorn stabbing into those people’s hearts.

  ‘Are you blind?’

  The bodyguards were freaked out, with their foreheads beginning to sweat. Then, they curled the corner of their lips and added immediately.

  ‘Mrs. Lu.’

  Only until then did Liangcheng Lu flash a trace of satisfaction in his eyes. He gradually held Sangyu Qin’s hands tightly.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  A strange feeling rose up in Sangyu Qin’s heart, as she was watching the view of his back. It’s a bit sweet and a bit sour.

  After the door bell had rung, the door of the hall was opened by the nanny. After that, Liangcheng Lu held Sangyu Qin’s hands plainly and entered in theroom. The people of Lu Family sitting there all changed their facial expressions, which was kind of dramatic.

  ‘Cheng, you should feel bashful by holding Sangyu like this. Come here, come here.’

  Bizhi Shen opened her mouth firstly. Seeing the rigid face of her husband, she sighed. Everyone knew her grandson was warning them.

  Xiao Lu who sat beside her snorted and turned her head to ignore them.

  Yan Bai’s face was also frozen. She had reminded Sangyu Qin last time, but Sangyu Qin still got so close with Liangcheng Lu. Then, she compressed her lips grimly.

  Sangyu Qin felt too awkward to say anything, because for her, the whole aura in the living room changed. She wanted to get rid off Liangcheng Lu’s hand, but was held by him peremptorily. Then, they walked over there.

  ‘Grandpa, Grandma, Dad, Mom.’

  She called them one by one. After that, she was led to sit down by the side; for her, there seemed to be a nail on the chair. She admired Liangcheng Lu so much that he, faced by such aggressive eyesight of the old man, could remain so calm.

  Tian Lu’s face was full of gloom. He knew his grandson was trying to tell them. Then, he snorted.

  ‘Haven’t I told you not to bring this woman here?’

  His slightly sarcastic voice and super repugnant eyesight made Sangyu Qin doubt if she had done something heinous, so that the old man hated her so much.

  ‘She is my wife, and she will be wherever I be. Her name was already registered on my residence booklet. Grandpa, if you do not accept her as a member of Lu Family, you might as well have denied me.’

  Liangcheng Lu said coldly, with no expression on his face. He held one of Sangyu Qin’s hands under the cover of the table cloth, and patted her slowly as a comfort.

  ‘How daring you are!’

  Tian Lu’s face was full of rage. This was the first time his grandson ever disobeyed him. With the muscle on his face tightened, he lighted his oppressive eyes on Sangyu Qin.

  ‘How daring you are to talk to your grandpa in such a rude manner, for this woman?!’

  Being scowled at by Tian Lu with his vicious eyes, Sangyu Qin felt so scared deep in her heart. She knew the old man had a strong aura, but little did she know that it’s that strong. She felt that she was going to be torn apart due to his eye-scanning, which made her uncomfortable all over.

  The aura was frozen. Liangcheng Lu and Tian Lu stared at each other, and neither of them would like to take a step back.

  ‘Come on. It’s hard for Cheng to come back to have a meal with us. What are you doing right now, old man?’

  Bizhi Shen broke the ice instantly and dragged one of Tian Lu’s sleeves, with reproachful looks on her face.

  ‘Sit down. Let’s not put our hands in the children’s affairs. Let them mind their own business.’

  Anyway, Tian Lu found way to give himself a way out. Then, he snorted and sat on the chair, without saying any more.

  With his eyes sparkling, Liangcheng Lu reached a finger secretly to scratch Sangyu Qin’s palm. Sangyu Qin was speechless. How could this man have a mood of teasing her, while the old man had flew into a rage?

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, you are just that kind of a man who forgets his own families after getting married. Lu Family has raised an ungrateful person indeed.’

  Xiao Lu who was sitting on the chair couldn’t help but say cynically. After that, she looked at Liangcheng Lu, with the corner of her mouth hanged up slightly. However, he nailed his eyes on Sangyu Qin, as if he hadn’t heard anything.

  Xiao Lu felt aggrieved all of a sudden. This guy had always regarded her as an invisible person. The feeling of being ignored all the time was so unpleasant.

  ‘Have a taste of this.’

  Liangcheng Lu served a piece of ribs in Sangyu Qin’s bowl and picked the bone out for her carefully.

  Sangyu Qin looked into her bowl and raised her head to look at Liangcheng Lu who was eating quietly. Right now, he was being spoiled, which made her feel so sweet deep inside.

  However, when she tried to pick up a piece of ribs for Liangcheng Lu, the old man’s angry words came through.


  The rib Sangyu Qin had picked up dropped on the table at once, with a loud crash. Her face was a bit pale. She wouldn’t feel anything if others said she’s shameless, because that would not cut her flesh or something. However, this man was Liangcheng Lu’s grandfather. As a result, her heart seemed to be pricked by needles.

  Respect should be a mutual thing. She knew no matter how respectful she was to the old man, he wouldn’t treat her any nicer. Then, she curled the corner of her lips and tightened her chopsticks. After that, she picked up another piece of the ribs tardily.

  ‘I’m serving dishes for my own husband. It’s not shameless at all. Grandpa, you have served the military, so I have some questions for you. Have I broken any law? Have I done anything unethical? If not, you are taking advantage of your seniority by insulting me randomly, aren’t you?’

  The room became deadly quiet, the moment she finished her words.

  Tian Lu shrank his pupils. When he came back to sense, he almost suffocated out of anger and coughed several times.

  ‘Sangyu Qin,’

  However, he, after uttering the word ‘you’for a long time, could hardly spit out a complete sentence, as if his throat was being clogged by something.

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