Chapter 81 You are the most awesome man in the world

  ‘The money belongs to Sangyu Qin.’

  Liangcheng Lu said coldly. Yu Mo, who got frozen all over his body, made a bow there right away.

  ‘I can assure you, Boss, that I’ll catch that stupid robber in two hours!’

  On these words, Yu Mo went out valiantly. ‘Of course.’He thought. Everybody knew Boss Liangcheng Lu loved Miss Qin so dearly, as if she’s his eyes. Liangcheng Lu could even search City G inside out for that shabby purse of Sangyu Qin, which was worth only a few dozen yuan, let alone thirty thousands yuan.

  After Yu Mo had left, Sangyu Qin still found this thing so troublesome. She also heard what Yu Mo had said. The payment for the men hired by Liangcheng Lu must be high. This mission could cost hundreds of thousands yuan.

  ‘Well, let’s just leave it, if it’ll cause too much trouble. It’s just thirty thousands yuan...’

  However, Liangcheng Lu turned his head to look at her coolly, and snorted.

  ‘To me, it’s just thirty thousands yuan. To you, that’s everything you have.’

  Sangyu Qin blushed. It’s true that she’s poor, but it’s awkward that Liangcheng Lu said it out straightforwardly.

  ‘All right. Just wait it here.’

  Liangcheng Lu said calmly. Thinking that the robber had almost hurt Sangyu Qin, he wished to fly there and bring that guy to justice.

  Sangyu Qin, feeling a bit touched, didn’t even know what to say. So, she sat by his side. She took over the newspapers beside her to read and cut the possibility of saying something, in order to avoid the awkwardness between them.

  Yu Mo did exactly what he had said. He came back right after the minute hand on the clock had spun two rounds.

  ‘Miss, here’s your purse.’

  Yu Mo gave the handbag back to Sangyu Qin with all the money - thirty thousands yuan.

  With a pleased look on her face, Sangyu Qin rummaged other stuffs inside and found them also in good order.

  ‘Yu Mo, thank you. Thank you so much.’

  The minute she finished saying this, she felt the aura a bit cold. She shrank her neck. Then, she turned her head and found Liangcheng Lu’s gloomy face.

  Yu Mo didn’t dare to take the credit of Boss Liangcheng Lu. Also, he was afraid that this jealous man would come after him afterwards. Then, he took a few steps back.

  ‘I have nothing to be thanked for. It’s all Boss’s credit. Miss Qin, you should thank him.’

  Sangyu Qin, having realized she had something wrong, gave a beaming smile to Liangcheng Lu immediately.

  ‘Honey, thank you very much! You are the most awesome man in the world!’

  With the corner of his mouth hanged up, Liangcheng Lu hummed pridefully and waved his hand. Then, he spitted out two words.

  ‘Easy thing.’

  Sangyu Qin found him funny and annoying. Meanwhile, she realized now that the money’s back, she could return it to Qian Yun. Then, she took out her purse immediately.

  Qian Yun had thought this person wouldn’t be able to pay her back. However, when she saw the cash of thirty thousands yuan on her desk, she looked at Sangyu Qin surprisingly.

  ‘Qin, didn’t you just tell me you had been robbed?’

  There’s an awkward smile on Sangyu Qin’s face. She believed no one would trust her story. But she told it to Qian Yun anyway.

  ‘The robber has been found, and the money’s back. Thank you, Qian Yun.’

  Seeing the shabby purse in Sangyu Qin’s hands, Qian Yun showed more sarcasm in her eyes. ‘Although Sangyu Qin had been with Boss Liangcheng Lu for so long, but she couldn’t even afford such a luxurious handbag. Liangcheng Lu must treat her randomly.’Qian Yun thought.

  Little did she know that all the limited-edition handbags Liangcheng Lu had bought for Sangyu Qin were filling a wall . It’s just that Sangyu Qin didn’t like to show those things off in the office.

  After all, everyone knew Qin Family had gone broke and Sangyu Qin’s badly off.

  How could she, a poor lady, buy luxurious goods?!

  She didn’t want others to think she was engaging in some indecent affairs.

  ‘Qin, why don’t you put on the new dress? I found it pretty nice.’

  Qian Yun, who continued talking, found the reluctantlooks on Sangyu Qin’s face. Qian Yun thought maybe Boss Liangcheng Lu had abused Sangyu Qin. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth.

  Sangyu Qin did have some difficulties in responding Qian Yun. Since that dress had been thrown away by that spendthrift Liangcheng Lu the moment she took it home, she could never wear it.

  ‘I tried it on last night, and found it’s not that fit. I need to lose some weight and then put it on.’

  Qian Yun didn’t believe Sangyu Qin’s bullshit at all. She thought it’s because Sangyu Qin, who had never wore a dress which was worth tens of thousands yuan, grudged wearing it in public; that dress was treasured up in the house. Then, Qin Yun hanged up the corner of her mouth sarcastically. However, the trace of sarcasm disappeared immediately.

  ‘All right, Qin. I’m looking forward to seeing you in that dress.’

  Sangyu Qin got relieved. If Qian Yun knew the dress was thrown away, she would not feel happy either. After all, that’s the thing Qian Yun had picked up herself.

  Sangyu Qin returned to her seat. Since this thing had been solved, she felt delight again.

  However, when she turned on her phone, she was shocked by the messages on it. It turned out that lots of people wanted to buy the stuffs she had uploaded on the Internet.

  ‘I’m going to be rich. I’m going to be rich.’

  Sangyu Qin thought of that. Then, she started to make deals cheerily at once. She managed to complete as many as 50 transactions in just one day.

  ‘It’s true that all the girls love these kinds of stuffs.’

  She sighed and said, thinking that the luxuries were truly welcomed. Each girl favors lipsticks, handbags or make-ups; the only matter was whether she could afford it. Even a girl like her who never did make-ups wished to store dozens of lipsticks in her dresser.

  It’s the women’s nature of shopping binge, and the woman who didn’t agree hasn’treleased herself yet.

  After she had finished all the deals, she stretched herself and planed to stand up. Then, she felt someone pressing on her shoulders.

  ‘We’ll have dinner tonight at Lu’s house.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice was slight.

  The fine hairsall over Sangyu Qin’s body stood up. Since Liangcheng Lu’s grandpa hated her so much, it would be like being in the line of fire by going to Lu’s house...

  ‘I just remembered I have something to do at night. So I cannot go with you.’

  ‘Do what?’

  Liangcheng Lu approached her suddenly. And Sangyu Qin’s eyesight began to dodge, because of her guilty conscience.

  ‘Just...just something big. Anyway, I just can’t go to Lu’s house.’

  ‘It’ll have to wait.’

  As saying this, Liangcheng Lu grabbed her back neck. As a result, Sangyu Qin couldn’t move a bit right away.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, I really don’t want to go to Lu’s house. You know, the old man doesn’t like me.’

  Sangyu Qin started to struggle. However, Liangcheng Lu carried her to the car, without giving her any change to flee.

  Sangyu Qin sighed and sat on the seat. Seeing the car getting closer and closer to Lu’s house, she felt more and more panicky. In her eyes, the Lu’s house was a beast nest where she would be swallowed.

  ‘We haven’t eaten together in the old house since Grandpa’s back. Grandma asked me to come with you deliberately.’

  Hearing what Liangcheng Lu had said, Sangyu Qin curled her lips. How she wished the people in Lu Family could forget about her and let her live at ease for two years.

  ‘Don’t be afraid.’

  Liangcheng Lu held her hands and watched her gently.

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