Chapter 78 They were just screwing each other


  Sangyu Qin agreed immediately. She had a good impression for Qian Yun who looked active all the time, as if she never knew tiredness.

  Once they made the appointment, she sent a message to Liangcheng Lu through QQ to tell him she’s going to shop with Qian Yun.

  Liangcheng Lu didn’t reply her, so she assumed he had approved tacitly. She went to the shopping mall with Qian Yun straightly after work.

  There were lots of luxurious malls in City G. However, the office workers like them were not able to afford the clothes there. So, they, without hanging out in the luxury area, went directly to the mall which catered to the majorityof office workers.

  Most of the people who went there were while-collar workers who worked in the places around. The prices of the products were reasonable.

  Qian Yun kept introducing noisily all styles of clothes to Sangyu Qin without a rest.

  ‘Qin, why don’t you try this?’

  She put a dress in front of Sangyu Qin and swung it from side to side, with satisfaction in her eyes.

  This dress looked docile with a bit of sexiness and was really fit for Sangyu Qin. She, without refusing that, put it on in the dressing room straightly.

  ‘Qin, you look so beautiful in this dress!’

  Qian Yun didn’t spare her praise. Instead, she hid her envy deeply. She had to admit Sangyu Qin’s figure was perfect. Adding or taking away one pound from her would be unbefitting.

  Sangyu Qin never realized this dress would look so good. When she was planning to buy it, she saw the price tag on it which had four zeros on it. This dress was worth tens of thousands yuan.

  She frowned perplexedly. She hadn’t worked in Tiancheng Corporation for a long time and hadn’t got paid yet. Her savings was used up. Now, all her savings added up to only ten thousands yuan. She merely intended to pay a few hundreds yuan to buy a dress. She never realized the dress would be that expensive.

  ‘Qin, what’s wrong? If you like it, just buy it.’

  Qian Yun who stood aside urged her. Seeing the awkward looks on Sangyu Qin’s face, she approached her head to Sangyu Qin silently.

  ‘Qin, what happened?’

  ‘I don’t have that much of money.’

  Sangyu Qin felt embarrassed. The saleswoman was fetching the packaging bag. If she said she didn’t have money, she would definitely be sneered.

  ‘How’s that even possible!’

  Qian Yun’s eyes were widely open. She knew Sangyu Qin had an affair with Boss Liangcheng Lu. How could Liangcheng Lu be so stingy to his mistress? With a light flashing in her eyes, she thought Liangcheng Lu might just fool around with Sangyu Qin.

  The saleswoman came over, with the packaging bag held in her hand. Seeing the embarrassed looks on Sangyu Qin’s face, she raised her chin up in no time.

  ‘What? Now you want to tell me you don’t have money after you picked the dress? You poor woman!! What a waste of time!!’

  The saleswoman, showing no kindness at all, started to criticize Sangyu Qin right away.

  Qian Yun held Sangyu Qin’s hands. She’s in the good mood now, because now she knew Boss Liangcheng Lu might just pretend to like Sangyu Qin. Then, she pulled out a credit card from her purse and threw it onto the ground unreservedly.

  ‘Who says we don’t have money? Hum!! Swipe this card! We’ll buy this dress!!’

  Seeing Qin Yun pulling out the card, the saleswoman took back her abusive attitude and picked up the card on the floor immediately, with a flattering smile on her face.

  ‘I was just being blind. Do you need anything else except this dress?’

  Sangyu Qin curled her lips. It’s true that only rich people can be respected in this world.

  She took a look at Qian Yun and was about to say she didn’t want that dress anymore, but she found Qian Yun had gone to the cashier desk. Then, she sighed.

  ‘Qin, it’s done. Let’s go.’

  Qian Yun felt joyful now. She thought as long as Boss Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin were just screwing each other, she still got a chance. Then, she hanged up the corner of her mouth and became more zealous to Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin laughed reluctantly.

  ‘I’ll return you the money tomorrow.’

  Qian Yun didn’t care about that tens of thousands yuan at all right now. However, hearing what Sangyu Qin had said, she could only nod, knowing that she couldn’t let Sangyu Qin feel uneasy in their relationship.

  ‘Qin, you can pay me back whenever you want.’

  The phone of Sangyu Qin rang, the moment Sangyu Qin wanted to say something more. She took a look at Qian Yun who’s beside her and walked a few steps away at once. Then, she pushed the answer key.

  ‘Hi, Liangcheng Lu.’

  Liangcheng’s voice was hoarse and dazing, which seemed that he’s just awake.

  ‘You should come back. I’ll let the driver pick you up?’

  Thinking that Qian Yun’s still there, Sangyu Qin refused immediately, because she’s afraid everything would be exposed if Qian Yun saw the luxurious car coming to pick Sangyu Qin up.

  ‘No, no, no. I’ll call a cab and be right back.’

  As saying this, she hanged up the phone and smiled at Qian Yun regrettably.

  ‘I need to go back.’

  Qian Yun figured out who’s calling Sangyu Qin. Since Boss Liangcheng Lu and Sangyu Qin was in that kind of relationship, he must have called Sangyu Qin because he had certain needs. She despised the women who sold their bodies very much. However, if the person this woman had sold her body to was Liangcheng Lu, Qian Yun could only be jealous.

  ‘Fine, Qin. Off you go. I’ll come home too.’

  She gave a beaming smile and said tamely, with her hands waving.

  Sangyu Qin also waved her hands and turned back to get on the taxi which stopped in front of her. The whole thing was on her mind on the way. She, without getting her salaries yet, had owned a debt. This dress cost thirty thousands yuan. She needed to pay Qian Yun back quickly.

  So, she could only turn to her biggest creditor, Liangcheng Lu.

  After returning home, she rang the doorbell and found it’s Liangcheng Lu who came to open the door. Then, her heart shook fiercely. Normally, it’s the nanny who would open the door.

  ‘What did you buy?’

  Liangcheng Lu bent down and took over the bag in her hands. Seeing that there’s a dress inside, he frowned. As he glancing at the price, his face darkened with anger at once. What kind of garbage was that!

  ‘Sangyu Qin, I’ve bought so many dresses for you and you never dress them. Now, you have to wear garbage like this?’


  So, a dress which was worth thirty thousands yuan was a trash in his eyes?

  Sangyu Qin was totally shocked. Before she could come back to earth, that dress was thrown into the trash can. Liangcheng Lu grabbed one of her hands and dragged her toward upstairs.

  ‘Hey hey, Liangcheng Lu, I just bought that dress.’

  She really didn’t remember when this guy had bought dresses for her. After all, she served as his wife merely to pay for the debt.


  Liangcheng Lu pushed the door beside Sangyu Qin’s bedroom open straightaway. In front of them, there were all styles of dazzling clothes. There’s everything one expected to find.

  ‘This...this is...’

  Sangyu Qin was speechless out of shock. She had seen lots of the styles here on the fashion show. But it’s not exactly the ones on the fashion show. She felt she was about to be blind by the glittering things here.

  ‘Those are all limited edition. There are only a few pieces around the world. Sangyu Qin, I’ve let someone prepare this the day we got the marriage certificate.’

  Sangyu Qin curled the corner of her lips. “Since nobody ever told me, how could I know about this?”She thought.

  She took a few steps closer. When she saw the numbers on the price tag, she straightly took a step back.

  ‘What kind of cloth is this? It’s so expensive!’

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