Chapter 77 Wait to be in jail

  Liangcheng Lu said coolly. Hua Mo, drunken as she was, went sober in a tingle. She saw the situation around her with her misty eyes. When she found out the person who’s standing in front of her, she was frightened, with cold sweats all over. Then, she knelt at once.

  ‘B... Boss...’

  Her voice was trembling. What she said seemed to be cut to pieces by something. She put her hands on her knees, as if she’s pleading guilty, and lowered her head, with her lips shaking.

  She remembered exactly that she was drinking. How could she arrive here when she opened her eyes? Why was the man in front of her so furious?

  ‘Do you know what you have just said?’

  Liangcheng Lu squinted his eyes slowly, as if he was interrogating a prison. Someone beside him pulled out a chair for him right away. He, without refusing that, sat on it, with his compelling eyesight shooting straightly at Hua Mo.

  Hua Mo, out of fright, shook her body, due to the overwhelming aura given out by Liangcheng Lu. She really didn’t know what she had said just now. However, according to his facial expression, she assumed she hadn’t said anything nice. So, she could do nothing but beg for her life immediately.

  ‘B...Boss, I was talking nonsense after drinking. Don’t take it seriously...’

  ‘Don’t take it seriously?’

  Liangcheng Lu raised his tone a bit and looked at her, with his deep and serene eyesight.

  ‘You said you are the one who tampered the contract and added a zero on it. You also said you made Sangyu Qin be responsible for all of this. If that’s your nonsense after drinking, what about now, when you are sober?’

  On these words, he pulled out the phone and slowly played the record, which was handed by Sangyu Qin.

  Hua Mo’s forehead kept sweating. When she heard her own voice coming from the phone, she clenched her fists. Never could she realize Sangyu Qin could play a trick like that.

  Good for you, Sangyu Qin!

  ‘This is not balderdash after drinking. Sixty millions yuan, can you afford that?’

  Can you afford that?

  Hua Mo felt everything going black when she heard him spitting out those words. She might be able to scrap together that amount of money by giving out her last penny. However, her savings of all these years and her mortgaging house would be gone. All she had struggled to get in City G would be wasted.

  ‘Mr. Lu, it’s not me, it’s not me...’

  She started to kowtow on the floor, and the skin of her forehead was broken. However, Liangcheng Lu didn’t show any mercy to her. He stood up slowly and tidied his sleeves. The words coming out from his mouth were ruthless.

  ‘The lawyer will send you the documents tomorrow. If you cannot round up sixty millions yuan, I’ll see you in court.’

  After saying that, he lifted his feet and left.

  The executives and managers who were following him also stared at Hua Mo sullenly. They thought it was Sangyu Qin who had done this, so they showed a blue face to Sangyu Qin. Little did they know such a huge project would be destroyed because of the intrigues between women. For them, that was even harder to accept.

  ‘You deserve to die!’

  ‘No one will help you. Just wait to be in jail!’

  The executives and managers left this sentence scornfully and passed her slowly.

  Hua Mo, who had collapsed, cried out loud. That’s sixty millions yuan. All she had in City G would be finished.

  ‘Mr. Lu! Please forgive me!! Forgive me!!’

  She shouted and wanted to chase after him, but was held up by the accompanying bodyguards.


  Hua Mo said tearfully and almost went down on her knees. The bodyguards, not impressed by this beauty’s pitiful look, stopped her coldly.

  ‘Purr, I don’t want to pay such a huge amount of money.’

  Hua Mo cried until she lost her voice. At last, she hit the ground hardly, as if she was crazy.

  Sangyu Qin knew nothing about what had happened here. She handed Liangcheng Lu that record before she got off work. She thought she needed to find some more evidence. After all, one record couldn’t convict her. It never occurred to her that Hua Mo would be silly enough to tell everything on her own.

  After she had heard Liangcheng Lu’s words, she almost grew up her mouth surprisingly.

  ‘So, this thing’s over?’

  Liangcheng Lu took over the wine which was served by the nanny and nodded, with a smile on his face.

  Excitement flashed on Sangyu Qin’s face right away. She sat down beside Daixiong and stared at him, with her crystal eyesight.

  ‘What if she cannot afford the money?’

  ‘Go to the prison.’

  A dim light flashed in Liangcheng Lu’s heart. Hua Mo had been working in Tiancheng Corporation for a few years. He heard she had a house and some savings. Thus, she might be able to round up sixty millions yuan. However, after she had paid sixty millions yuan, she could only beg on the street.

  Liangcheng Lu guessed correctly. Hua Mo didn’t want to be arrested, so she sold her house that very night. With all her savings of these years, she managed to scrape sixty millions yuan together with difficulty. Then, the next day she gave the money to Yu Mo, while Yu Mo informed her that she couldn’t work in Tiancheng Corporation anymore.

  ‘No way!!’

  Hua Mo said those two words in a sharp voice. If she’s fired by Tiancheng Corporation and the things about the contract were exposed, other companies won’t hire her. After all, all the companies regarded Tiancheng Corporation as their wind indicator.

  ‘Miss Mo, please.’

  Yu Mo didn’t pay attention to her. He asked the bodyguards to drag her out directly. The people in the top office, having no guts to gossip, cast a sympathetic glance at Hua Mo.

  ‘Sangyu Qin!! You’ll die miserably!! You set me up! You’ll die miserably!!’

  Hua Mo began to shout. She hated Sangyu Qin’s guts and believed all her tragedies were owing to Sangyu Qin.

  But she never thought if she didn’t set up Sangyu Qin first, she would never land herself in such a deplorable situation.

  That’s another person who was fired because of Sangyu Qin.

  All the staffs had thought Sangyu Qin, just like a sheep, was easy to bully . However, those who had offended her left Tiancheng Corporation, which meant that Sangyu Qin, shrewd as she was, was good at hiding herself.

  ‘I’ve always thought she’s not an easy person. Hum, she kicked three staffs out straightly with her simple tricks.’

  ‘Sangyu Qin is good at hiding herself. We should stay far away from her. Or, we won’t even know how we died.’

  All the people started to whisper, with their eyesight toward Sangyu Qin becoming subtle.

  Sangyu Qin who stood in the center of the storm kept calm, with her eyes fixed on the computer screen, and handled today’s documents properly.

  Qian Yun who’s not far away stared at Sangyu Qin silently, with her eyes spilling over with cold light. She knew Sangyu Qin wouldn’t be finished like that, when she had eavesdropped outside the bathroom. However, she didn’t realize Sangyu Qin got into action so fast and drove an old staff out of Tiancheng Corporation straightly.

  It’s true that Sangyu Qin’s not simple and Boss Liangcheng Lu was treating her specially.

  She felt even bitter in her heart, and her hands which were holding the mouse tightened slowly.

  Though she had to deal with Sangyu Qin in order to save her mom, the very reason why she wanted Sangyu Qin to suffer was that she was driven by jealousy in her heart.

  ‘Qin, let’s go shopping.’

  She sent the invitation to Sangyu Qin forwardly.

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