Chapter 23 Back her up.

  Mr. Zhang, pale with fright, rebuked Sangyu Qin angrily instantly.

  ‘What the hell are you doing?!’

  Sangyu Qin rubbed her wrist and didn’t say anything. She trembled with rage.

  It was deadly quiet in the room. Liang Bai was tonight’s main figure and also the character lots of companies wished to adulate. Those who wanted to cooperate with Bai Family were extremely anxious to collect all kinds of women to please him. However, the slap from Sangyu served as a blight upon Mr. Zhang’s hopes.

  Liang Bai’s not willing to let it go. For a man in a position like him, he was flattered everywhere he went. How could this nameless woman just slap him on the face?


  He straightly pulled up Sangyu Qin’s hair and stared at her ruthlessly.

  ‘You bitch, do you know who I am?!’

  Sangyu Qin felt that her scalp was being ripped off now. She just tried to win credit for herself, instead of making sex sells.

  ‘Let go of me!’

  She, without showing any trace of weakness, tried to push Liang Bai away. But some bodyguards approached instantly and held her down.

  No one on the spot stood up for Sangyu Qin. Instead, everyone loved to see her confounded appearance.


  Liang Bai squatted down and tore Sangyu Qin’s dress to her thighs. His lips curled, when he saw the flustered impression on Sangyu Qin’s face.

  ‘I’ve seen so many women like you who pretend to be an innocent slut. Didn’t you dress up like this just to lure men?’

  On these words, he glanced at Mr. Zhang with scorn in his eyes.

  ‘I want this woman. You can have the project. But, this woman has to be my slave and serve me until I’m satisfied.’

  The moment he finished his words, there were discordant laughs on the scene. They seemed to be expecting what would happen to Sangyu Qin.

  A cold light flashed in Sangyu Qin’s eyes. She submitted to humiliation in Qin Family because she had to survive. Now she’s the wife of Liangcheng Lu. No one would dare to bully her!

  She lifted her leg and kicked Liang Bai’s dick.


  Liang Bai screamed miserably and got down to his knees at once.

  Everyone could feel the pain of that kick.

  ‘Purr, this woman is so cruel.’

  ‘She may not walk out of here tonight. Liang Bai has a reputation of vengeance.

  Someone nearby was whispering, and everyone was expecting to see this drama.

  ‘Take her... take her down...’

  Every word seemed to be squeezed out of Liang Bai’s teeth. His feet were still limp when someone else helped him up. Where Sangyu Qin had kicked was truly the most fragile place of men, and she showed no mercy to him.

  ‘Sangyu Qin!! Did you know how much trouble you just got me into tonight? Get down on your knees and apologize to Mr. Bai now!’

  Mr. Zhang shouted and wished to crush Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin was held by several bodyguards and curled her lips when she saw Liang Bai who was walking toward her.

  ‘Get down on my knees? I will never do that. My life is not in the hands of you.’

  Liang Bai smiled grimly when hearing her saying like this. He held her hair again and pinched her chin fiercely.

  ‘You will live if I say so; you will die if I say so. You said your life is not in the hands of me. Then whose hands it is?’

  As soon as Liang Bai stopped talking, everyone sneered at Sangyu Qin’s over-confident.

  In a place like city G, prestigious families could torture a person without any “tower of strength”, just like crushing an ant, not to mention that she’s just a woman from a wine party. Everyone knows that the women on the wine party could be priced and were just products indeed.

  When all the people were waiting to see what would happen next, a deep voice of a man came through.

  ‘When did Mr. Bai become so powerful to decide the life and death of my wife?!’

  The man’s voice was plain, but it made everyone on the spot frightened. They had heard this voice before. It belonged to Mr. Lu, the legendary ruthless Mr. Lu.

  Everyone nearly backed off reflexively. Liangcheng Lu walked in, with his eyesight straightly falling on Sangyu Qin’s face other than other places. His eyes were clogged with darkness when he saw her awkward position.

  ‘You treat me fiercely. A wuss in front of others?’

  He didn’t forget to taunt her even now.

  Sangyu Qin, with tears in her eyes all a sudden, seemed to be embarrassed every time in front of this man. She drew and retracted her lips. Asshole, why couldn’t he just let her feel better now?

  Liang Bai’s face turned pale the moment he saw Liangcheng Lu’s face. When he heard that this woman is Liangcheng Lu’s wife, he nearly knelt down on the floor.

  ‘Mr. Lu...’

  He couldn’t utter a single word. Nor did he beg for himself. Who didn’t know Liangcheng Lu in city G? His power was so untouchable.

  Liangcheng Lu smiled and walked toward Sangyu Qin. Then he helped her up gently.

  ‘I could bully her, but why the hell could you guys?’

  Those words lingered in the hall and all the people felt like there’s a mountain on their heads. They were paralyzed, with sweats fallingon the ground ceaselessly.

  Apparently, the power they possessed, compared with what washeld by Liangcheng Lu, was not worthwhile to talk about.

  Sangyu Qin felt a headache. However, when she heard what this man had said, she looked at him by instinct.

  No one had ever spoken for her before. The life she had at Qin Family was tough and she had to be particularly careful. She always knew how to make the people in Qin Family happy. And when they’re happy, she’ll live at ease.

  It’s a common occurrance that others bully her. She endured all the time, expecting that she would leave city G sooner or later. Instead, Liangcheng Lu told her that no one could bully her.

  ‘Mr. Lu, I didn’t know she’s your wife. I... didn’t mean to...’

  Liang Bai’s forehead was brimming over with sweats, and his legs and feet became limp. However, he still struggled to say this.

  All the people on the scene were afraid. This was the first time they were upfront Liangcheng Lu. Although they heard that Liangcheng Lu was heartless, they didn’t know that Liang Bai was just like “an ant”in front of him.

  ‘Didn’t mean to? My wife was humiliated and abused by you in public, and you told me you didn’t mean to. Liang Bai, do you think that I’ll forgive you?’

  Liangcheng Lu said calmly, while clearing up Sangyu Qin’s hair.

  Sangyu Qin stared at him straightly and only until then did she find that Liangcheng Lu was actually a responsible man. Even if he didn’t love her, he still protected her because they were legal couple.

  It’s the first time she ever felt the feeling of being protected.

  Liang Bai’s hands shook. With a flash of malevolence in his eyes, he grabbed a knife beside him and stabbed his own hand. He clenched his teeth and crashed the tendon of his hands.

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