Chapter 25 See you, my dear, XOXO

  She didn’t like the shower gel. She always used goat’s milk soap since childhood. That’s why her skin’s brighter than others.


  She, entranced as she was, didn’t hear Liangcheng Lu entering her room and calling her. When she came back to earth, the soap in her hands already fell in the bathtub.

  Sangyu Qin reached her hands to pick it up. However, due to the bubbles on the water and the redness on her face caused by the water vapor, she was seemed to be doing something indescribable.

  ‘It never occurred to me that you had been this horny.’

  When the sneering voice came through, Sangyu Qin looked over with the same posture and didn’t know when Liangcheng Lu had already stood beside her. He stared at the hand of hers in the water, with full of gird on his face.

  Sangyu Qin stunned. What the hell did this bastard think she was doing...

  She was just picking up a soap!

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, do not use your dirty thoughts to conjecture others!’

  She grabbed the soap at that moment and threw to Liangcheng Lu’s face directly.

  Liangcheng Lu moved his head to dodge, and suddenly tightened his pupil.

  It turned out that Sangyu Qin, too emotional to forget thatshe was bathing, stood up right away. She rested her arms on the hips and stared at Liangcheng Lu ferociously.

  Liangcheng Lu’s face flushed strangely. He had already seen this woman from head to foot. However, in a steaming bathroom like this, she’s like an enchantress getting out of the water. He moved his eyesight at once.


  After spitting the word, he turned away and almost fled.

  Only until then did Sangyu Qin realize what had happened. She looked down on her body and squatted immediately. She felt a huge sense of shame and flushed to her neck.

  She pounded on the water severely. Why was her intelligence not enough to deal with Liangcheng Lu every time?

  Finishing the shower tardily, she saw a contract on her bed which should be brought by Liangcheng Lu just now.

  She sighed and signed her name on it. It seemed that she would submit her resignation tomorrow.

  Thinking of this, she threw herself entirely on the bed and watched the ceiling blankly. She recalled Liangcheng Lu’s word - shameless and flushed. Then she laughed out and rolled herself on the bed over and over again.

  Liangcheng Lu happened to hold a glass of water to go upstairs. His face wasn’t that red anymore. Hearing the laugh from the next door, his hands which held the glass tightened.

  ‘Boss, what’s wrong?’

  Yu Mo heard Sangyu Qin’s laughter too. But he didn’t think it’s a big deal.

  ‘Draw the bed in her room away tomorrow.’

  ‘If... I draw the bed away, Miss Qin would sleep on the floor...’

  Yu Mo, confused as he was, watched Liangcheng Lu, not knowing what was this man thinking.

  Liangcheng Lu snorted and opened his door with his right hand.

  ‘Maybe she loves sleeping on the floor.’


  He shut the door straightly and blocked Yu Mo outside.

  Yu Mo didn’t even know why Liangcheng Lu was angry. He just said they were going to talk about the affairs of the company. Now he was locked by Liangcheng Lu outside.

  He sighed and turned to go downstairs to his own room.

  The second day, Sangyu Qin got up early. She sat on the dinning table tractably and ate breakfast with Liangcheng Lu.

  After the meal, she stepped onto Liangcheng Lu’s car and looked at him with a smile.

  ‘Honey, I’ll get off at the place where I got off last time.’

  Liangcheng Lu, without any response, red the papers in his hands seriously.

  Seeing this, Yu Mo understood that his boss didn’t plan to drive her away. Then he stamped on the accelerator and drove the car. He stopped at the same place as last time.

  ‘Miss Qin, we are here.’

  Sangyu Qin turned her head and glanced at Liangcheng Lu, then approached intimately.

  ‘Honey, I’m leaving.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s hands which were holding the papers suddenly tightened. What’s wrong with this woman?

  Sangyu Qin got out of the car. She waved her hands fawningly.

  ‘See you, my dear, XOXO.’

  Yu Mo on the car felt a burst of coldness and had goose bumps all over his arms. He turned his head absurdly and watched his boss, He found that Liangcheng Lu was staring at the documents calmly. He concluded that no wonder why his boss is the boss - just his composure would far exceed ordinary people.

  ‘Boss, do I still need to pull away the bed in Miss Qin’s room?’

  He asked tentatively and felt that this thing might be changed.

  ‘Yes, change a better one.’

  Liangcheng Lu said gently.

  Yu Mo curved his lips. Both of them were abnormal.

  He turned himself and continued to drive the car, thinking that maybe Miss Qin could finally open his boss’s heart which was closed for so long.

  On the other side, Sangyu Qin arrived at the company. How she wished to give Mr. Zhang a few slaps on his face when thinking of what happened last night.

  ‘Mr. Zhang, here is my resignation.’

  She submitted the resignation and saw the sweats all over his pale face. Then her eyes were filled with sarcasm.

  Mr. Zhang was indeed scared. It never occurred to him that Sangyu Qin would marry to Liangcheng Lu and Liangcheng Lu was so protective of her.

  ‘Sangyu, what happened last night was completely a mistake. I stopped Mr. Bai myself, but he just didn’t listen to me. I just...’

  Sangyu Qin interrupted him without letting him finish.

  ‘Mr. Zhang, you are even worse than Mr. Bai. At least he had the courage to take the blame for what he did. By contrast, you disown everything you did shamelessly.

  Mr. Zhang clenched his fist, with his face blanched and livid. Sangyu Qin really turned bold, with someone backing her up.

  ‘I heard that Mr. Bai is a snorty person. I guess that your small company wouldn’t last for long. Anyway, may you close down for good.’

  On these words, Sangyu Qin turned away and left. Mr. Zhang was almost mad to death.

  Sangyu Qin took out her credit card after returning to Liangcheng Lu’s villa and calculated how much money in it carefully. At last, she fell on the couch frustratedly. The money could only support her for two or three months even if she lived frugally. If Liangcheng Lu’s company drove her out, she would have to find a new job, which was really annoying.

  It looked like she would only live in her good days if she coaxed that master into good humour.

  Because it was just the time to go back to Qin Family, she didn’t report for duty in Liangcheng Lu’s company. Instead, she dressed up thoroughly and planned to go to Qin’s house. The people in Qin Family might be so eager to see her.

  Liangcheng Lu never spoke of going back to Qin Family. Sangyu Qin thought this guy might forget about this completely, so she didn’t remind him at all. She started to primp early in the morning and decided to rush to Qin Family.

  Momo Qin at this moment was expecting too. She was about to see Liangcheng Lu straightaway. Thinking of this, she couldn’t help flushing.

  ‘Mom, I saw that Sangyu Qin lived perfectly fine in Lu Family. I assumed that the rumors about Mr. Lu were all fake ones. He’s actually a tender man. I’m just so not reconciled to be defeated by Sangyu Qin.’

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