Chapter 21 Mrs. Lu seems full of energy.

  That’s right. She hadn’t ask Momo Qin to pay for it yet. Returning home in two days might be a good chance.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, this is not a discussion. It’s an order.’

  Liangcheng Lu put down the fork in his hand and pronounced these words clearly. He pulled the white towel to wipe his fingers and seemed exactly a graceful childe.

  Sangyu Qin resented this high-above and confident look of him.

  ‘I’m doing well in this company. Liangcheng Lu, though we have married, we both know it’s just a deal.’

  Hardly had her voice faded away, she heard the sound of the glass shattering. She shook with fright.

  She looked over and saw fragments of the glass scattered around Liangcheng Lu’s feet.

  Sangyu Qin realized that if she continues disputing with him, maybe she’ll end up like the glass. But she still wanted to fight for herself.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, my boss thinks highly of me, so...’

  Without letting her finish, Liangcheng Lu interrupted her with his ironic voice.

  ‘Think highly of you? Highly enough to take you to that filthy deal?’

  His eyesight was like a knife stabbing into Sangyu Qin’s heart.

  Maybe in other people’s eyes, the secretary, pretty and cheap, is just a bargaining chip for the trade. But she still felt humiliated when Liangcheng Lu regarded it as “a filthy deal”.

  She might be poor, but she would never trade her body to profit!

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, I’m not that kind of woman!’

  She, with her tone suddenly becoming serious, began to argue strongly.

  Liangcheng Lu already walked to the hallway then. He buckled the button at the wrist.

  ‘That kind of woman? It didn’t sound that convincing for a woman who slept with a stranger before her wedding.’

  Liangcheng Lu said it calmly; however, it raised a tidal wave in Sangyu Qin’s heart.

  So this man knew it from the beginning that she slept with someone else before their marriage...

  She took a step back in surprise, with her face being pale. However, she turned calm in a second.

  ‘So what? Men can make booty calls, while women cannot tease a pimp?’

  She, raising her chin, didn’t show a single trace of weakness.

  Liangcheng Lu, with his face darkening with anger at once, watched her quietly.

  ‘What did you just say?’

  Sangyu Qin was a bit confused when seeing his dark eyes. The courage she took so hard to get up just leaked out in a moment.

  ‘I... I said men can make booty calls...’

  ‘The one after that.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s eyesight fixed on her. His lips compressed straightly into a line and his voice was teeth-gnashing.

  Sangyu Qin was almost frozen to an ice-lolly by the cool air given out from him. She got goose flesh all over her body.

  ‘I said... tease... a pimp.’

  As the word “pimp”came out of her mouth, Liangcheng Lu’s face turned entirely dark. He looked at her with a faint smile and seemed had taken back all his rage before. He’s like a smooth sea, where no one knew what kind of roaring waves was beneath it.

  He walked outside first.

  Sangyu Qin was truly frightened by his imposing manner. Only until that moment did she realize how scary Liangcheng Lu was.

  Then, she, just like a well-behaved pet, followed Liangcheng Lu, and didn’t dare to make a sound.

  Seeing him getting into the car, she looked around and found that that’s the only car here. She lifted her foot and intended to step on it when the car door shut suddenly and almost smashed her fingers.

  ‘It’s seems that Mrs. Lu is full of energy to have the strength to tease a pimp. I guess such a short distance means nothing to you. Yu Mo, drive the car.’

  ‘Yes, Boss.’

  Yu Mo stepped on the gas, and the vehicle exhaust flied to Sangyu Qin’s face straightly.

  The foot lifted by Sangyu Qin stayed there awkwardly. She felt a severe pain coming from her chest. Of course, it’s because of her anger.

  There’s a long distance from Liangcheng Lu’s villa to the bus station. Her feet would definitely blister if she walked there. She gritted her teeth.

  It’s such a disaster for her to meet a disagreeable man like him!

  Sangyu Qin looked at her phone with anger, and found that there’s only 10 minutes left. She would absolutely be late today.

  ‘Damn it!’

  She had to be late on the day of her promotion. She would become an object of censure by her colleagues.

  While she was planning to take off her high heels, she observed that there’s a child bike near her. Anyway! It’s better than nothing.

  She sat on the bike and rode toward outside the villa.

  She added to the maximum speed because of anxiety and stopped at the cross road.

  She happened to stop at a perfect spot, where there’s a Maserati on her left and a limited-edition Bentley on her right. Now she seemed even more pathetic.

  Suddenly, the car window of the Maserati rolled down, and Momo Qin’s pretty face showed up.

  ‘Purr...Sister, I never realized that you have got into such straitened circumstances after marrying to Mr. Lu. You could have told me that you didn’t own a car. There are a few roadsters in my garage. I might present them to you if you just beg me.’

  Momo Qin felt so relieved then. She thought that Sangyu Qin lived a wealthy life in Lu Family. It turned out that Mr. Lu didn’t give a shit about her after all. Mur...

  Intertwining colors of blue and white appeared on Sangyu Qin’s face. She cursed Liangcheng Lu to death deep in her heart. When she planned to fight Momo Qin back, the window of the Bentley on her right was wounded down too, and Yu Mo’s side face appeared.

  ‘Miss Momo Qin, Mrs. Lu has eaten too much and needs to have a ride for a stroll. She, with her status being undeniable, does not need a car to show off.’

  Sangyu Qin almost applauded for Yu Mo’s speech. However, when she came to realized that he’s insinuating that she eats too much, her face clouded instantly. And she couldn’t even strike back. The only thing she could do was to smile until her face became rigid.

  It never occurred to Momo Qin that it was that coincidental that Mr. Lu’s car stopped next to hers. He must have heard what she had said. She, tightening her hands which were holding the steering wheel, looked embarrassed.

  ‘Is my brother-in-law in the car?’

  This calling of “brother-in-law”was truly barefaced. She just boosted the relationship with him.

  Sangyu Qin even wanted to give Momo Qin’s cheeky move a thumb-up.


  The cars behind honked the horn. The traffic congestion had been there for a while. Nevertheless, all the people who came to urge them drew back quietly at once after seeing the numbers on the license plate. That’s the man they never wanted to deal with.

  Just then another car window rolled down, and Liangcheng Lu’s face showed. He, looking down on the papers, didn’t pay any attention to Momo Qin’s cottoning up.

  ‘Get in the car.’

  Apparently, he was speaking to Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin snorted to Momo Qin and gave Yu Mo an eye hint to let him dispose the bike. Then she raised her head and got into Liangcheng Lu’s car proudly.

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