Chapter 79 I’ll watch you putting on them

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t sneer at what she had said. He reached his hand to pinch the tip of her nose.

  ‘Those were all from top designers. Don’t care about the price, as long as you like it.’

  ‘But there are so many clothes to put on.’

  When Sangyu Qin walked into the room, her heart was brimming over with sweetness . However, as she seeing the closets one after another, she asked the question that concerned her most. Even if she changed her clothes every day, she would not be able to wear all of them.

  What’s more, if she wore these extremely expensive clothes to go to work, she couldn’t avoid being denounced by others again.

  ‘I’m in charge of buying them for you. I make money, and you spend money.’

  On these simple words, Liangcheng Lu turned his back and intended to go downstairs.

  Sangyu Qin hanged up the corner of her mouth and followed him lively right away. She suddenly found out a good way to make money. If she could sell those clothes on the internet, she would be so rich.

  That’s what she did that night. She gave 20 percent off the original price. Many female netizen started to leave messages, when they saw the images which were uploaded by her.

  ‘What a wealthy woman! She’s so rich. Those are all limited edition. Even the cheapest one is worth hundreds of thousands yuan.’

  ‘If I can have a room like this, my entire life is well worth it.’

  Sangyu Qin explained instantly.

  ‘It’s not mine. My husband bought those for me. I can’t wear all of them. They are all brand new. Just buy anything you need.’

  The female netizen started to discuss actively. Sangyu Qin clinched several deals that night.

  Sangyu Qin smiled, with her eyebrows curving, and counted the money happily in her heart.

  However, she had said she would return that thirty thousands yuan to Qian Yun tomorrow. While she could collect the money after the customers had received the clothes. So, she had to turn to Liangcheng Lu.

  She sighed and went to Liangcheng Lu’s bedroom slowly, feeling embarrassed.

  ‘What’s wrong?’

  Seeing her completely red face, Liangcheng Lu felt her so cute and couldn’t help pinching it.

  ‘I...I want to borrow some money from you. I’ll pay you back in a few days.’

  Liangcheng Lu raised his eyebrows and looked at her carefully.

  ‘For what?’

  Sangyu Qin seldom spent much money, unless she teased a pimp again like that night.

  Thinking of this, he put on a dark look on his face. Wasn’t he enough for her?

  ‘Qian Yun payed for the dress today. I don’t like to own other people.’

  Those words totally pleased Liangcheng Lu. After all, Sangyu Qin had said she didn’t like to own other people, while what she had owned him was beyond count. That meant that she didn’t treat him like a stranger. Then, he flashed a glimmer of smile in his eyes at once.

  ‘Thirty thousands yuan, right?’

  Sangyu Qin nodded and thought this man was about to borrow her directly. However, she heard Liangcheng Lu’s slight voice.

  ‘Thirty thousands yuan is not a small amount of money. You have to pay with something.’

  Sangyu Qin went stiff. She used her hands to block her chest instantly, while staring at him warily.

  ‘What do you want to do?’

  With the corner of his mouth twitched hardly, Liangcheng Lu sat down calmly beside her and stared at the computer screen.

  ‘Midnight snack.’

  Sangyu Qin blushed immediately. So, she was just being paranoid. Then, a trace of disappointment flashed in her heart. But she went rigid at once. What’s so disappointed about? Hum. It’s the best that they didn’t need to have sex.

  She curled her lips and intended to turn back to go upstairs, when Liangcheng Lu’s voice came through.

  ‘What are you going to do upstairs?’

  ‘To prepare the midnight snack for you.’

  With a trace of darkness flashing in his eyes, Liangcheng Lu hanged up the corner of his mouth.

  ‘You are my snack tonight.’

  Sangyu Qin’s face flushed even more. She curled up her fingers and felt those words so shameless, which made her uncomfortable all over.

  ‘Turn off the light.’

  Liangcheng Lu gave the order again, and Sangyu Qin almost turned her back to turn off the light, as if it’s her instinct. When the room went dark, she really wanted to cut her hands off. Why was she so obedient!

  However, there could be no turning back and it’s too late for her to regret. She’d better serve him properly and get that thirty thousands yuan.

  Thinking of this, she walked over right away and tried to make herself not to look so shy. Then, she began to search for Liangcheng Lu’s button in the darkness.


  With those slight sounds coming through one after another, Liangcheng Lu’s shirt was entirely unfastened by her. She could see his muscular chest and felt the overwhelming hormonal smell.

  Liangcheng Lu suddenly touched her face and brushed it over again and again. His calloused hands made her feel a bit numb.

  Sangyu Qin knew those were the hands which usually holding guns. Liangcheng Lu must be good at shooting.


  While feeling dizzy, she was pressed down. Then, her face flushed even more and the atmosphere became erotic right away.

  She felt there’s a warm spring flowing through her body, as if he was falling into a huge cotton field. Finally, she started to beg weakly and fainted straightaway.


  The next morning when she got awake, she was still shocked about what had happened last night. She felt so sensitive and stimulating after turning off the light.

  She felt hot on her face. Then, she patted her face at once and told herself not to think too much. When she got up, she saw the check beside her hands. The number on it was exactly thirty thousands.

  Sangyu Qin took the check over, thinking that right now she was just like a hooker. Then, she sighed.

  There were water-flowing sounds in the bathroom, which meant that Liangcheng Lu was taking showers inside. The moment she pulled back the quilts, Liangcheng Lu opened the bathroom door.


  She screamed and used the quilt to cover herself. Then, she lowered her head, without daring to look at him.

  At that moment, they were both naked and locked eyes with each other. How she wished to bury her head under the bed.

  She felt Liangcheng Lu walking toward her one step after another. Then, she grasped the quilt in her hands tightly.

  Meanwhile, Liangcheng Lu put on his clothes, without any sign of embarrassment. After a while, he was neatly dressed.

  ‘Let’s go downstairs.’

  He said flatly. Seeing Sangyu Qin still nesting in the quilt, he frowned slightly.

  ‘Was your butt pinned on the bed?’

  Sangyu Qin clenched her teeth, thinking that maybe he’s the one who needed to excuse himself, since she’s naked.

  ‘You can go out first. I need to get dressed.’

  However, Liangcheng Lu, without avoiding her at all, sat down naturally. He stared at her, with indifferent looks on his face.

  ‘I’ll watch you get dressed.’

  Those simple words showed this thing’s not negotiable.

  Sangyu Qin felt her throat stuck at once, thinking that sooner or later she would be pissed off by this man.

  He wanted to see her get dressed? Fine!


  She threw back the quilt directly and started to put on her bra calmly. She felt Liangcheng Lu’s hot eyesight wandering around her body. Then, she, with her stiff fingers shaking, couldn’t button up her bra.

  She tried a long time and and sweated all over. Thinking that Liangcheng Lu must be making fun of her, she clenched her teeth and planned to take off her bra, when she felt a pair of hands holding hers.

  ‘So silly.’

  Liangcheng Lu’s tender voice came through by her ear. With the expression on her face pausing a bit, Sangyu Qin lowered her head and managed to button up with his lead.

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