Chapter 76 You think you can afford that

  Hearing Sangyu Qin’s words, Liangcheng Lu patted her head, with adoration in his eyes, as if he’s comforting a puppy.

  ‘I’ll do whatever you say.’

  Sangyu Qin flushed. It seemed that she flushed more and more frequently ever since she had been with Liangcheng Lu. She always felt that there’s a cat scratching her heart.

  When she got out of the office, she rubbed her eyes hardly on purpose, in order to make it look like she was crying just now. Then, she opened the door.

  Hua Mo flashed a glimmer of smile in her eyes, when seeing Sangyu Qin come out. Sangyu Qin couldn’t afford the loss of tens of millions yuan, even if she sold herself. Hua Mo heard that Qin’s family company had gonebankruptand Sangyu Qin had no one to rely on.

  Crushing Sangyu Qin was just like a hot knife through butter to her.

  However, everybody else didn’t know the relationship between Sangyu Qin and Liangcheng Lu, but Qian Yun did. She, having seen Sangyu Qin’s red eye socket, thought Boss Liangcheng Lu had criticized Sangyu Qin.

  “It seemed that the position of Sangyu Qin in the Liangcheng Lu’s heart was just so-so.”Qian Yun thought.

  ‘Qin, what did Boss say? Are you still able to work in the company?’

  She looked at Sangyu Qin worriedly. And everybody pricked their eyes quietly and wanted to hear Sangyu Qin’s fate.

  Sangyu Qin’s eye sockets became even redder. She lowered her head and showed an aggrieved face.

  ‘Boss asked me to fill in the loss in a week. I cannot afford sixty million yuan.’

  Sixty millions...

  That’s an enormous figure for an office worker.

  With her face filled with anxiety instantly, Qian Yun held Sangyu Qin’s arm immediately.

  ‘Qin, what are you gonna do? Where can we find sixty millions yuan?’

  Sangyu Qin, seeing Qian Yun’s quite care about herself, sighed and looked at Hua Mo. As expected, Hua Mo cast a defiant glance at her.

  It seemed that Hua Mo’s pretty sure that the fact wouldn’t be exposed.

  ‘What else can I do? If I cannot pay the money in a week, I will be thrown into jail.’

  Sangyu Qin lowered her voice and said. After that, she went to the bathroom.

  It’s a good chance for Hua Mo to taunt her.

  Sure enough, when Sangyu Qin planned to wash her face, she saw Hua Mo standing behind her. Then, Sangyu Qin put on a resentful expression in her eyes.

  ‘Are you satisfied?’

  Hua Mo liked to see others’helpless look. With her eyebrows raised, she approached Sangyu Qin slowly and stood next to her.

  Hua Mo’s not gorgeous. However, everyone could feel that she’s an ambitious woman at the first glance. She had long and thin eyebrows, which gave out a fierce aura.

  ‘I am, indeed. Congratulations, you will get the hell of Tiancheng Corporation for good.’

  Hua Mo took out her lipstick and rouged her lips, while saying this.

  Sangyu Qin looked at her, with a faint light in her eyes. The looks on her face became plain suddenly.

  ‘Why are you against me? If it’s because my position’s too close to Mr. Lu, you didn’t have to tamper the contract. You can just ask Mr. Lu to change your position. What you have done not only cost the company lots of money but also wasted the efforts of the executives and managers.’

  ‘Shut up!’

  Hua Mo’s voice became sharp all of a sudden. She looked at Sangyu Qin, with her eyes narrowed slightly, and put her lipstick back in her purse.

  ‘That amount of money means nothing to Mr. Lu. Sangyu Qin, I just can’t stand you. You have that poor family and the shameful educational qualification. Why could you occupy the important position the moment you got into the company?’

  Sangyu Qin kept the recording in her phone open. She wanted to lead Hua Mo to tell the truth. Her face was full of indifference instead of any anxiety.

  ‘So, you tampered on the contract and changed the amount of the capitol money from one hundred million to one billion. Then, you want me to be blamed?’

  With her voice becoming colder and colder, she flashed a trace of sharpness in her eyes.

  ‘So what? You are standing in the way of so many people. I merely remove evils from the people.’

  Hua Mo remained a flat voice, which seemed that she would surely win. So, she, without thinking too much about Sangyu Qin’s question, explained everything to Sangyu Qin.

  Sangyu Qin,without uttering another word, saved the evidence slowly.

  Meanwhile, Hua Mo snorted. She turned her back and left.

  Qian Yun who was eavesdropping at the door went back to her own seat instantly. She just spread out the news that Sangyu Qin’s about to be fired. However, now she felt that it’s unlikely that Sangyu Qin’s going to be kicked out, after she had heard Sangyu Qin and Hua Mo’s conversation.

  Qian Yun received a message again.

  - Liangcheng Lu adored Sangyu Qin a lot, and he wouldn’t drive Sangyu Qin out. Think more with your brain.

  When Qian Yun saw this message, her face went rigid a bit. Will Boss Liangcheng Lu adore a woman? Sangyu Qin was just a little prettier that others, but it didn’t seem that Liangcheng Lu had fell in love with her.

  - I know.

  She replied. She could only obey the orders, because her mother was still in the hands of those people.

  Hua Mo put on a smile on her face the rest of the time. She also invited all the people in the top office to lunch. Everyone went except Qian Yun and Sangyu Qin.

  Hua Mo was drunk. Thinking that Sangyu Qin’s going to leave that position, she couldn’t help getting excited. The colleague beside her sent her back. Hua Mo was laughing when they walked.

  ‘That bitch Sangyu Qin. I finally got at her. I am the one who tampered the contract, so what? No one can find out that anyway. Sangyu Qin’s definitely gonna pay for that!! Hah hah hah hah hah.’

  Hua Mo kept leaning back and laughing and didn’t know her colleague had sent her back to the company. Liangcheng Lu as well as all the executives and managers happened to walk out of the elevator and heard Hua Mo’s drunken words.

  ‘Hah hah hah, that bitch Sangyu Qin. I don’t believe she can afford sixty millions yuan. She will be kicked out for sure this time! I have added a zero on the number of the contract to set her up on purpose. She’s just too young to fight me.’

  The colleague who was supporting her didn’t even dare to breathe. Knowing that this is something serious, she didn’t have the guts to continue supporting Hua Mo. Then, she put her on the ground straightaway, and stayed away from this dangerous place, being afraid that she would be called to account by Boss Liangcheng Lu if she’s one step behind.

  The executives and managers also didn’t want to say anything. Everyone knew Boss Liangcheng Lu hated those little tricks. Besides, this was the first time the company suffered a loss. Definitely, Liangcheng Lu would not let her off.

  With their face covered with sweats, they had to keep a low profile and reduce their existence due to Liangcheng Lu’s coercion. Some people’s hands and feet even became limp.

  The angry Liangcheng Lu could be really scary.

  ‘Hah hah, Sangyu Qin can’t afford that sixty millions yuan. She’s doomed this time and may even be thrown into jail. I’ll see if that bitch can still be that proud. Hah hah hah.’

  Hua Mo was still raving on the ground, knowing nothing about the situation on the spot.

  The executives and managers took a step back in silence, in order to stay away from the bomb that’s about to explode at any time.

  ‘Sangyu Qin cannot afford that sixty millions yuan. You think you can?’

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