Chapter 26 Back to Qin Family

  With her eyes filled with unwillingness, Momo Qin crushed the grapes in her hands, and as a result, lots of purple juice spilled.

  Miao Du patted her shoulder soothingly.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, with a short-lived look, would never have the chance to enjoy such a well-off life. Momo, do not be discouraged. What Mr. Lu values is just her face. She will definitely be kicked out by Mr. Lu if we destroy her face.’

  A vicious expression flashed in Miao Du’s eyes. She would never allow the ex-wife’s daughter to climb to such a high position.

  Momo Qin sighed and took a look at Miao Du secretly.

  ‘Mom, she is being protected by Mr. Lu right now. Last time on the street, she even humiliated me hardly. As I see it, she has considered herself a queen.’

  Miao Du, with a smile on her face, brushed Momo Qin’s hair.

  ‘Sangyu Qin’s always the frumpy one. Even if she could be admitted by Mr. Lu, do not forget that there are still lots of people in Lu Family and anyone of them could make her life miserable. We are not so sure if she could survive that.’

  Hearing this, Momo Qin smiled slowly, with a gleam of excitement in her eyes.

  That’s right. There are so many people in Lu Family and that vulgar Sangyu Qin would never live at ease.

  After a short while, they both got dressed up and waited for Sangyu Qin.

  They had undoubtedly agreed on having a meal at 10 o’clock. However, they waited and waited, and Sangyu Qin didn’t show up.

  The people in Qin Family didn’t dare to eat the meal in case Mr. Lu would get angry when he arrived. So, although they were awfully hungry, they had to pretend a graceful posture.

  Three hours later, Sangyu Qin came with her little purse held in her arm and blinked innocently when seeing the livid looks of the people in Qin Family.

  ‘Sorry, I’m late.’

  Baiqiang Qin looked at the place behind her and found that Mr. Lu didn’t show up. He held the grudge and clenched his teeth.

  ‘Where’s Mr. Lu?’

  ‘Mr. Lu? He’s not coming.’

  Sangyu Qin sat down on the table as saying this. She picked up the chopsticks naturally, and then tried every dish on the table.

  ‘I don’t remember that Qin Family had such a wonderful meal before. Daddy, thanks for bothering.’

  It would be better if she just kept silent. The moment she opened her mouth, those three people flew into a rage.

  ‘Sangyu Qin!!’

  Momo Qin shouted with her hands raised and tried to slap Sangyu Qin. However, she, having starved the whole morning, didn’t have any strength. Then her wrist was held by Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Sister, what are you doing by staging a war the moment we met?’

  On these words, Sangyu Qin, with a gleam of fierce light in her eyes, pushed Momo Qin away.

  Momo Qin, with her chest up and down, fell violently out of anger. She just hated Sangyu Qin’s high-above attitude.

  ‘Mr. Lu doesn’t even want to accompany you to our home, which means that your status in Lu Family is just so-so. Sangyu Qin, do you think you deserve all of us waiting for you?’

  Sangyu Qin snorted and watched the delicious dishes on the table, with the corner of her mouth hanging up.

  ‘Sister, you know for yourself that whether you guys were waiting for me.’

  Miao Du was furious too. She thought that Mr. Lu would come today. She and Momo Qin began to pick what to wear early in the morning. Instead, only this bitch Sangyu Qin showed up, after they had starved for so long.

  However, she managed to control her anger at this moment. She clenched her teeth and winked at Momo Qin.

  Momo Qin understood immediately. She didn’t want to fight with Sangyu Qin. After all, if she wants to get in the social circle of Mr. Lu, she will need Sangyu Qin.’

  They both eased the expression on their faces.

  ‘Sangyu, we know that Mr. Lu’s busy. This time we waited for you deliberately. I guess you are hungry, Come on, Have a rib.’

  Saying this, Miao Du put a piece of spareribs with brown sauce into Sangyu Qin’s bowl.

  Sangyu Qin didn’t touch her chopsticks. She observed that the throats of the people in Qin Family rolled up and down. Then the corner of her mouth hanged up.

  ‘I’m not hungry. I’ve already eaten outside.’

  What she just said made the aura frozen. They had agreed to have a meal together at Qin’s house. However, she had eaten outside without telling them, which had made them wait for 3 hours in vain and starve to death.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you bitch!!’

  Momo Qin, who had been spoiled all along, never felt wronged this much. She stood up and pounced on Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin dodged herself and slapped her straightly.

  ‘Nobody can be bitchier than your mother and you! Momo Qin, this slap is for the university I missed!’

  Sangyu Qin didn’t show any mercy, and Momo Qin’s face became swollen.

  Momo Qin turned away her face, with the corner of her mouth bleeding.

  Miao Du just couldn’t stay calm anymore when seeing this.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, what on earth are you doing?!’

  Miao Du stood up straightly. However, Sangyu Qin turned over all the chopsticks and bowls on the table to the ground almost without any hesitation. Then she threw a bowl of soup to Miao Du’s head.

  ‘Mrs. Du, this is for your special care for me of all these years.’

  Sangyu Qin must be insane!

  Miao Du clenched her teeth, with her cheek tightened hardly. If she can tolerate that, then she’s not Miao Du anymore.

  ‘Bodyguards!! Tie her up! I’ll teach this little slut a lesson for her dead mother!’

  In no time, a few bodyguards rushed in from outside and stared at Sangyu Qin fiercely.

  Momo Qin, standing beside Miao Du, came back to earth too. She touched her face, with malevolence in her eyes.

  Sangyu Qin raised her eyebrows. She took the knife on the table just now. Without Liangcheng Lu being here, she wouldn’t like to hand her over to these people.

  ‘Do not come over!’

  She pulled Baiqiang Qin over and put the knife against his neck, with a determined expression flashing in her eyes.

  Baiqiang Qin’s physiquedeclined due to all these years’indulgence in dissipation. Additionally, he had been starved the whole morning. He’s lack of strength now. So he was taken by Sangyu Qin successfully. His face turned pale when seeing the knife against his neck.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, what are you going to do? This is a monstrous crime!!’

  Sangyu Qin snorted and glanced at him.

  ‘A Monstrous crime? I don’t have a daddy like you. Let them stand down. Otherwise, I’ll cut your throat. My husband is Liangcheng Lu now. He has thousands of means to help me. You, on the other hand, is not in the same situation. Qin’s company depends entirely on you. If you die, those shareholders will embezzle Qin’s company at once. Baiqiang Qin. Let them back off now!’

  With his lips completely dried, Baiqiang Qin was frightened to death. This daughter used to be obedient. It’s only a few days she came to Lu Family, she became this ruthless. He bit his teeth. She’s right. If he dies, those shareholders will definitely embezzle the whole company.

  ‘Back off!’

  He shouted. Nevertheless, Momo Qin who was slapped by Sangyu Qin was so not willing to let it go. She cried at once.

  ‘No back off! You guys, go there and kill Sangyu Qin!’

  Sangyu Qin laughed grimly and looked at Baiqiang Qin sympathetically.

  ‘That’s the daughter you love more than anyone. Baiqiang Qin, you should make a paternity test to see if she really is your child.’

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