Chapter 20 Resign your job.

  The doctor felt Liangcheng Lu’s rage too. He started to check Sangyu Qin’s body silently. When he was trying to pull the quilt on her, he felt the fire-like eyesight burning his hand.

  He took out his hand by instinct, with cold sweat all over his forehead.

  ‘I let you check the body. Why do you pull her quilt?’

  Liangcheng Lu’s voice was cold, just like the sharp glass splinters sticking into the doctor’s heart.

  ‘I... I wanted to check Miss Qin’s wound...’

  ‘The wound is on her head.’

  On these words, Liangcheng Lu sat right in front of the doctor. He seemed to read a book, but actually he put all his attention on the doctor.

  The doctor, nervous as he was, shaked his hands. Finally, he found a swollen piece on Sangyu Qin’s head. It didn’t seem serious. Then he took a relief.

  ‘Miss Qin is fine.’

  He pinched Sangyu Qin’s philtrum when saying this.

  At last, Sangyu Qin woke up. She made certain of the situation now and felt that she’s naked. Her face flushed at once.

  And Liangcheng Lu had to sneer her right now.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you could even knock yourself dizzy when taking a shower. Did you grow a head, just to add to your height?’

  The cold voice with the sentence made people deeply injuried. Sangyu Qin felt breathless. Her chest moved up and downs. If this man hadn’t got her mad deliberately today, she would never fell in the bathroom. This person is surely her bane!

  ‘Liangcheng Lu! Let’s stop talking with each other forever!’

  She said this angrily and turned her body over. Then she pointed to the door of her room. The expulsion order was clearly enough.

  ‘Fine, whatever.’

  Liangcheng Lu remained lukewarm. Sangyu Qin felt she was about to spit out her blood. Thinking that she was seen naked by him, she felt so humiliated.

  ‘Asshole, I wish you styes!’

  She said that bitterly and fell into asleep with her clenched teeth. In her dream, she tortured Liangcheng Lu thoroughly and only until then did she smile a little bit.

  The third day, she went downstairs hastily after finishing washing and just caught Liangcheng Lu enjoying his breakfast graciously. She rushed there promptly and grabbed a slice of bread to her mouth, not caring what that man thinks of her. Then, she turned round to change her shoes in the hallway.

  She was about to get late!

  ‘Quit your job today.’

  Liangcheng Lu uttered the sentence while eating the bread elegantly.

  Sangyu Qin looked up to him, with an unbelievable expression on her face.

  ‘As long as I conclude the contract today, I would definitely get promoted and my salary will increases. Only a fool will resign at this moment.’

  She put on a serious look on her face and fixed her eyes on Liangcheng Lu.

  Liangcheng Lu raised his head slowly, with darkness in his eyes.

  ‘Quit. If you want a job, come to my company.’

  Sangyu Qin’s heart was shaken. She knew clearly how many competitions are there in Liangcheng Lu’s company. Numerous elite students graduating from top universities scrambledfor a job there. Nevertheless, the extremely-high standard made lots of them flinch. An undergraduate student like her will be slaughtered there.

  She, clenching her fist, felt a bit self-abased at that moment. Liangcheng Lu graduated from Harvard University and got double master degrees there. He had been invited to be a guest professor by top universities. She’s a total loser in front of him.

  Well, if it were not for Momo Qin who arbitrarily falsified her college preference, she wouldn’t go to an ordinary college, when she had high scores enough to be admitted to a prestigious university.

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