Chapter 80 Deadly silly

  Strange feelings rised in Sangyu Qin’s heart all of a sudden. With her hands being held by him, she felt so secure.

  After a while, that hug left her body, and she felt a hand touching her head.

  ‘If you continue being in a daze, we won’t be able to eat the breakfast.’

  Sangyu Qin went rigid. Thinking that she needed to go to work today, she began to put on her clothes in a hurry.

  When she finished washing herself, she went downstairs with Liangcheng Lu. She ate the breakfast briefly and thought she could go to the company with him today. However, before they could leave, Liangcheng Lu received a call from Lu Family and then left.

  So, Sangyu Qin could only go to work alone. When she passed the bank, it occurred to her that she couldn’t hand this check directly to Qian Yun.

  After all, Qian Yun also worked in the top office and could definitely recognize Liangcheng Lu’s handwriting. Then, there’s nothing she could do to clear her name.

  ‘Stop the car.’

  She said to the driver. After the car stopped, she opened the car door and planned to withdraw some cash from the bank.

  The drive waited in the car.

  Thirty thousands yuan was not a small amount of money. However, those thick piles of money could fit in her little purse with an effort.

  Sangyu Qin got relieved and intended to walk toward the car. She felt a gust of wind floating toward her face. Then, her purse was pulled forward by a strong force.

  ‘Robbery!! Help!! Robbery!’

  She shouted in a loud voice and the bodyguards in the bank came right away. The driver also ran toward her. However, the robber had ridden on a motorcycle and run away.

  Sangyu Qin felt her heart becoming cold. She had sold her body to get that thirty thousands yuan. And the money was robbed before she could give them to Qian Yun.

  ‘Miss, don’t worry. We’ve called the police. An officer will take charge of this case soon.’

  How could Sangyu Qin be not worried? She wished to ride on a wheel to chase the robber.

  After a short while, the policemen came and didtherecord. Then, they got the surveillance video around there. However, that robber had covered himself so tightly and they couldn’t see his face.

  ‘Is my money gone for good?’

  Sangyu Qin asked that with an anxious look on her face, while cursing the robber fiercely in her heart.

  ‘Miss Qin, we will do our best to chase the money for you and definitely catch the robber in a week.’

  Sangyu Qin sighed. She needed that money to pay Qin Yun back in the company now. What’s the meaning of catching the robber in a week?! Nevertheless, she put on some polite words.

  ‘Thanks for your effort, officer. Please inform me as long as you catch the robber.’

  On these words, she got on her car and kept sighing.

  It never occurred to the driver that this kind of thing would happen during the short period of withdrawing money. Then, he opened his mouth right away.

  ‘Miss Qin, do I need to tell this to Boss?’

  Sangyu Qin rolled her eyes. It’s meaningless to tell Liangcheng Lu right now. She couldn’t let him send people to investigate because of thirty thousands yuan. She assumed Liangcheng Lu might be disinclined to give the order.

  ‘There’s no need. I’ll tell him myself.’

  Sangyu Qin spitted the words sulkily. She should have just handed Qian Yun the check. Why did she have to go to the bank? Now what, the money’s gone.

  Her face was still covered with gloom after she had arrived at the company. When she came to the top office, she saw Qian Yun who’s sitting on the seat. Then, she struggled for a long time and walked toward Qian Yun’s seat.

  ‘Qian Yun, I’m sorry that I cannot pay you thirty thousands yuan back right now. I withdrew the money in the bank. However, I was robbed, the moment I got the money. The policemen said they can catch the robber in a week. So could you wait for a little longer?’

  Qian Yun felt that so ironic. The money was robbed, the moment it was withdrawn. Why couldn’t Sangyu Qin find a more convincing excuse?

  Though she felt sarcastic in her heart, she grabbed Sangyu Qin’s arm, as if she was on good terms with Sangyu Qin.

  ‘Come on, Qin. We are friends. I have already told you that you can pay me back whenever you want.’

  Sangyu Qin still felt awkward. She curled the corner of her mouth and went back to her seat.

  Meanwhile, Qian Yun’s eyesight became deep and serene. It looked as if Boss Liangcheng Lu was really fooling around with Sangyu Qin. He didn’t even want to give her thirty thousands yuan. Then, she snorted. “Sangyu Qin would be replaced sooner or later.”Qian Yun thought.

  Sangyu Qin hotched on her seat. Only when the internal phone rang did she serve the coffee and get in.

  ‘Mr. Lu, here’s your coffee.’

  Liangcheng Lu who was reviewing the documents raised his eyebrows. There’s nobody else in his office now, and Sangyu Qin assumed such an attitude toward him. Then, he curled his lips. She’s surely a completely different person when they were not having sex.

  ‘Sangyu Qin, you don’t call me Mr. Lu when we were on the bed.’

  With her hands pausing for a second, she spilled a bit of the coffee on the desk. Then, she grabbed the napkin angrily to rub it.

  ‘What happened? You are not happy?’

  Sangyu Qin must fight back in the normal time. However, now she kept silence.


  Sangyu Qin answered sullenly and sat down straightly beside him. Then, she sighed.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, do you think I’m deadly unlucky?’

  Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner of his mouth. He thought she might not be deadly unlucky. However, deadly silly, sounds more likely.

  ‘What happened?’

  He asked her, while putting away the documents near him. He moved away his computer, which indicated that he’s ready to hear Sangyu Qin’s complaint.

  Sangyu Qin was planning to vent all her grievances, when she realized Liangcheng Lu’s too busy to hear her stories. Then, she sighed.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu, Honey, borrow me some more money, please.’

  Liangcheng Lu raised his his eyebrows, with a trace of smile flashing on his face. Then, he put his hands on the cheek and looked at her gently.

  ‘Say that again.’

  Sangyu Qin was in a trance for a moment. She raised her head and saw the tender looks on his face. Then, she was stunned a bit.

  ‘Liangcheng Lu...honey, borrow me some more money please...’

  The looks on Liangcheng Lu’s face became even gentler. He felt Sangyu Qin, aggrieved as she was, was just like a cat, which made him eager to melt into a pile of water.

  ‘How much do you need?’

  ‘Thirty thousands yuan.’

  Sangyu Qin replied reflexively. However, after she opened her mouth, she regretted. She had asked for thirty thousands yuan last night. Now, she tapped him for money again. Liangcheng Lu, clever as he was, would surely detect that there’s something wrong with the thirty thousands yuan before.

  As expected, the moment she finished speaking, she saw Liangcheng Lu frown and look at her up and down.

  ‘Is something wrong?’

  Now, Sangyu Qin had to tell the truth. She compressed her lips.

  ‘After I withdrew the money this morning, a robber rushed out and took away all my money and my purse.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s face darkened immediately. He watched Sangyu Qin for a long time, to make sure if she’s OK. Then, he called Yu Mo in right away.

  ‘Boss, it’s not worth it to investigate for thirty thousands yuan. We pay more than thirty thousands yuan to each of our guys, every time they are on a mission.’

  Hearing that Liangcheng Lu wanted to send people out because of thirty thousands yuan, Yu Mo stamped his feet at once.

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