Chapter 22 Dinner

  She had to admit that Liangcheng Lu just raised his status in her heart.

  Momo Qin, with her hands holding the steering wheel tightly, still tried to cotton up to Liangcheng Lu when she saw that car window slowly rolled up. She could hear Liangcheng Lu’s vague rebuke.

  ‘Do not get along with the riff-raffs!’


  When does she, Momo Qin, become a riff-raff?

  Momo Qin was mad to numb. But it was Liangcheng Lu who said that. She didn’t dare to fight back at all. So she could only take the beaten.

  Hearing what Liangcheng Lu said, Sangyu Qin tried so hard to stop smiling.

  It was only until the car window rolled up entirely did she laugh out loud.

  However, when the car reached the next intersection, Liangcheng Lu opened the car door and showed clearly that she should get off now.

  Sangyu Qin’s smiling lips curled at once. She actually thought this man had changed. Purr...

  She took her purse and got off the car. Luckily, this place’s not far from her company anyway. It’ll only take 10 minutes to get there on foot.

  At the same time, Liangcheng Lu put aside all the papers in his hands and remained silence with his eyes watching outside the car.

  Yu Mo didn’t quite understand his boss. Just now, he was waiting for Miss Qin on purpose. Why didn’t he let her get in the car?

  However, no one could talk anything about what his boss did.

  Little did Sangyu Qin know that Liangcheng Lu would wait for her. She already arrived at the company that moment.

  Her company, compared with Liangcheng Lu’s Tiancheng Corporation, paled into insignificance. It, a small-scale private enterprise, was in the risk of closing down at any moment. She served as the “wide-reviled”secretary. And there were lots of female staffs in the company.

  Where there are women, there are sneaky moves.

  ‘Tonight’s dinner is very important. You cannot dress like that. The boss has bought you one. Follow me.’

  The moment she stepped into the office, she heard the woman beside her saying this. So she walked after her to fetch her clothes.

  However, she almost tore the dress apart when getting hold of it. What could those two pieces of clothes cover?

  Her face flushed out of anger. She was planning to enter her boss’s office to argue when she heard the conversation inside.

  ‘I couldn’t bear Sangyu Qin for a long time, Mr. Zhang. You have said that you would teach her a lesson for me.

  Mr. Zhang? Isn’t that her boss?

  Sangyu Qin sneered. Those women couldn’t win her aboveboard, so they chose to use these little tricks.

  ‘Honey, don’t worry. Tonight’s dinner is truly crucial and there’s no chance Sanggyu Qin could secure the contract. She wants to get promoted. That’s impossible!’

  Sangyu Qin held the clothes tightly. No wonder why the person who never gave her a chance of promotion suddenly threw a bait to her and even offered her the vice-president position. Well, he’s so sure that she couldn’t handle the contract right?


  She opened the door abruptly and saw the entangled man and woman. She, with no changes in her facial expression, threw the clothes on the desk.

  ‘Mr. Zhang, I have followed you for a long period anyhow. I strove for this contract in the first place and now there’s only one dinner left. Making sarcastic comments doesn’t seem very appropriate now.’


  The woman in the office put down her dress hastily and stared at Sangyu Qin ashamedly and indignantly.

  Mr. Zhang felt embarrassed. He was caught right on the spot when speaking evil of someone.

  Sangyu Qin’s competent and he didn’t want to lose this employee right now. So he stood up from the chair in a hurry.

  ‘Sangyu, it’s all mistakes what you just heard. You have always been the most efficient one in the company. Tonight’s dinner will go to waste without you. If you can seize the deal, I’ll surely name you our vice president.’

  Sangyu Qin’s face showed a grim laugh and her eyes lighted on the dress that was thrown on the desk by her.

  ‘So what’s the meaning of this? You’d like me to set a sex-trap?’

  Mr. Zhang seemed even more awkward. That was exactly the idea of the woman beside him now.

  ‘Sangyu, tonight’s dinner will be attended by a lot of big shots. I have scarcely won a place to be there. If you don’t like to go, I’ll cancel this promotion chance and force you to leave my company.’

  Sangyu Qin really would like to walk away at once. However, with the things Liangcheng Lu said this morning and the fight she had with him, he would definitely laugh his head off if he knew that she got fired this afternoon.

  She took a deep breath and pulled out her phone which had the record she just made.

  ‘Since you have promised to present me the position of vice president if I succeeded, I wish you wouldn’t go back on your words. Otherwise, I’ll let everyone in this company know what kind of person you are.’

  When the record was played out, the two persons’faces both turned dark.

  Sangyu Qin took the dress and put it on in the dressing room. Then she looked herself up and down in front of the mirror.

  That’s probably the boldest dress she ever had. With the slit on the side, her straight legs were entirely visible. Also the waist line was slightly stringed to show her lithe and graceful waist. The addition of the low-cut added the allure even more.

  She cursed lightly. If it were not for this dress, she wouldn’t even know that she’s in such a great shape.

  After a simple make-up, she followed Mr. Zhang.

  The whole journey, Mr. Zhang’s eyes were locked on her body. He didn’t realize before that Sangyu Qin was so sexy.

  Sangyu Qin pretended not to notice his staring. She took out her make-up kit and began to add lipsticks to her lips. She tried to disguise herself as a coquette.

  All men love this!

  Now that Liangcheng Lu despised her occupation, she would like to achieve something big to show him! She would definitely take down the contract!

  After a short while, the car arrived at the hotel. There’s an extremely long red carpet outside, which showed that tonight’s dinner’s magnificent.

  Sangyu Qin got out of the car and refused Mr. Zhang’s assist. She just followed him into the hotel gently.

  ‘Did you see there? The man that was being favored is Liang Bai. Bai’s company has launched such a big project, which attracted lots of famous enterprises. I’ve tried so hard to get the invitation for this dinner. Sangyu, do not disappoint me.’

  Mr. Zhang lowered his voice and said.

  Sangyu Qin looked over along his eyesight and saw a paunchy man with a typical bald head and a pot belly.

  Two pretty women, held in his arms, were apparently sent by those companies wishing to cooperate with him.

  Sangyu Qin, following Mr. Zhang, walked toward there slowly.

  ‘Mr. Bai, nice to meet you. I’m the one who gave you my business card last time. We show strong readiness to join your company’s project.’

  Mr. Zhang offered his complimentary words. But Liang Bai, with gleams of light in his eyes,was fully caught by Sangyu Qin.


  He pushed those two girls in his arms right away and pulled Sangyu Qin over.

  Sangyu Qin, without any chance to react, felt Liang Bai’s mouth already approached. She slapped him instinctively.


  The sound was so loud with the result that the hall became vastly quiet.

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