Chapter 27 Threaten with a knife

  Hardly had her voice faded away, Miao Du, with her face turning pale, interrupted her immediately.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, it’s evil enough for you to threaten your father with a knife! Now you even frame my daughter and me! We have fed you for all these years and that’s how you pay us back?!’

  How Miao Du, with her eyes clogged with hatred, wished to cut Sangyu Qin into pieces with her eyes clogged with hate!

  Sangyu Qin didn’t utter a single word. The knife she put on Baiqiang Qin’s neck didn’t take back for one inch. She looked at the bodyguards in Qin Family coldly.

  ‘I don’t want to waste my time. Back off!’

  The bodyguards in Qin Family didn’t dare to move. Baiqiang Qin sweated all over his body, with his lips trembling.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you will never be admitted by Qin Family the moment you step out of the door.’

  A sneer appeared on Sangyu Qin’s mouth.

  ‘That’s my dream.’

  She threatened Baiqiang Qin to go out and happened to see Yu Mo’s car outside. With a flash of light in her eyes, she pushed Baiqiang Qin right away.

  Baiqiang Qin was meant to make Sangyu Qin suffer from what she did. However, he shut his mouth instantly, when he saw that car. Momo Qin and Miao Du had to hold the grudge too.


  Sangyu Qin opened the car door. She looked back and found the hatred in the eyes of the people in Qin Family. She, curling her lips, really admired herself, because she was able to grow up while enduring all the humiliation in such a family.

  ‘Miss Qin, shall we leave now?’

  Yu Mo asked. This morning when she went out, she informed him in advance to let him pick her up.

  ‘Let’s go.’

  Sangyu Qin felt a little bit tired. From now on, she’s completely separated from Qin Family. As long as they do not provoke her, she could forget about all the drama they had before.

  However, Momo Qin and Miao Du were no way generous persons. They got extremely mad after Sangyu Qin left and broke all the china in the living room to pieces.

  ‘Sangyu Qin was outrageous. She hasn’t got the support of all the people in Lu Family yet. However, she has presumed her power of Mrs. Lu! I just can not bear it!’

  Momo Qin, tightening her fist, said it bitterly. Her fingernails were inserted in her flesh and her palm was badly mutilated instantly.

  The place where Sangyu Qin hit on her face was still aching and her face was swollen, just like a steamed bun. How could she tolerate that?

  Baiqiang Qin who was still suffering from the shock didn’t say anything. He couldn’t believe that his own daughter would use a knife to threaten him.

  He, with traces of gloom in his eyes, looked up at Momo Qin who was still soliloquizing. He had to think about what Sangyu Qin just said. If he raised a daughter for another person, that would be his shame.

  ‘Momo, go to the hospital with me tomorrow.’

  Miao Du who stood aside felt guilty in the first place. Hearing Baiqiang Qin’s words, she raised her voice immediately.

  ‘You believe that bitch Sangyu Qin?! She just wanted to sow discord among us! I’m telling you this Baiqiang Qin! I’ll definitely divorce you if you take Momo to the hospital!!’

  All these years, Miao Du had already taken control of Baiqiang Qin. The moment he heard that she’s going to divorce, he got scared.

  ‘That’s fine. I won’t go. Honey, you are advanced in years. Do not be childish and talk about “divorce”all the time.’

  Miao Du had managed to become Mrs. Lu so quickly, which meant that she does have some serious skills. At least, she did devote for the family all these years.

  Seeing Baiqiang Qin makinga concession, Miao Du didn’t want to bite it too tightly. She turned an aggrieved posture at once.

  ‘I was just driven crazy by Sangyu Qin today. My dear, I’ll never let her off. Just look at Momo’s face. How swollen it is!’

  On these words, she winked at Momo Qin.

  Momo Qin took it in immediately and started to cry pitifully.

  ‘Purr, dad, you have favoured me since my childhood. I have never suffered anything like this. It’s bad enough that Sangyu Qin had stolen my happiness. Now she even hit me. I can not live anymore!’

  As saying this, she intended to hit on the pillar near her, but was held back by Baiqiang Qin quickly.

  ‘We have lots of chances to take down Sangyu Qin. We’ll just let her be pleased with herself for a while. Momo, if you want to marry in a decent family, daddy will pick one for you. There are lots of good men out there besides Liangcheng Lu.’

  A gleam of cold light flashed in Momo Qin’s eyes. No one deserves her except for Liangcheng Lu!

  ‘Dad, I just want to be Mrs. Lu.’

  ‘Fine, let me figure out something for you.’

  Baiqiang Qin consented without much deliberation. He loved dearly of this daughter.

  Momo Qin and Miao Du made an eye contact and saw the satisfaction in each other’s eyes.

  Sangyu Qin went back to Lu’s house after leaving Qin’s house.

  Liangcheng Lu was still at the company. She, happy to be free, lay on the couch to watch TV.

  That lion walked downstairs gently after a short while and jumped onto the couch neatly. It stretched its front two legs and stared at the screen fixedly.

  Sangyu Qin found that amazing. Is this lion capable of understanding what’s in the television? She changed a channel quietly. When she heard the roar from the lion, she changed it back instantly, feeling grouchy.

  When Liangcheng Lu was at home, she was bullied by him. Now he left and the lion became her new master. That’s just so wrong.

  Complaining this, she heard the sound at the door. She turned her head and found that Liangcheng Lu came back. It’s wired that this guy came home so early today.

  Liangcheng Lu put down his coat. When he was reviewing the documents in the company, he suddenly remembered that today is the day they should come back to Qin Family. This woman might be cut into pieces if she comes back. So he came back hurriedly.

  However, seeing Sangyu Qin lay on the couch lazily, he frowned.

  ‘Why are you here?’

  Sangyu Qin didn’t understand what he means at all.

  ‘Or where else should I be?’

  Liangcheng Lu came forward at that time. He got relieved when seeing that there’s no injury on her body.

  The lion jumped down fawningly from the couch and started to rub his legs. Sangyu Qin couldn’t stand the sight of that scene and moved her eyesight slowly.

  ‘Go to Tiancheng tomorrow. Anything you do not understand, ask Yu Mo.’

  Sangyu Qin nodded and expected nothing more coming from this man’s mouth.

  That’s Liangcheng Lu. He never said a single nonsense.

  Sangyu Qin took a pile of documents about Tiancheng from Yu Mo at dinner. She came back to her room after dinner and found that the bed in her room had been changed. This one was more girlish. The mattress was soft. Lying on it was just like lying in a ball of cotton.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, you have some conscience after all.’

  Sangyu Qin said it uncomfortably and started to read the documents.

  The more she read, the more she could feel terrified of Liangcheng Lu. His company had involved in film and TV, luxury goods, medical care and many other industries. What’s more, the company had registered impressive achievements in every aspect. That’s really marvelous. Liangcheng Lu who stood on the top of all of this could surely be called a legend.

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